An Overhaul of Military Housing

There is no one more supportive of the military and their families than President Trump. He has sought to strengthen the military with better funding and congressional support. He has honored more soldiers with awards than many of his predecessors.

And he has made it possible for many of them to have their student loan debt canceled because of their service. But now it seems that they are going to get a much-needed upgrade in their living conditions.

The president has been working on improving the militaries living conditions. And now it seems that many of the Republicans in Congress are leading the way to upgrade the housing from a slum status to a nice livable condition. The reforms are coming by way of the new National Defense Authorization Act.

This bill seeks to keep the soldiers from having to live in conditions that are hazardous to their health. Some homes that they are forced to live in are full of mold, asbestos and filled with rodents and pests.

For some time, the military has been receiving complaints about the neglect and abuse that many of their soldiers were putting up with because of their living conditions. The substandard living conditions will become a thing of the past for many of them.

These families deserve to live in better homes for their service and desire to protect their country. To forget about them and expect them to live in slum-like conditions is a slap in their face. This is something that the Democrats would love to see but the Republicans and the president are fighting for them to have better living conditions.

The congressional Democrats are quick to blame the military for their lack of concern for their people. But the military can only work with the funds that they are given by Congress. The lousy Democrats have worked hard to reduce the amount of money that the military can receive over the past few years.

But now that a Republican president is looking out for them, they will have all the money they need to make the necessary changes. The president has gotten Congress to approve $300 million in funding to take on the horrible conditions that many of the soldiers are forced to live in.

One blame-shifting Democrat said, “This would not have happened if the military had not turned its eye away from managing these contracts.” These words were spoken by Tim Kaine from Virginia. He is a Democrat that is quick to blame the military for his lack of support for them throughout the years. The Republicans were quick to support the bill and when it reached the Senate it received near 100 percent support.

Much of the military housing is managed by the private sector. The problem is that the landlords did not keep up on the properties and were only in the deal for the money. In one report done by Reuters, it was found that Balfour Beatty Communities even would falsify their reports just to receive payments for repairs that never took place.

Many of the tenants would later become sick by the lead and mold that was not being dealt with when it was discovered. Sadly, many of the protections for renters are never guaranteed for members of the military. They just did not get the same kind of protection.

There will now be a person to oversee that military people are protected from the greedy Democrats and lousy landlords that are seeking to make a quick dollar at the expense of the men and women that protect this great nation. The bill will “create a tenant bill of rights, boost housing inspections and standards, and adopt a dispute resolution process in which tenants can withhold rent from landlords when unsafe conditions persist.

The measure also protects whistleblowers from reprisals, and forces private landlords to pay relocation and medical costs for families exposed to housing hazards.” The days of neglect are a thing of the past. The new protection and funds will make sure that the soldiers will have only the best conditions to live in.

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