Gun Rights Supporters and 2nd Amendment Defenders Were Winners This Black Friday!

It seems the battle between the pro-gun-control and anti-gunners versus gun owners and 2nd Amendment defenders has been a tug-of-war for decades now. As one story reported, Black Friday hinted to some very good news for one of those sides. Some of the earliest reports from the biggest shopping day of the year, suggests pro-gun rights folks have really dug in and might actually be winning this fight.

In 2018, there was no doubt a demand still prevalent and healthy in America as 182,093 background checks were filed on Black Friday that year. Just for the record, the largest number of checks run since the FBI began using background checks in 1998, came in 2107, when 203,086 checks were run. This year’s Black Friday results?

The number of background checks this year was eleven percent higher than last year’s numbers as our story reported, “the agency conducted 202,465 gun background checks on Nov. 29, 2019, which is the second-highest…,” ever.

In all fairness, as the story citing a Fox News source also reminded us, “though the agency’s background check data typically includes permit checks and re-checks and is, therefore, higher than the number of actual gun sales, it is often indicative of trends in sales in the firearm industry.” In plain talk, the long and short of it is that not every background check equates to a gun sale. It is, however, indicative of the interest and as the story reported trends in America.

That trend is and continues to be as these numbers reflect, a desire for gun ownership all across the country. Let’s look at the common sense side of these numbers being reported too. Most people don’t file for a driver’s or learner’s permit if they don’t have the intention of getting a license. People don’t typically submit information and credit card applications, without the express intent of getting a credit card.

Like those credit card applications, like the driver’s permits, for a variety of reasons, not all those applicants will get their desired results. And just like those background checks, the intention and desire are obvious, and many people will end up getting what they want. The pulse, the direction, and the voice of the nation are being heard but those opposed to guns and supporting more gun control legislation don’t seem to care.

Here is why that is a crime. It is a blessing, and often a benefit of hard work that allows us to own credit cards. We learn from day one that driving is a privilege but gun ownership – that is a Right. And that makes all the difference and it should make those who attempt to impede those rights guilty of obstructing the 2nd Amendment.

This Black Friday revealed several things, such as a growing and strong economy, evidenced by strong spending numbers. It proved a desire of a Nation to possess, own, and keep firearms, and that desire was backed by their wallets.

Gun stores were reporting the Black Friday increase in sales too, as the story quoted one store owner who said, “last year he sold about 70 guns on Black Friday. This year he sold about 125,” and reported on another store which echoed those statements saying, “The line for guns at Cabela’s stayed steady all day. The store’s management said that on their busiest days, the gun department is the busiest section of their store.”

Gun owners and gun rights supporters are often overshadowed by the much louder and more boisterous anti-gunners. This Black Friday, as it has been for several years now, the sound of sales and the demand for guns rang louder than any voice or any group can. O’Rourke can try to come and take those guns, but that job just became more difficult with a few more guns protecting homes following this Black Friday.

Gun rights supporters and 2nd Amendment defenders were winners this holiday. Those winners also include more than a few stores along with a few more homes that just became a little safer and better protected too. Happy holidays one and all.

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