Bipartisan Plan for Prescription Drug Costs

The way to control the cost of health care and prescription drugs is not through denying there is a problem like Nancy Pelosi likes to do. She drags her feet and tells people that she has a plan when it is clear that she does not.

Pelosi has failed America. It is apparent to everyone that her time in Congress is coming to an end. She can either step down gracefully or be beaten in the next election and leave with disgrace as her motto. She is the mouth of resistance against the Republicans and the president. She only seeks to claim power as her own.

To her own demise Pelosi has rejected multiple times legislation that would have helped lower drug costs and medical costs for millions of people. But she has refused to work with the Republicans of Congress.

She believes that she and her party are the only ones that truly understand what people want. If that were so true, then she has shown that she is lying to America. They do not care because they do not work with all the members of Congress. Her party shuts down the opposition and refuses to listen to them.

Even in a case where there has been Democratic input, she will not let the bill come up for discussion because she wants nothing to do with the Republicans of Congress. The Republicans are strong and well. They are not going anywhere.

Many of them are tired of silly Pelosi and her games. The doctors that serve in Congress have gotten together and have done what Pelosi would think impossible. They got together with some Democrats and put together a plan that would save America and its healthcare industry.

Pelosi did oversee a piece of legislation that has proven to be a joke. She brought up a bill called H.R. 3. This bill according to the medical experts of Congress would “absolutely decimate private research and development for potential future miracle drugs to come to market.

As with any other industry, the federal government takeover of medicine will halt innovation and lower quality.” Pushy Pelosi may say she cares about America but her legislation will destroy the country.

The solution that is being presented by the bipartisan group of Congress is H.R. 19. The architects of the bill are “GOP Reps. Roger Marshall, M.D., of Kansas; Earl “Buddy” Carter, RPh, of Georgia; Greg Murphy, M.D., of North Carolina; David Roe, M.D., of Tennessee; John Joyce, M.D., of Pennsylvania; Brad Wenstrup, D.P.M., of Ohio; Andy Harris, M.D., of Maryland; Neal Dunn, M.D., of Florida; Brian Babin, D.D.S., of Texas; Drew Ferguson, D.M.D., of Texas; Mark Green, M.D., of Tennessee; Larry Bucshon, M.D., of Indiana; Ralph Abraham, M.D., of Louisiana; Scott DesJarlais, M.D., of Tennessee; and Michael Burgess, M.D., of Texas.” They have done what Pelosi refuses to do. They have worked together. This Republican led bill will essentially save America.

They have stated that “As physicians and healthcare providers, and now policymakers, we believe that innovation will drive the cost of healthcare down more than any new law or policy. Whether here in Congress or in our office as a physician, we strive to keep patients out of the hospital and at home and healthy with their loved ones.

Having the best tools and medicine in our toolkit helps us achieve that mission.” They have said that turning the industry over to the people will keep costs low. Innovation is the future and that only comes with free enterprise. Nothing the government can do will ever beat that kind of idea. This very concept is what the president has been doing with the rest of the country. He is putting the country back into the hands of the people.

They also noted that Last year, national healthcare spending reached $3.6 trillion. About one-third of all healthcare spending is tied to hospital care, while prescription drugs make up 9%. About 28% of the federal budget is now being spent directly on healthcare. If we are ever going to balance the federal budget, we must get the cost of healthcare under control.

Protecting and streamlining the next miracle drugs is an obvious way to help do that. We cannot even begin to guess what the savings to Medicare costs would be if we had the cure for Alzheimer’s and dementia and other illnesses where Medicare is the single largest payer. The Republicans are not afraid to work with the people on the other side of the room. Only the greedy Democrats want to leave out people when making decisions.

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