Yang Reveals Brutal Truth: He’s Team Trump?

Andrew Yang has scored a lot of voters throughout his campaign because of providing the ugly truth. He doesn’t use the typical political filter that his fellow candidates do because he is not a politician – he’s a businessman. When asked about the idea of impeaching Trump, he says that it’s “going to be a loser” for the Democratic Party.

Although he’s pro-impeachment, he’s blunt about what’s happening. He said that precious time is being wasted on impeaching Trump. “Ineffective rocks” are being thrown at Trump, which will only lead him to be vindicated, exonerated, and reelected. This is what the Trump administration has planned on all along. Even Nancy Pelosi knew that it would happen, which is why she put a vote for impeachment off for so long until the point that she was being ganged up against by the various Dems in the House who wouldn’t be affected in their own re-election campaigns if they went after Trump.

Yang explains why it is that he believes that it’s a losing situation. He explained that “literally dozens” of Republican senators will need to switch sides once the trial starts. Since there has been zero indication that it will happen, it’s not a good position for the Democrats to be in.

With the impeachment inquiry moving to the House Judiciary Committee and constitutional law professors talked about whether Donald Trump should face a Senate trial, Yang decided it was time to make a few comments of his own.

Most of the candidates for the 2020 presidential election are talking solely on impeachment. That or they’re trying to eliminate any kind of discussion about it altogether. That’s not Yang’s approach, though. He’s happy to talk candidly about the issue and the effect it’s going to have on the election. Elizabeth Warren claims that Congress should have already impeached Trump and that she feels that there is sufficient evidence to convict the president. Meanwhile, Biden wants everyone to keep his name out of it and focus solely on the impeachable offenses of Trump. So many of the Dems want to go for blood when there simply isn’t enough in the water – and Yang seems to be the only one who isn’t bothering to get riled up over it.

Yang also warned that the longer the impeachment charade goes on, the more it’s going to help Trump. The reason for this is clear: It keeps Trump relevant. It also shows that there’s not enough hard evidence to impeach the sitting president. The harder the Democrats have to work to impeach him, the more it will show that Trump was right all along about the Dems going on a witch hunt after him.

There’s another issue with the impeachment hearing that Yang wants to point out. He has said that legislature is wasting “precious time” when that could be put toward creating a more positive vision for Americans to be excited about. He wants to see the problems solved that got Trump elected to begin with. By doing so, it would make it possible to beat Trump in 2020, or so Yang thinks.

Yang warns that if the Democrats focus solely on impeachment and if that fails, the vision fails. The Democrats will appear to have no vision for America at all. Yang’s warning is clearly not resonating with anyone in the House as it is all they have been focusing on – and Americans have already taken note. Poll after poll demonstrates that Americans would rather have Congress focusing on the legislature that will make improvements as opposed to the impeachment. At this point, most people could care less about impeaching Trump simply because they don’t think that he did anything wrong. Everyone has listened to the transcript from the call Trump made to Ukraine, so everyone knows there was no quid pro quo.

While Andrew Yang is right, he’s on the outside of Capitol Hill at the moment. He’s only polling at 2.6 percent in the national polls, too, which means that he’s simply not left-leaning enough for the Democrats to stand behind him. They’d rather vote for the likes of Warren and Biden because they’re blood-thirsty enough to go after Trump. The leftist media has portrayed Trump in a negative light for so long that many Americans are simply jaded. They don’t know the truth from fake news, which is what has led to so many thinking that impeaching Trump is not only going to be easy but is the right thing to do.

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