Will Adam Schiff Have To Testify Before The Judiciary Committee?

Shifty Adam Schiff has been trying to keep a tight leash on the whistleblower’s identity as well as the rest of what’s been going on with the impeachment proceedings. He has interfered with peoples’ testimonies when they start to answer too many questions. Republicans have been raising their eyebrows for a while, wondering what Schiff has been doing behind the scenes.

Enough is enough. Now, Republicans don’t want to hear Schiff interfere any longer. They’re taking it one step further, demanding that he testify in front of the House Judiciary Committee for all that he’s been doing and involved in.

Doug Collins (R-GA) wants to know what the Democrats are hiding from the Republicans – and more importantly, what is Schiff telling everyone to hide? Collins has said that the parameters of the impeachment investigation have been skewed against Trump from the very beginning.

Collins has made it clear that it would be a good idea to let Adam Schiff testify in front of the House Judiciary Committee. If he has been telling the truth and conducting a legitimate investigation, he should have nothing to fear. However, if he chooses not to testify, Collins says that it’s important to question “his veracity” in what’s being put into the report.

The report should be released from the Intelligence Committee on Monday regarding the impeachment investigation. If the committee votes to approve the findings, the committee will, then, begin hearings on Wednesday to draft the articles of impeachment. With Collins being the ranking Republican on the Judiciary panel, he has the ability to call for Schiff to testify before drafting the articles.

Collins spoke with “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace on Sunday. During this time, he complained that Jerry Nadler (D-NY), the Judiciary Chairman, gave Republicans who were on the committee unrealistic deadlines to digest what was found in the report from the Intelligence Committee. Nadler is giving everyone until Frida to present a list of witnesses who will testify, which Collins says is too soon based on the expected release of Schiff’s findings report. This is when Collins asked, “Why are they hiding the stuff?” Collins says that if they have the case that they think that they do, share the materials. Instead, Nadler is making demands to have information on the 6th when the information hasn’t even been given over from the Intelligence Committee yet.

The Democratic Caucus Chairman, Hakeem Jeffries, who is also a member of the Judiciary Committee, has said that a timeline hasn’t been set as of yet. However, he did cite that Nancy Pelosi has said that there’s a need to “act expeditiously.” It seems a bit odd that Jeffries doesn’t remember a deadline being set when Collins is claiming to have a “crazy letter” in his hands with a specific date. This helps to support Collins more than anything that the Democrats are looking to hide details, and Jeffries is just one of the many people who are involved in the cover-up.

If Collins can get Adam Schiff in front of the committee to testify, this could be the break that the impeachment case has needed. Republicans and the rest of the country have been wondering exactly what the Democrats think they have in order to bring President Trump up on charges. They have a phone call that they claim featured quid pro quo. However, the whole country has heard the transcript of that call by now and it didn’t include it. Even the Ukrainian president said that he didn’t feel as though there was quid pro quo.

The only thing Schiff really has in order to bring down the president is the whistleblower, someone who has secondhand knowledge of the call. Who is the whistleblower? We’re not allowed to know. And every time we get close to finding out who overheard the call and who they may have talked to, Schiff is standing in the way of them answering the questions. Schiff knows a lot more than he’s leading on, and most of it has likely been fabricated – just as the Russian hoax was fabricated over a year ago.

The Democrats are still upset that Hillary Clinton didn’t win. Rather than focusing on legislation that the country desperately needs in place, they’re willing to lie and cheat to work on an impeachment proceeding.

Collins will need to push, and push quickly, to get Schiff under oath. Although he could lie his way through that, it could be enough to get perjury charges, too. This way, the Republicans can have the last laugh and prove once and for all how shady the Democrats have been acting.

46 thoughts on “Will Adam Schiff Have To Testify Before The Judiciary Committee?”

    1. U R right ! But he has a lot to hide and he has been HIDING it for a long time. The day that PENCIL NECK SCHIFF shows up the second he walks through the door
      he needs to be CUFFED and STUFFED and lead off to JAIL !!

        1. If he does, then there should be an immediate criminal action brought against him. For Contempt of Congress. Then boot him out of Congress for violation of HIS oath of office.

    2. I agree. He ran ship-shod over everyone with his Impeachment lunacy. He should be required to answer. Then he should be shuttled off to somewhere!

    1. Yes he should be thrown in jail for false report on transcript done on T V. Republicans were jailed for less and held without bail. He can escape to his mother country the Soviet Union.

    1. I agree that Swamp Snake, Drama Queen, #1 WORLDS LIAR Schiff is guilty of Corruption & too too many Criminal Activities.

      1. The liberal Washington Post gave Shifty Schifft 4 pinocchios and
        You can’t even sell used cars if you get more than three pinocchios.

      2. In addition to Shifty Schitt being forced to testify his staff should also be put under the same microscope. That’s when you’ll see the truth revealed. I doubt very seriously any of his staff will fall on the sword for him and lie.

    2. Time has come to reprimand all passports, etc be turned over to the White House and locked up until the Senate votes. None of them can leave the USA and if they do slip out they do not get back in.

  1. Get real people. There is no way the Dems will allow a Repub in the house to question this guy under oath or any other way. If the Republicans take back the house in 2020 they might be able to bring him in for questioning from California unless he gets reelected. In that case he will ignore the Republicans. Period.

    1. UR dyeing BACK DOOR ! Just turn it over ICE and they will make sure that these DERANGED and DEPLORABLE’S are confined to the United States until the ELECTION in 2020 is over and Verified. And shows that PRESIDENT TRUMP has been REELECTED !! Have a permanent hold on ALL Visas and Passports until the DERANGED and DEPLORABLE DEMOCRATS connected to this FAKE WITCH HUNT HOAX IMPEACHMENT are SUBPOENAED, QUESTIONED, TRIED and SENTENCED !!!

    2. When this sham is over, Schiff can face charges of sedition. And conspiracy if he refuses to testify against any others involved. Schiff is enough of a rat that he would flip on the others to avoid having his neck stretched. And he won’t be able to avoid arrest. It will be Federal Marshals that show up at his door. Hopefully at Odark30 like the leftist in the FBI have done to others in these sham witch hunts. And make sure that CNN is informed at the last minute so they can’t tell him to run. But yet have Fox and CNN there for the perp walk. And parade him in front of the cameras like they did to Paul Manafort.

  2. Absolutely should have to testify along with the bogus so called whistleblower who really isnt ??? What is up with that Come on usa wake up these people are dangerous 👹👹👹🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    1. UR dyeing BACK DOOR ! Just turn it over ICE and they will make sure that these DERANGED and DEPLORABLE’S are confined to the United States until the ELECTION in 2020 is over and Verified. And shows that PRESIDENT TRUMP has been REELECTED !! Have a permanent hold on ALL Visas and Passports until the DERANGED and DEPLORABLE DEMOCRATS connected to this FAKE WITCH HUNT HOAX IMPEACHMENT are SUBPOENAED, QUESTIONED, TRIED and SENTENCED !!!
      They are more than DANGEROUS !!

  3. Adam Schiff should have to testify! He is part of this whole mess escalating due to his deceit from the beginning of Russia collusion to the defacing of American politics with his Lies! What kind of Government rep would not be for the people he is supposed to represent? He is Greedy, dishonest, a cheat, lives by his prideful opinion and not TRUTH. A day of reckoning for his mischief that borders on illegal is coming! It can’t be too soon.

    1. Shifty Schifft has a big problem with testifying … he can write lies and half truths on paper but he can’t lie under oath.

    1. The liberal Washington Post gave Shifty Schifft four pinocchios, and
      A person can’t even sell used cars with more than three pinocchios.
      TRUMP/PENCE ~ 2020 ~ KAG ~ WWG1WGA

  4. After reading this article, I was reminded of Nancy Pelosi saying to the House demwits to vote YEA on the bill and then you can read it.. That’s how we got Obozocare.. Same thing happening here..

  5. Yes definitely. But, he should be removed from any political position in our country. He’s a bona fide liar making him an anti-American.

  6. Schiff is a seriously deviant minded evil demon who like the vast majority of the members of the Communist party constantly betray the principles of which our fair and just laws Constitutional Republic are based and adhere to and embrace the principles of which Communistshariazionhasidism is based they all need to be slowly tortured to death for their crimes against the genuinely cognizant patriots of this nation.

  7. Refusal to testify or the DEMS prohibiting or blocking his testimony will be the acid test of the validity or invalidity of this completely illegitimate attempt at impeachment! This will reflect equally on the entire leadership of the party!

  8. Schiff should testify and then be brought up on charges of being a traitor and attempting to overthrow the government along with the rest of his buddies.


  10. Coming from a predominate Democratic town in central Ohio – we are tired of this SCHIFF. HE and the clowns that support this impeachment crap need to be ready come 2020. We have about 42,000 people in our community with an overwhelming Democratic majority. When Trump won in 2016 it was a real shocker. Within a year HE won this town’s respect and following. Then the DEM Party Clown’s stopped doing their jobs and heaped up shame on every loyal follower – we are the ones who you’ve shamed. All the local Republican has to do is call a meeting and it’s standing room only! You fools have given 2020 to the Republican Party!!! We are ashamed to be identified with you. You don’t deserve to be paid and you should forfeit four years of your pay, and refund all the money you’ve wasted and beg for forgiveness! I’m ashamed even to mention the name of the Party that I once used to admire and respect……. signed, FED UP!!!

  11. Dumb Dumb Dumb…Pelosi has said she will push for impeachment proceedings after only 1 day of Nadler hearings. I guess she can’t see it….IF this goes to Senate trial, the floodgates will open and ALL the work Barr has been doing will come out and the blow will be mortal to Democrats, then the election will finish them. Remember the Whigs and the Tories…same stupidness. Once in the Senate, they can look INTO ANYTHING concerning the President, and it is a quick way to get all the evidence, indictments, etc out on the table. I thought some of these idiots were lawyers….they should know that to accuse a crime you must name date, time, place, verifiable behavior AND exact statute and how it was violated. Just naming ‘the consititution’…not enough, be explicit. Otherwise…the defense’s ability to open up EVERYTHING is allowed. Darwin was right….only the fittest survive.

  12. Is senate intelligence committee a code word for KGB ? These people and the Clintons have more contact with the old Russians than anyone else. They took millions in contribution for “charity”.

    1. Thomas, don’t you mean House Committee on Intelligence? Too bad there is no intelligence in the Democrats on that committee.

  13. So sad the democrats have gone this far with this nonsence,they need to be taking care of business we sent them to washington to do

  14. Shifty needs to go to jail after all his lies and his hate filled attitude and actions. We would like to do more to him and that nasty thing pisslosi.

  15. I’m asking you to imagine that reality is stranger and more complicated than you or I could possibly know. And sometimes we get glimpses of it, in dreams or in déjà vu. #TheOA needs your help. #SaveTheOA

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