Bloomberg’s Bottomless Wallets Help With Hiring

Mike Bloomberg is the latest of the Dems who think that they have what it takes to be president. Coming in late to the race, the former NYC mayor has his work cut out for him. The good news is that he has the deep pockets to help with all of the costs, so fundraising isn’t a necessity for him right off the bat.

How many people does it take to staff a campaign headquarters? According to Bloomberg, the number is over 200.

He’s certainly coming in strong to make up for the months that the other candidates have on him. Just two weeks after entering the Democratic primary, over 300 people have been hired for his campaign.

Nearly 100 staffers have been tapped by the billionaire to spread out across 15 states as he pursues a strategy that involves skipping four of the early voting states to zero in on Super Tuesday on March 3 instead.

Bloomberg’s headquarters are located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Many of the faces are familiar from his days in City Hall. This includes Patti Harris as his campaign chair and Kevin Sheekey as his campaign manager, both of who have served in the capacity of deputy mayors.

There are a number of other interesting hires, many of which are only possible thanks to Bloomberg’s deep pockets. This includes Jeff Glueck who is the CEO of Foursquare. Glueck has been a big part of Silicon Valley for years and will be the director of digital research and engagement. The CEO announced his departure on Twitter last week, identifying that he’s excited about pursuing his passion for tech and politics.

Gary Briggs is also joining the ranks as chief marketing officer. Briggs serves as a Facebook executive, providing a significant amount of insight into social media so that Bloomberg can get more eyes on his campaign.

What’s interesting about Bloomberg is that he has a longtime record of funding Democrats and Republicans alike. He’s already spent $100 million on ads for his campaign, showing that he isn’t afraid to drop money in order to get the votes that he needs.

While presidential candidates like Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg are busting their butts to fundraise and get enough money to spend for the full-length of their campaign, Bloomberg has proven that he’s capable of outspending his opponents several times over. Forbes calculated his wealth that $54.1 billion at the start of the race. In less than a month, his wealth has climbed to $55.6 billion.

Bloomberg is more heavily focused on building his endorsements as well as his campaign payroll than he is fundraising simply because he is capable of funding himself. This will allow him to show Americans why he is the most capable candidate. The former mayor is also not opposed to cleaning the carcasses of Democratic candidates who have fallen, including Cassandra Henry as his deputy state’s director, someone who had previously been working as Chief of Staff on Beto O’Rourke’s campaign.

Bloomberg has also picked a few from Kamala Harris’ campaign since she has dropped out of the race. Oh, and he chose a few that helped with Hillary Clinton’s race in 2016, too.

Some of the names that Bloomberg has added are impressive, proving that if you pay people enough, they’ll leave their jobs and come to work for someone else. None of the other presidential candidates can come even close to the impressive payroll that Bloomberg has created seemingly overnight.

The question still stands: can Bloomberg actually gain enough footing in the polls to make it all worth his while? He’s already polling within the top five, mainly because there are so many voters who have heard of him from his days as mayor of New York City. It has also been estimated that half of all voters have seen campaign ads from Bloomberg, which shows that his money is working well for him.

With Bloomberg providing people with another person to vote for, it’s pulling away from the votes being given to Biden, Warren, and Sanders. This means that he actually could be the best competition for the three who have been the front runners from the very beginning.

Bloomberg’s campaign doesn’t show any signs of reducing the amount of money that they are willing to spend, either. If Bloomberg could jump to the top five in a matter of two weeks, it’s only a matter of time before he reaches the very top position. Even still, he would need to be able to beat Trump in order to gain the presidency, and that seems unlikely as many people aren’t too impressed by what he was able to accomplish as mayor.


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