Check out Philly’s “Turn in” Gun Program

Police officers in Philadelphia decided to host a turn-in event for guns at two different locations. Citizens were invited to turn in any firearms they were in possession of with no questions being asked and with no danger of being prosecuted.

With so many Democratic politicians talking about the turn-in gun programs and how they feel that this can eliminate a number of added firearms in the country, Philadelphia was anticipating an amazing turnout.

The police department heavily publicized the event. It was talked about on television, radio, and social media.

The number of weapons surrendered was less than impressive. The total number? Six. Organizers of the event still identified that they were “pleased” with the results. Of course, what else were they going to say? Six could not possibly even reach 1% of the total number of weapons that are found throughout Philadelphia.

Locations for the event were in East Germantown and West Philadelphia. According to Damone Jones, the senior pastor at Bible Way, Baptist Church, the gun problem is at an “epidemic stage.” He talks about it being an urgent situation since it seems like every week, another child is being shot.

While Philadelphia could be praised for trying to do something different, it’s possible that they didn’t think their project out very well. This wasn’t a buyback program. They weren’t asking people to sell their firearms. Instead, the police appeal to parents of young children who may be involved in gang activities. They asked parents to search their homes while kids were at school or occupied otherwise. If any weapons were found, they asked for them to be brought down and handed over.

Most people know what the value of a gun is. If parents did find a gun in their home, they could choose to keep it as part of their Second Amendment rights. They could also take it down to the nearest pawn shop and make some money off of it. Since the Philadelphia Police Department wasn’t interested in paying for the firearms, it’s no surprise that only six were turned in.

The few firearms collected aren’t going to take care of the gang violence. What’s been killing the young people on the streets of Philadelphia are not what was turned in. According to CBS reports, in 2019 alone, 110 children have been shot in the city below the age of 17. Most gang members are using semi-automatics if they can get their hands on them. Some of the guns turned in include a small-caliber rifle and an older revolver.

Essentially, the turn-in program failed since it didn’t truly address the illegal gun supply within the city.

Still, some of the liberal news outlets are clapping for what Philadelphia has done. They are attempting to find a solution. They are getting the families involved so that teenage boys can get away from the urban gang violence. Yes, Philadelphia is trying something. However, since it didn’t provide nearly as many results as needed to address the problem, they need to go back to the drawing board. Baltimore, Maryland, should probably share the drawing board since they are dealing with similar problems – just at massively higher rates.

Maybe one of the cities can lure Beto O’Rourke out there. He can’t possibly be gaining any points in his hometown of Texas right about now. He said he was coming for everyone’s guns – and with Texans having a higher gun-ownership rate than any other state, it wasn’t a favorable comment to make. Since he’s no longer running for president, he has all sorts of time on his hands. Maybe he can figure out a few ways to get the guns out of the hands of citizens over in Philadelphia or Baltimore.

Six guns, many of which are an older model, is hardly a successful turnout. Philadelphia may need to add some money to the equation so that families are more likely to search their homes. Though, what are they supposed to say when their child wants to know what happened to the Glock under their bed?

Philadelphia may have had an idea to address gun violence, but it wasn’t a good one. If only six guns were turned in, that leaves thousands more still on the streets. They’re going to have to wave some money in the faces of families and figure out how to get them more invested in getting their kids out of the gangs and away from the violence.

Until then, the program only shows that people aren’t going to part with their guns willingly.


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