Charlize Theron Gets Pissy About Pronouns

Hollywood actress Charlize Theron has gotten a lot of attention recently when she says that she’d “appreciate” if people would start referring to her child by the right pronouns. Her child, now seven, was born as a boy but identifies as a girl. Therefore, pronounces such as “him” and “his” are not appropriate.

Theron adopted a son several years ago, not realizing that it would turn out to be an adopted daughter.

She had an interview with Pride Source recently to identify that the path to transgenderism is a very new territory for the entire family. One of the questions the actress was asked during the interview is whether Jackson, her daughter, impacted the decision she makes on characters she will play on television and in movies. Theron said that it’s not something she has had to consider as of yet. She reiterated that it’s still very new and she doesn’t know if it necessarily will impact her decision to play different roles.

Theron is more concerned with people respecting Jackson and her experience as a transgender child, particularly in the Hollywood spotlight. Theron explains that it is her daughter’s story to tell. She feels that, as her mother, it’s important to “use the right pronouns” for her.

Jackson was adopted in 2012. Theron identified that it has bothered her that as Jackson got older, people would still refer to her as a boy and use male pronouns. She said that it was harder because people would write about her in the Hollywood spotlight and use the wrong pronouns. The actors pointed out that it would hurt her daughter’s feelings and she continues to point out the issues to the press.

According to Charlize Theron, Jackson knew at an early age that she was not a boy. Theron said that she thought the child was a boy, initially, too. However, at the age of three, Theron said that Jackson told her, “I am not a boy.”

Although Theron didn’t go into any details, most people don’t simply accept a comment like that from a child so young. Usually, there are questions about why they feel that way. Often, there is a correction from the parent to explain that they aren’t a boy. However, it appears that Theron simply accepted a three-year-old explaining that they aren’t a boy.

As such, they have made the transition so that Jackson is being raised as a daughter to Theron instead of a son. The media, too, is expected to take notice so that they don’t reference Theron’s son, Jackson. Instead, Theron would appreciate it if they refer to Jackson as Theron’s daughter. Otherwise, it’s going to hurt Jackson’s feelings.

The issue with pronouns has been a problem, in general. It’s becoming difficult for people to know what is and is not acceptable. If someone was born as a male and identifies as a woman, it’s polite to use female pronouns. If someone was born a female and identifies as a man, it’s polite to use male pronouns.

Most feel that, when you’re not sure, it’s acceptable to use “they” and “them.” However, there are also those in the transgender communities who believe “they” and “them” are offensive. It’s essentially a lose-lose for anyone who isn’t within the community so that they open themselves to a situation where they will be scorned no matter what they say.

With Charlize Theron’s daughter only being seven years old, there are still many years ahead before the discussion of gender reassignment and hormone blockers. Typically, children have to go through psychiatric evaluations before being able to go through surgeries or receive hormone blockers to ensure that they truly have gender dysphoria or if there is some other mental issue going on.

Theron has not identified whether Jackson has gone through any of this as of yet to determine whether it is a phase or if this is a new lifestyle choice that she is going to support for the rest of the child’s life.

Ultimately, it becomes a guessing game for many to determine which pronouns should be used. With regard to Charlize Theron, she has made it abundantly clear that she’s raising a daughter by the name of Jackson and not a son. That means that she expects the press to take note so that they don’t continue to make the mistakes when printing stories about her. In the meantime, she should probably prepare her daughter for the fact that people are going to use the wrong pronouns from time to time.


1,048 thoughts on “Charlize Theron Gets Pissy About Pronouns”

    1. Theron, just another turd in the tank ,who would ever care about some Holly Wood weirdo sellout ,on how important what people say or react to what her feelings are or how that a libturd ,thinks or reacts her,or himself feels. get a real life libturd !! your, or your kind are not about to run any body else’s lives ,and that a Rap!!! libturd!!

      1. these retarded jerks are screwing up their kids! Simple… you’ve got a penis…YOU’RE A MAN, you’ve got a vagina…you’re a woman! And you should remain in the format God made you in, PERIOD!

        1. Even if the drs. invert the penis to make it appear to be a vagina the person still has male genes. Born a male always a male. Born a female always a female. Genes dont lie.

          1. Yep, that pesky Y chromosome always gets in the way of the “transgenders.” They can spout their “identity” all they want. Men have Y chromosome and women have X. That’s the way God made us.

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  1. I am slightly concerned that Charlize Theron does not discuss the child’s father or his ideas on this issue. If SHE adopted a child and brought it into a home with no Male role model, how does she know that the child identifies as female? How many male role models does it interact with on a daily basis? Who does it see as the alpha? Who does it get social cues from? I wonder why the little biological boy thinks he is a mental girl. I think the whole situation is tragic and I blame Charlize Theron for being totally self-involved in making the decision to adopt as a single parent, the system for allowing this to happen, and society in general for not condemning it. The result of all of this wokeness is a child who is going to grow up being told he is a she, and the mental stress of this. Shame on all of you.

    1. I don’t think ANY ONE of the Hollywierdos should be allowed to adopt anyone, as a couple, nevermind as a single parent! Name one Hollywood actor who is not a certifiable Train Wreck. They all display dissociative behavior, otherwise, how could they become a completely different person on film? Is that a really good environment to raise a child, especially as a single parent? Raised by a changeling? Yeah, Right!

  2. she’s the one that said she’s always dressed wearing girls clothes will not change that fact. him in girls clothes. that wasn’t the child’s choice that was her’s. it’s a form of child abuse. talk about confusing to a child to be told his is a girl when in fact he’s a boy.

  3. When you are born with XY chromosomes you are referred to with male pronouns.
    When you are born with XX chromosomes you are referred to with female pronouns.
    Any other reference would show extreme ignorance.

  4. “The issue with pronouns has been a problem, in general. It’s becoming difficult for people to know what is and is not acceptable. If someone was born as a male and identifies as a woman, it’s polite to use female pronouns. If someone was born a female and identifies as a man, it’s polite to use male pronouns.”

    It is NOT difficult. If it has male parts, it is NOT a female. Really quite easy, actually.

  5. Life was so much easier when the rule was to use the masculine pronoun when in doubt or , in general, when gender was unknown. But, a child born with a nether region appendage is biologically a boy. If the child has a receptacle, it is a biologically a girl. It should be illegal for any sexual surgery on a human body until the individual has been properly educated on pros, cons and consequences of said decision. That person should also be of legal and deciding for himself. BTW, when boys played dolls with me, I was the mama and they were the daddy or uncles. Miss Theron needs her head examined!

    1. Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina. ——- little boy in Kindergarten Cop, 1990. Oh woe are we to have come this far away in 30 years from biological truth.

  6. To begin with a boy –he–is a boy and a girl–she– is a girl. In the second place you should have some respect and put on some clothes when having your photo taken. You look like a slut.e

    1. You’re right! I have a friend, who is a retired educator is demands the system was right to have her teaching her first grade children about homosexuality! I demand that children, who are six years old don’t have the intelligence to understand sex, therefore that is much too young to be telling them that it’s all right for them to explore same sex ideals.
      I mean, come on. If you’re not allowed to tell a teenager about Christ, in the schools, why, then are you allowed to instill stupidity, when it comes to anti-God theories?

      The reason is simple, the system wants to continue to do away, with the Lord God Almighty and His principles. They don’t want our children to know the Savior, because THEY have rejected Him.

  7. The correct pronouns He She It. So Jackson is a HeSheIt. Has anyone noticed the Proposition65 notices on products? It states California has deemed and found certain products contain something that can cause Cancer. Evidently something in California causes mental dysphoria and general confusion over life itself. Can we label California hazardous to the Health of U.S. citizens?

  8. Duh, how about it isn’t natural, Charlize! You are the kid’s parent now. You aren’t supposed to screw the kid up. You should be helping your son be a boy since he has the male junk. Stop letting him wear your clothes and night gowns!

  9. Does Charlize let her son drive a car, join the army, buy alcohol, get tattoos, sign conracts and vote? Charlize is a trashy mother.

  10. Charlize, you are a moron. Does your son look like a girl or does he look like a boy? At 7 years old to choose to be a girl is your fault. It is not normal at such a young age to choose what you are.

    1. Sheldon, I wholeheartedly agree with you. Not only that, I attended Bible school, with the man, who performed as Buster Brown, back in the ’50’s and early ’60’s, and became so “enchanted with” (to quote from his book) make-up that, by the time he was a teenager, he was dressing in girl’s clothes. He said that, as a young man of 20, he’d homosexual lifestyle and, by the time he was 30, he’d begun sexual reassignment procedures. When I met this man, he couldn’t live on campus and dressed in three-piece men’s suits, but still had the scars of his sin, which is why he lived off-campus.
      When he was saved, Perry Desmond decided to travel and give his
      testimony about his wayward lifestyle and, the last time I saw him, was at the 1983 New Orleans Mardi Gras, where he was one of hundreds (I was too), who were there to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people, who have never realized that, to begin with Mardi Gras was a Christian celebration.
      That celebration, NOW, is evil and the men and women, in the French Quarter in New Orleans, are all the proof necessary!

      For anyone, who doesn’t know this, Mardi Gras, actually, means Fat Tuesday, in French. It’s the beginning of Lent, which is supposed to be a six-week period, when you give up some worldly way. At the end of the sixth week is Easter, which is the celebration of Christ’s death, burial and resurrection (HALLELUJAH!!)

      The only problem is that the world thinks of it as a holiday that ends with an Easter Egg hunt, when the truth is Easter was the day the World KNEW sin had been destroyed!!


  11. Apparently if you are a Hollywood actress you can play God in real life and decide your son is a girl. Has she had the surgery done yet? I suggest she should have her lobotomy done first!!!

    1. Oprah Winfrey has proven that, repeatedly. This idiot will open
      her program, demanding that a Christian politician is even and her
      idiot fans will swallow it and decide not to vote for a good candidate
      for the presidency.
      THAT, alone, is how she persuaded a throng of idiots to vote for a half-
      breed LIAR, who told Rick Warren he had been a Christian since the age
      of 13 and then went to France and told a Muslim cleric that he was a
      “life-long Muslim.”
      Sorry, Charlie, but you cannot be both!!

      America survived the Obama Administration because the Word shows
      that America will be here to assist Israel, during the Great Tribulation.

      btw, if you’re wondering about America’s being prophesied in both the old and new testaments, I’ll tell you: God to the prophecies, in the Book of Daniel and the Book of the Revelation. When Daniel saw a beast emerging from the sea, he said it had the body of a lion (England is represented by a lion, now … just go to Trafalgar Square, in London, and you’ll see many statues of their honored animal), with the wings of an eagle. Daniel explains that the wings LEAVE the body of the lion.
      All you have to do is recall that America LEFT the oppression of King George, in 1776!
      Now…In the 17th chapter of Revelation, John, too wrote about a beast coming out of the sea. John’s vision doesn’t mention the eagle, though. John did, however, say the wings of an eagle would protect the woman and child, bearing them away from the final onslaught of the devil, during the Great Tribulation.

    1. My wife all but demands I address her as, ‘”BOSS,” and I’ll tell you, Sam R, I’ll address you by your demand AFTER I address my wife as Boss. btw, I’ve been married, 31 years and she has yet to be obeyed, in that way. You’ll have to wait until she’s dead before I’ll ever begin to think of your demand!
      And, when I DO think about your demand, you can rest assured that you’ll have to wait about twice as long as Wifey did! IN OTHER WORDS, DON’T HOLD YOUR BREATH!!

  12. This child is way to young to comprehend the B/S that she is saying. Her mother and Hollywood are to blame for this line of crap, the democrats are rabid and out to bring the US down. Get rid of Hollywood, democrats and George Soros and the world will be a better place.

  13. People should be asked whether they are going to be honest with the child they are adopting or whether they will indulge the child’s delusions before they are allowed to adopt!!! Or maybe the prospective parent should be psychology evaluated first. It probably wouldn’t make any difference since it’s the medical community that encourages alternate realities be indulged!

    1. The idiots, who are teaching our children should also be demanded to teach the truth. However, with the fact that they’re no longer allowed to teach, JESUS IS LORD, you can bet your last dollar that the Word of God will not be given consideration!!

  14. She’s another Hollywood pervert, why they have or adopt kids is a travesty. All these queers, lesbians, perverts, dumbasses like Deniro and Carney need to be sent to an island and screw each other to death however they choose. They are decrepit moronic fools.

  15. What chromosome pairs does the child have? If it’s two X’s, then she’s a girl. If it’s an X AND a Y chromosome, then he’s a boy. Those are the facts, and no argument can change that. End of argument.

    As others have said, Charlize Theron is committing the worst kind of child abuse, and corrections must be made, both for the child and the mother.

  16. Medical findings prove that there are no non-heterosexual genes in our DNA. Only male and female. Environmental impact on an individual is the crucial cause and effect of the result. Theron’s adoption probably should not have happened.

    1. The “finding” that is all important, when it comes to our sexual makeup is this, “So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female d them. Then God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply;” (Gen. 1:27).
      It also says that He told them to “be fruitful and multiply,” and, until Adam and Steven or whatever lesbian duo, you can find, can do that – of and by themselves…without help from science, which is as unGodly, as homosexuality … you cannot convince me of the Godliness of a samesex union.

  17. Sorry, slick, but you don’t get to change the English language because it suits you. He, she, it, they, them his, hers, theirs are all pronouns that signify gender. If you want yours to be fluid, then how are the rest of us to communicate with your confused selves. If you have raised a child that is confused when he/she looks down, then that is on you. They are what they are. Gay is fine, but the gender is in the DNA, you idiot.

    1. Sorry, Frank. I have to disagree.
      Gay is a word, originally meaning happy and, when I was in bible school …
      back in the early ’80’s, we went out on the streets in the, so-called, GAY
      AREA of Dallas, TX, every weekend.
      I would see a lot of drug addicts, alcoholics and the firetrucks, which were
      at a firehouse, near some of the bars, would go out, often, because of suicides.

      If these societal derelicts were happy, why, pray tell, were they so anxious to kill themselves?

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