Fedex Driver Returns Fire

‘Tis the season for more packages being delivered. Unfortunately, it’s also the season for more robberies as thieves want to get their hands on packages that don’t belong to them. A FedEx driver was shot in Philadelphia Tuesday evening as he was on his standard delivery route.

A suspect robbed the FedEx driver after he made a delivery in Northeast Philly. He was shot in the abdomen after being mugged. That’s when the unnamed driver defended himself, shooting back with his own firearm. The man was able to hit the suspect multiple times.

Police have confirmed that the driver was licensed to carry.

The FedEx driver was able to drive himself to a nearby grocery store, despite his injuries. That’s where he located a police officer and reported the robbery.

Scott Small, the Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector told a local news station that the driver was able to tell police about making the delivery and, then, being approached by “at least one male” and being robbed at gunpoint.

It wasn’t long after filing the report that police located a 27-year-old suspect in an alley in critical condition. He had been shot wounds to his back, torso, and chest. The suspect had both the driver’s keys and FedEx badge on him. The suspect died later that evening in the hospital.

Police are still conducting the investigation to determine whether the suspect was armed or if the FedEx driver was shot with his own weapon when the struggle occurred.

Additionally, a second suspect has been taken into custody because police say that there could be an accomplice to the robbery.

FedEx and the FedEx driver are cooperating to the fullest with the Philadelphia police. FedEx has issued an official statement to identify that their team members’ safety is “of paramount importance.” They do not disclose details publicly relating to their security policies. Since the incident is part of an ongoing police investigation, they have no additional comments and they do not plan on releasing the name of the FedEx driver.

With all that has been going on throughout the year regarding gun violence, many Democrats want to outlaw guns. The gun control issue has been a hot topic with many of the presidential candidates as well, with many outlining plans that would require a mandatory buyback program.

Dems seem to be undecided if they want to go after “assault-style” weapons such as the AR-15 or if they want to include handguns in that as well.

The police reports do not identify whether the FedEx driver was shot with a handgun or a rifle, though it is suspected that it was a handgun. Generally, the media will identify if there was a rifle involved due to the way people get so excited over the use of such a weapon.

The pending investigation will determine what type of gun the FedEx driver was shot with, making it easy to rule out whether it was his gun or a gun that belonged to the suspect.

With the driver being able to carry a weapon on him, via a concealed weapons permit, he was able to save his life. The gun was used as a method of self-defense. It is unclear as to whether FedEx has a policy that allows its drivers to carry guns as a way to defend themselves while on the job.

Philadelphia as a whole has been dealing with a gun violence epidemic that seems to be getting worse. The police department attempted to have a voluntary gun turn-in program earlier this month. Rather than offering it as a buyback program, they were simply asking parents to search their homes and turn in guns that they found. The police suspect that there are a number of gangs holding onto guns – and if they appealed to parents, they could get more guns turned in as a way to keep kids and the streets safer. However, the program didn’t result in many guns being turned in, so they must keep exploring more ways to get the guns off of the streets.

Until the gun violence on the streets of Philly improves, it seems as though the FedEx driver was right to carry. If he hadn’t, it would have been him dead and the robber who would have been able to flee the scene alive and in the presence of countless packages still on the truck. The Dems can say what they want about guns but it seems as though law-abiding citizens possessing guns is what saved one man’s life in Philly.


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