Trump Most Talked About President

President Trump has lived a life of fame and fortune as a successful billionaire and businessman. He was loved by almost everyone as one of the biggest celebrities until he became president. Everyone who would have stood in line for hours to attend one of his parties turned their backs on him.

Love him or hate him, he is still their and our president and is also voted the most tweeted about politician in 2019. The Year on Twitter Global Report put out the announcement early this week. President Trump has over 67.4 million followers, and he has used his Twitter account to keep the world informed every step of the way no matter what issue is at hand.

No one has shown America greater than President Donald Trump how to interact with elected officials. He has a strong tendency that follows through to post policy changes, news, funny, and sarcastic comments. Still, most importantly, he displays the full truth inforced. Trump has led the charge when it comes to modern technology and platforms to post opinions and the usage of free speech. No one does it better than him.

As his posts are posted daily, President Trump talks with other tweeters. He lets the world know his likes and dislikes among other politicians, diplomatic thoughts, and how he feels about the current events such as the dreaded impeachment proceedings.

Other politicians and regular ordinary people also tweet about Trump, whether good or bad. It is certainly not difficult to find Trump’s name on the platform. The 1978 Presidential Records Act keeps Trump in the news as his tweets are recording living history by his own thoughts and fingertips.

There was never a law to stop a president from using social media or anything to get to the public. Amazingly, no one can silence him, which to obtain the truth is a good thing for Americans who care about this country and what is happening.

When the numbers of followers are taken into consideration, former President Obama has more followers coming in at 110.6 million. But President Trump is still the number one most talked-about politician in the world.

Obama is old news, and some say his followers maybe like his voters and deceased, pretty much like the registered Democrats who their party claims voted. It was proven that dead people were still voting Democrat. Maybe they voted him as number two in the Twitter spotlight.

Fourth on the list was surprising. It is Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She was thrown into the spotlight for defeating an incumbent New York’s 14th congressional district while being just a waitress. She is recorded to be the youngest congresswoman in the House.

She may very well be the dumbest too! Her stupidity has gained more jokes and laughter than any other politician. She is also one of the four idiot congresswomen who stirred up more trouble and division than any other in recent years. They were known as the Four Horsewomen of Congress.

Former Secretary of State and loser of the presidential election Hillary Clinton was ranked number seven. She recently has a book out called, “The Book of the Gutsy Women.” She makes frequent stops on social media to promote that book, along with putting down President Trump and other stupid comments.

One can only wonder if she has anything in her book about Benghazi and the lost emails which were never found. She also co-wrote the book with her daughter Chelsea Clinton who we can only hope and pray she stays out of politics because we had enough of the Clintons too!

Other world leaders are also involved with Twitter and post quite often. Everyone mentioned here talks about President Trump, and it is the Democrats who put him down. Many people who only care about the basics of politics do not like President Trump’s tweets. The majority of people do like it because he slams those who hurt one another, destroy our country, and hurt him or his family.

Along with being the most talked-about president, he is also the most hated by the Democrats because they cannot control him. But do not be fooled, Trump’s supporters far outnumber those who dislike him. Being the most talked about has its advantages and disadvantages.

As the president, he already does not have a private life. Social media does not help matters. The good thing is there is nothing to hide as Democrats still can’t find what they need on him.

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