Student Shot For Using Pellet Gun

Whatever happened to the good old fashioned days when kids who were bullied told the teacher and if nothing got done, they knocked the hell out of the bully. Nine times out of ten, those who got in the old fashioned fist fights became best friends right after settling their differences. Now, it seems like all the kids want to bring guns to school and shoot everyone.

We all know that it does not solve anything. In fact, it makes things much worse. That is what happened to 18-year-old Tyrone Smith when he brought a pellet gun to school and ended up getting shot three times by a police officer.

In Wisconsin, Tyrone Smith told authorities after the incident, he was “tired of being picked on by other students and wanted to scare them.” The pellet gun, which looked like a handgun, was in the process of being used when the police officer shot Smith.

Smith was charged with “second-degree recklessly endangering safety, obstructing an officer, disorderly conduct and dangerous weapons on school premises.” His court date scheduled for December 17. If he is convicted, he is looking at a possible 15-year sentence in prison, along with fines over thousands of dollars.

According to NBC News, “The incident at Waukesha South High School occurred after a friend of Smith’s asked him what he planned to do for his 18th birthday on Dec. 6, the complaint said, citing the other student’s account.

Smith became suddenly and inexplicably upset by the question and pushed his friend up against the wall. The student laughed, not knowing what to make of his friend’s reaction.

The student who was attacked gave the account, “Smith then left the classroom, returned with his backpack, removed a gun, and pointed it directly at his friend’s head.” He continued to explain but did not remember if Smith told him anything when he pulled the gun on him. He added, “everything happened so fast, and he was certain Smith was going to shoot him, and he was scared.”

The student who was attacked said Smith sent him pictures of his guns via text. Upon arriving at the school, Smith also told his friend he wanted to “shoot his sister’s boyfriend because he was physically abusive.” The student added, “Smith had also said previously that he would bring guns to school and bragged about having knives and explosives at home.”

When the incident took place, a detective and a resource officer were already at the school. They were the first ones to arrive at the scene when Smith had already pulled the pellet gun.

According to the criminal complaint, “They tried to get Smith to take his hands out of his pockets, where they suspected he had stashed the weapon, but he responded by staring back at them with an odd grin.

It was around that time other officers arrived on the scene and told Smith to move slow and remove his hands from his pockets. It was then he moved quickly and had the gun in his hand. The officer then opened fire shooting Smith in the leg one time and twice in the arm.

Days later, Smith was released from the hospital and told police his friend was “like a cousin.” Smith explained his friend threw his phone to the other side of the classroom that morning of the incident and “repeatedly asked him what he was going to do for his birthday.” Smith told his friend repeatedly; he wasn’t going anywhere because he “didn’t have any money.”

When asked why he pulled the gun, Smith told police he “was tired of being picked on by other students” and he “wanted to use the gun to scare (his friend) and others who had picked on him or might pick on him in the future,” According to the criminal report.

Smith stated he wanted his friend to think he was going to shoot him, but he really wasn’t going to. He added in 2015, his brother brought a gun to school to scare people, and he wanted to follow in his footsteps so people would leave him alone.

The high school principal told the police, “The incident has caused students and teachers to jump at sounds like lockers slamming, and this event will have a lasting impact of the students, staff, and their families.”

Smith did apologize and stated, “I knew it was wrong to bring a gun to school, and I would not do it again.”

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