Goldberg and McCain Go Head to Head on the View

One of the reasons why The View gets as many people tuning in as they do is because of the opinionated hosts. Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar were some of the loudest Democratic talk show hosts saying that they’d move to Canada if Trump became president. Unfortunately for all of us, they’re still here.

They changed up their dynamic when they added Meghan McCain, the daughter of the late John McCain. Including a Republican onto The View caused the ratings to skyrocket – and much of it has to do with things like what happened recently.

“Stop talking.” This is what Goldberg had to say to McCain after McCain decided to be the only conservative voice. The co-hosts were discussing Trump’s impeachment trials, which is when things got ugly.

All of the co-hosts, with the exception of McCain, accused Republicans of not doing their due diligence in the impeachment process, including Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham. Co-host Abby Huntsman took it to the extreme with the comment that she has a “pit in my stomach” with every day that Trump’s president because he represents “everything the opposite of what we’re taught to be” as humans.

This is when Goldberg pointed out that Republicans moving to impeach former Pres. Bill Clinton were hypocrites. Sunny Hostin added that the Republican-led Senate was biased in favor of the president.

McCain decided enough was enough. She wanted to make sure that her conservative voices heard, too. She attempted to reason with her cohosts, talking about how the show needs to analyze politics as opposed to “litigating ethics.” She said that her job is to be a ‘View’ cohost as well as an ABC political analyst. She wants to analyze the politics.

The other cohosts didn’t want to hear her response. She fired back with “let me talk.” She pointed out that she let them finish and she wants the same respect. She asked a very daunting question: “Do you want to hear a conservative perspective?”

It appears that question set Whoopi Goldberg off entirely. She interrupted McCain and demanded that she “stop talking! Please stop talking right now!”

McCain was clearly shocked by the crazy demands of Goldberg. She kept repeating “no problem.” Then, she said she wouldn’t talk to the rest of the show.

Goldberg seemed to be a bit shocked by her own outburst. She remained silent for a moment to gather her thoughts. Then, she responded with “I’m okay with that.” Then, as if to add fuel to the fire, Goldberg decided to try to score and McCain like a child, saying “because if you’re going to behave like this” which is when McCain attempted to respond.

Before McCain could get any kind of response to Goldberg out, Whoopi Goldberg chose to cut to commercial.

When the show came back from break, the discussion had ended. The argument between Goldberg and McCain was the most entertaining thing about the show, and it looks like producers decided to put an end to it because Whoopi Goldberg couldn’t handle a conservative perspective being dealt to her. Meanwhile, most of America’s still waiting to find out when Goldberg is planning to move to Canada since she threatened it nearly 4 years ago.

Rather than staying silent, McCain decided to take her comments to Twitter. She talked about a bias against conservatives and how Democrats and Republicans each must “confront the ugly truth.” She feels that everyone has failed to act as impartial jurors and she won’t be quiet. She feels she has the responsibility to speak on behalf of the 50% who feel that media isn’t representing them. She also added later that impeachment support is dwindling. She knows that pointing these things out is “part of my job” even if it angers people – which was no doubt a jab at Whoopi Goldberg. She also identified that it may be “politically inconvenient” for some people.

While Whoopi Goldberg stayed out of the Twitter comments, McCain made sure to press on. She talked about how pretending that half the country doesn’t exist isn’t going to make them disappear. She acknowledged that the culture war Israel and that those who aren’t part of the “anti-conservative media” deserve to have representation of their views.

This is probably the biggest issue with ‘View’ prior to Meghan McCain coming on board. The talk show ended up being a bunch of heavily opinionated Democrats talking about their views on politics. However, the show isn’t dubbed as a political show and the co-hosts have no political background. The only one on the show who has any real political background is McCain, so it should come as no surprise that Goldberg wanted to shut her up.

Goldberg isn’t a fan of having truth thrust into her face. The washed-up actress has chosen to hate on Trump publicly for over four years and most of America is getting tired of it. The addition of McCain has been not only a truth bomb but a relief to the talk show.


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