Dems Say the People Can’t Be Trusted

It has been known for the last few years that Democrats lawmakers do not like President Trump at all. Understandably, a president from the opposing party would not be at the top of their favorites list. However, you would think that anyone who proved they were without a doubt for this nation and its progress and survival would, at the very least, earn some measure of respect from them.

Instead, Donald Trump’s success has only seemed to alienate them all the more. House Democrats, in particular, are not a fan of him. According to them, he has done nothing right, ever, even before his time in the White House. And it absolutely outrages them that so many others so well like him, even long-time Democrat Party members.

The impeachment inquiry that has kept the nation on its toes for the past few months is definitive proof of this. The fact of the matter is: they want Trump gone and they don’t care how it happens.

And now that House Democrats have found something they think is actually impeachable and will stick, they won’t let it go. But even more than that, they don’t trust anyone but themselves to make sure their plan works, not even the American public.

In an interview with CNN on Thursday, Democratic Representative Veronica Escobar said that letting the public know about the Ukraine situation and then letting them decide on the outcome themselves would be a bad idea. According to her, the decision of whether or not to allow Trump to remain in office should not be left to the people but to Congress alone.

She said, “If you have a corrupt executive, who is willing to maintain power by corrupting our election, there is an urgency there.”

And she added, “We have already seen that the president has done everything possible to prevent us from getting access to all of the documents, all of the witnesses that we need to. If we wait for the courts, if we wait for an election to settle this, then we will have waited too long.”

She continued, “I am worried in general about 2020. I believe that we are on a precipice, a very dangerous precipice, as a country in so many ways.”

In other words, she doesn’t think the Democrats will get their way or “justice,” as they call it if the American people are allowed to decide Trump’s fate.

And she isn’t the first House Dem to suggest this idea that this impeachment must be carried out post-haste.

In fact, she may simply be running on the coattails of impeachment leader and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Representative Adam Schiff. On Tuesday, he was asked by CNN why the impeachment proceedings must be kept to such a fast pace. His answer was that there was “grave risk to the country with waiting.” Sound familiar?

And he added that reviewing or looking at “every last fact” was pointless and a waste of time.

“There is grave risk to the country with waiting until we have every last fact, when we already know enough about the president’s misconduct to make a responsible judgment about whether we think that’s compatible with the office of the president.”

No, of course, waiting for the truth and cold-hard facts is entirely redundant. After all, Dems have known since January 2017 that Trump was guilty. Of what? Well, that was to be determined.

But at least they have finally admitted that they care nothing for the law or justice. This only proves what we have known all along. Truth, justice, facts, these are mere words they have hidden behind. It’s never been about those things. And it certainly hasn’t been about prevailing the Founding Fathers’ belief system.

Nothing and I mean nothing, is more important to them than the power they feel that Trump stole from them. And if it hasn’t been clear before, it should be now; they will continue this race for impeachment at breakneck speed because they think it’s the only way they can win. If they can just keep up the ruse up a little while longer and keep the public out of it, then just maybe they will win.

Gone are the days when the people choose our government.

But as these statements by Schiff and Escobar prove, they already know who holds the winning card. That is why they are so scared of him.

3,175 thoughts on “Dems Say the People Can’t Be Trusted”

    1. The USELESS, DO NOTHING, SELFISH, WASTING TAXPAYERS MONEY, CRIMINAL CORRUPT, COMPULSIVE LIAR, EVIL Demorats MOBSTERS CAN AND WILL NEVER BE TRUSTED. They will do and say anything to destroy a person…just look at what they have done for over 3 years to our innocent Historic President Trump.




      1. Your exactly right. We somehow have to get rid of these bad people. They think they are above the law because they have the power of the house. Just today it was released from the OMB it wasn’t Trump that put the hold on the funds to go to the Ukraine it was already on hold. So everything they have said about the impeachment is just a big lie they fabricated. Trump held nothing. So this impeachment should be thrown out and they should be prosecuted for all the lies, coup fake reports and over reach of the House that they have done. It’s disgraceful how they have misled everyone in America. They shouldn’t be in office. We the people need to demand until it’s done that they be put out. Drain the swamp like it needs to be. Deep State Exposed!!

        1. That was released month ago. obummer put the hold on the money for ukrainian defense, not Trump. Trump released it to them. Obama is a Traitor to this country.

      2. I wish we could pound what you said into a lot of peoples head the younger ones for sure and the die hard democrats!!! They need to wake up to what’s going on around them and it’s not Trump because he isn’t for socialism like the democrats are. These people getting millions of $$$$ to play sports better wake up to because a socialist country would take their millions of $$$ and spread it around to the lazy ones that don’t want to work !!!

      3. A Socialist Democrat should be looked at as an immediate enemy of the USA and never be given the opportunity to do our nation harm. Socialists, by their name & political views demand that only a very few have control over the lives of an entire nation. Do you recall The Union of Soviet Socialists Republic (USSR)?

  1. The Democrats ursurpation and abrogation of the Rights guaranteed to American Citizens will be the Ft. Sumter moment of the next Civil War. Tread with caution Liberals lest ye raise the rancor of the Constitutionalists. Your tyrannical acts will be met with swift justice and it will be sans mercy.

  2. the only peoplethat can’t be trusted are the commies .they know that the pople are getting wise tothere ways and they want complet control.they want it there way or no way .once they get there way we are finished ,this cannot happen .

    1. What about TREASON, an attempt to override the will of the dully elected president and his administration.
      Let the DemoRats wall the plank! Or better yet stand in front of a firing squad, BANG!
      Only we can prevent Socialism.

  3. Look I ran for auditor and won. I saw so much corruption in the democratic party from the city office I held to the state capitol in Columbus where the stuff was swept under the table. Talking about not trusting the American People . I would never vote for that party.

  4. the people put them ass h—- on office ! and we cant be trusted , look at the state the country was in with the democrats controling things! trump hes this country comming back up from the ! the clintons & obamas had this country looking weak!in the eyes of the world! the democrats tryed to wreck this country, causing a split in the races , the democrats have made a farce of the laws , the F.B.I HAS LOST ALL CREDIBILITY, THE C.I.A. IS A SHAM TOO! WE HAVE TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK FROM THESE LIERS AND CROOKS! nancy pelosy is a HATEFULL BITCH and trys to ues religion to say she is not!you could see it in her face,SHE IS HATEFULL DONT CARE FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.AND FOR THEM MUSLIM BS KICK THEM OUT OF COUNTRY, ANYBODY WOH SWEARS ON THE CORAN INSTEAD OF THE BIBLE :

  5. Members of the Democratic party and Establishment Republicans are pure evil and the wicked always commit their sins in complete privacy.

  6. I would sure love to sue the Demon rats. I am sick and tired of being called racist, deplorable, smelly walmart person. homofobic, islamafobic.however they are spelled, untrustworthy, stupid Trump supporter, and so forth. I voted for President Trump and damn will again. I CHOSE THE RIGHT PERSON FOR PRESIDENT

  7. What the demoRACISTS are saying is “The people that can’t be trusted are DEPLORABLES (REPUBLICANS). UCK YOU demoRACISTS especially that UNT clinton!)

  8. Well , We the People can’t trust the organized crime , anti-America / NWO criminals that are called “democrats” & rinos ! WHY would anybody trust the obvious , seditious , treasonous , traitor scum of the earth ? !

  9. Veronica,
    The Democratic Party has the gaul to say they can’t trust Americans to do what is right. That must be somewhat true because some of those misguided Americans actually voted for those same Democrats. But, and I say but, what happens when the shoe is on the other foot and the Americans say they can’t trust the Democrats. It’s very simple young lady. We vote them out of office. You see, that’s the nice thing about America. We can decide who we elect, but those elected can’t decide who they can or cannot have vote for them. Please tell your employers this.
    A Person That Knows Better

    1. George is right. As long as the majority vote red in 2020 we’ll make it. If, God forbid, the Demonuts have power again in Congress or have the presidency I don ‘t think we’ll have many rights at all. They don’t think of our Constitution as correct . I truly believe they tyke the works of Mao, Hitler and Putin as the examples we should follow. All I can say to them is “when hell freezes over” My husband and thousands of our wonderful military have died to protect us and our Constitution and I refuse to allow those socialistic, communist loving fools to ruin this country

    2. Agreed. 100%. ..In theory. When felons, illegal aliens and the dead vote for democrats, as we have seen, the vote-them-out recourse could fail. All we can do is cast our (single) vote and hope for the best. Many criminals have been identified. Few have been arrested. I’m troubled by that.

  10. the only ones you can’t trust are the democraps and libturds. the american people need to be protected from them. there’s nothing wrong with the american people well maybe the ones that vote for the democraps need to see them for what they really are a bunch of liars, racist, bias, angry, hateful, resentful, bitter, and jealous. i wouldn’t trust them with an empty wallet.

  11. Well the dems think they no best but it our gov not there so they think will show the come vote time they will see how amercns fill about that the red wave is comeing to show the dems how we feel about there words no we the pepole is the gov not them vote everybody we most vote everyone of us vote red to stay free vote the do nothing lying dems out we are done vote

  12. The unmitigated gall of the Democrats is astounding. They totally disrespect the American people and have long forgotten that they were elected to serve and they work for us. Since they think so little of we the people they shouldn’t be stuffing their pockets with our hard earned tax dollars and shouldn’t be spending the exorbitant expense accounts that they enjoy which are also paid by the taxpayers who they obviously despise. Well that is taking place while the American people are struggling to survive because of the abysmal failed policies of the Democrats. We the people need to end the Dens torture since they hate the American people that much and kick them out of office ASAP. The only thing they’re concerned about is their own reelections, their own special interests, lobbyists and getting to be millionaires off of the backs of the American people. Wake up America we have to demand and get term limits and kick these treasonous anti-American socialist/communist Democrats to the curb and we need to do it now.

  13. The democrats want the New World Order where nobody has any rights. They want total power over us. The Bible states in The book of Daniel that countries will try but fail. How many times does the world have to try before they get it? God won’t let it happen. All the disasters that are happening now are a warning that God is ready to put an end to this nonsense and come for his Church. Not all that call themselves Christians will be going but those who do the will of God are the ones that will go to heaven. Those not following his will will be destroyed with the wicked.

  14. Believe the Democrats has that backwards it’s not about the people trusting in the Democrats, It’s the people not trusting in the Democrats that’s in the party.

  15. The people that elected these folks are the employer. Thats right in case they’ve forgotten they work for us and if
    their opinion that their employer can’t be trusted then perhaps another line of work is needed for these condescending fools.

  16. That’s funny, we don’t trust them as they have no, absolutely no integrity. In their arrogance they & mainstream media thinks they are smarter than us, the American people that fund this Country. They will reap what they sow, sooner or later.

  17. So the Dems don’t trust us to go along with their scheme, huh? lol When I saw that Hillary Clinton said “The Democratic voter are stupid and will vote for me regardless!” I think that was the only “true statement” Hillary Clinton spoke in a very long time! Look how many Democrats voted for her! The Democrats do not trust us because they know the majority of Americans will not go along with a Socialist government nor will we reliquish our given rights allowed by our forefathers. And, no, our Constitution has NO EXPIRATION DATE AND YES, our forefathers gave us certain rights to contend with enemies both foreign and domestic that SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED UPON! If you have any doubts that this group of Democrats do not have your best interests in mind, listen to a few Democratic campaign speeches. If that does not cure you, nothing will. If you can not see which direction their agenda is taking America, our beloved country, listen harder or stay hopelessly lost. Listen to their proposed “free health care”, “free college”, “free this” and “free that” and then ask yourself who WILL pay for all of these “freebies”. For the sake of God, please, think!!!

  18. The People aren’t puppets and they’re a lot smarter then those in Washington that not only believe smarter then The People, but WE THE PEOPLE have the final say whether they remain in Washington or not. In other words, politicians should tread lightly!!

  19. The Impeachment circus is a continuation of the Obama Administration playing out in the Dim-Rat Party dominated House of Representatives where anything that supports the agenda of the George Soros-ian globalist banking clique must be applied and any elected official who dares get in the way must be destroyed and made an example of! This is what is going on, folks!
    The Dem-Rat Party is nothing more than the American lobby for the George Soros-ian globalist banking clique & they march lock-step to their demands which are to obliterate Pres. Donald Trump in the USA! The George Soros-ian globalist banking clique is in sync with the Organization of the Islamic Conference/Cooperation orgs as Jihadi Islam believes in a globalist government of the Caliphate!
    This impeachment charade started with the Obama’s meetings in the White House right before/after the election planning all these false charges, allegations! The Obama was a community organizer for ACORN which specialized in using loopholes to force government agencies to do what it wanted and this charade has all the marking of having been planned by someone of that mentality! VP Daddy Joe Biden or Bribe’m did all the things Pres. Trump is accused of! Fact is if right thinking prevailed in this country, the Dem-Rat Party leadership would be facing charges themselves as well as The Obama for what they have done and are trying to do! Happy Holidays to all rightists!

  20. I say AMEN to all those comments that say the Democrats are the ones that can’t be trusted with anything! The Truth, Money, and Freedom! Peoples lives are too important to allow any Democrat or RINO to control them. God is our King and Ruler!

  21. Many Democrats are beginning to question the leadership of the Democrat Party there have been some to even leave, change affiliation and are going to vote NO/NAY on the impeachment vote in The House! Some Democrats actually know that their vote can very well be their own demise, specifically those who wish to hold their seats as Representatives. The time is getting nearer and we will all see for ourselves who want their job and who will work for America or work for their own bruised ego?

  22. The Democrats have embraced the Socialists & the Communists, at first for their Votes, now they are fully engaged with the Commies and they are unable to shake them. They have become one and the same, the Communists have full control over the Socialists and the Democrats. They have been planning this for Years, they are slowly but surely Trying to take our Freedoms away, Chipping away at the small things in our government. They have infiltrated our schools and Colleges, they have gained ground in our/your local & State governments, Obama was known as a Communist, and still has input as to just what to say and do in those running for office. So far all the Democrats are trying to shove Socialism down our throats.
    They always go for the weakest of us, namely; our children, grade school thru College, a lot of the older people know and understand what socialism & communism can do to people who want to be Free. AND they do NOT like what they see.

  23. The Dems are not blatantly showing their totalitarian beliefs without fear of reprisal. They have always had little regard for the American people to vote “correctly” that they have tried to rig elections for generations!! Kennedy wins because the Daly Machine delivered late votes for the Dem. Palm Beach and Broward Counties” discover votes” everywhere which happen to favor Democrats. This is crap and so now they are going to steal the 2020 election as well. Look at what the did in Fla., Texas, California and many other states. Those were dry runs for the massive voter fraud that is coming!!! They know they can’t beat Trump. Their candidates are for ideas that suck, literally!! So they want to pull Trump out of office or try to damage him so badly with the help of the Fake news people that they win by hook and by crook!! I hate these deep state people who like their cushy government jobs and benefits and these incredibly power-hungry Democraps that I will never trust the FBI or any other badge carrying Federal Agent with the IRS or Justice Department. WE have a Government out of control and we must do to it what the Founders predicted would have to be done oh so long ago. This is only going to be corrected by sheer force of numbers and any other means available to the Actual AMERICAN CITIZEN!!! If there be war there will be no rules for engaging in the same. There will be a good number of military and National Guard who will side with the Deep State as will law enforcement. Hopefully, we have enough who won’t that a very formidable asymmetric force can be formed to push back!!

  24. “I am worried in general about 2020. I believe that we are on a precipice, a very dangerous precipice, as a country in so many ways.”

    They’re worried because their policies and candidates all suck, and the general public will never buy into them, let alone vote for them.

  25. Sure CRAZY donald & D for Dumb trump can be trusted, Trusted To Solely Serve His OWN SELFISH, STUPID, SICKO INTERESTS WHO MATTER WHO ELSE GETS HURT! That’s Why It’s Time To Toss Out A Pair Of trump TRASH, Vote For A Future President Who’s A PERSON, Not A PISS ASS PIG!


  27. The Democrats can’t trust the people? Only an idiot trusts the Democrats. They have the idea WE work for them. It’s supposed to be that THEY work for us. The Democrats are arrogant, condescending and corrupt. America, WAKE UP before they hijack our country or get us into a civil war. Democrats are NOT patriots

  28. Socialist Pelosi Demon-Rats, want Americans to be to stupid to recognize their destruction of America, through open borders, and giving illegals more and better benefits, than what we as legal Americans have.
    When we do Not fall for their massive Lies, then they claim, there’s something wrong with us!
    Get rid of all the Traitor Socialist-Communist Demo-Rats, in the 2020 election, to save America!

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