Shifty Schiff Hires Someone Tied To Whistleblower and the Timing is Very Fishy

Adam Schiff can’t seem to stay out of the headlines with all of his shifty behavior. He’s all about pointing the finger at Trump for his quid pro quo. Yet, Schiff is now in the news because it was found that he hired someone directly associated with the whistleblower the very day after Trump made the now-famous call to the Ukrainian president.

Democrats can’t wait to accuse Trump of the next thing that he does before he even does it. But what about what the Democrats are doing? Aren’t they supposed to be held to the same standards? It is the law, after all.

It’s come out now that the Democrats have been using focus groups to see what the public wants to see Trump accused of and impeached for. Quid pro quo wasn’t resonating enough so they went with “bribery.”

Let’s take a look at what Schiff has done. The guy is one of the shadiest, shiftiest politicians in the country right now and it’s no surprise that Trump wants to drain the swamp. It’s probably why Schiff has a personal vendetta against the president and will stop at nothing to try to impeach him.

Eric Ciaramella is the alleged whistleblower. It has since come out that Schiff hired a former NSC college of him the day after Trump made the call to Ukraine.

According to the Washington Examiner, the House Intelligence Committee Chairman (Schiff) hired a former National Security Council aide who was working with Ciaramella at the NSC during the Obama and Trump administrations. The problem comes down to the timing. Why would Schiff hire him the day after the phone call? Sean Misko was hired on July 26. Prior public records did not have a specific start date attached, though quarterly disbursements were recently released, providing an exact start date.

This is why a number of Republicans are calling to have Schiff take to the witness stand and testify. At this point, it may be necessary for his entire staff to testify, too. This way, all of what everyone says can be pieced together in order to get some resemblance of the truth.

Adam Schiff has wanted to change the story and change the rules in order to suit his personal preferences throughout the impeachment proceedings. He doesn’t want Republicans to ask the witnesses too many questions. He doesn’t want to provide full reports of testimony to the Republicans. He also doesn’t want to identify the whistleblower but also claims that he doesn’t know who the whistleblower is.

A number of questions need to be asked, and no Democrats are asking them. Sean Misko being hired is very “Bro-like” according to the Washington Examiner. Though, it’s not just Misko who has ties with the whistleblower. There’s another aide that was hired in February who joined Schiff’s ranks back in February who also has ties to the alleged whistleblower, Ciaramella.

More and more Republicans are getting vocal about asking Schiff to testify. He should, too. After all, he’s the one that has said the whistleblower is the reason for the impeachment proceedings. However, the whistleblower has secondhand knowledge of the call, so it’s hearsay. Additionally, he wants to protect the identity but claims he doesn’t know who it is. There are a lot of things that don’t add up and House Republicans want Schiff to start explaining himself.

A Republican request has been officially made for Adam Schiff to testify at the impeachment hearings. The problem is that Judiciary Dems are blocking this from happening. Can they even do this? Who has the power and is it being yielded unfairly to create a slant against Trump?

Doug Collins, the ranking Republican of the Judiciary Committee, set up a motion to require House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff to attend the committee and translate the letter. However, the request was tabled before Collins could even ask for a vote.

Technically, the House Dems have the ability to table the motion based on the resolution that was established in October to identify the procedures that would be used for the impeachment process against Donald Trump.

Collins is not planning on letting the issue go, however. He has said that Schiff is his top witness because the chairman has assumed a role similar to a special counsel – and special counsels need to testify to Congress as has been done in the past.

It’s only a matter of time before Schiff gets what’s coming to him. He cannot be allowed to be so shifty, creating rules and handling his own quid pro quo as it is convenient to him while trying to bring Trump up on similar charges.

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