Pelosi Defies Trump with Mixed Messages to UN Climate Summit

Nancy Pelosi may need to remember that Trump and Pence would have to be impeached and removed from office before she can begin calling the shots. She has told the UN Climate Summit that “We are still in it” despite Trump withdrawing from the Paris climate deal in November.

The Speaker of the House took it upon herself to assure global leaders in Madrid at the UN climate summit that Congress will be fighting the fight to “save the planet” despite Donald Trump officially withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement.

Pelosi told reporters that, by attending the climate summit, Congress wants to let everyone know that the United States is still involved.

Pelosi gave a speech during the 2019 United Nations Climate Conference. She explained that there is a mission, passion, and scientifically-based approach that the House of Representatives and Congress of the United States are focusing on – and that the United States is still involved in climate control and helping the planet.

While Pelosi wasn’t specifically saying, “We’re still in it” regarding the Paris climate agreement, she is letting the world know that Congress will remain involved in climate change initiatives.

There are a few problems with Pelosi getting involved in this aspect. First, she is saying “We are still in it” without clarifying much. This makes it sound as though she’s trying to circumvent what Trump did by removing the US from the Paris climate agreement. She doesn’t need to go behind the president’s back to confirm what he did or why he did it.

The reason that Trump removed the US from the climate deal is that it wasn’t a good deal for the US from the beginning. It would have had the US paying for more than its fair share while other countries, who need to do more in terms of regulation, would not even have parameters that need to be followed. When Trump removed the US from the deal last month, he even identified that the US would be continuing to reduce its carbon footprint and work toward a healthier planet.

Pelosi doesn’t know what Congress will and will not get done, either. While she is Speaker of the House, she is not capable of knowing how everyone will vote. Further, the House is so busy with impeachment articles that there hasn’t been much legislation coming out of Congress for months – and there’s currently no end in sight for the impeachment. This means that Pelosi should probably keep her mouth shut at the summit instead of telling everyone that the US will remain involved. We have and always have been making decisions for the betterment of the environment, which is why there is an Environmental Protection Agency in place within the government.

Pelosi identified that the climate issue is an “existential threat to humanity” during the summit. She is anticipating Trump’s successor to re-enter the Paris climate agreement, though that would be a mistake for the country for a number of different reasons. During her visit, she also did not discuss any of the impeachment proceedings against the sitting president. When asked about it from reporters, she responded that she is in place to talk positively about the agenda to “save the planet for future generations.” She shut down any questions regarding impeachment.

Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State, issued a statement that announced the formal withdrawal process from the Paris climate agreement, which took place in early November of this year. The process will finalize in November 2020, a day following the presidential election. Within the announcement, Pompeo explained that Trump withdrew from the agreement due to the “unfair economic burden.”

Pelosi isn’t the only one who has forgotten who has the ultimate power. Chair of the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, Kathy Castor (D-Florida) introduced a Climate Action Now Act that insured Americans would honor the Paris climate agreement commitments. However, this mission is now obsolete due to the formal withdrawal. Castor has identified that the committee will be working on recommendations for a comprehensive climate change bill that will establish net-zero emissions for the US by 2050. While she works on a 30-year plan, Trump will make sure that the United States stays out of agreements that will result in economic burdens to the country.

Pelosi, with her mixed messages to the UN climate summit, has clearly identified that she doesn’t care about fiscal responsibility, which further demonstrates that she is a Democrat. Many of the Democratic candidates have established plenty of climate solutions with price tags of billions and even trillions of dollars. We are definitely still “in it” to fix the planet but we’re not going to fund it for every other country out there, too.

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