Homelessness to Become a Crime

New measures are being taken to put an end to homelessness in big cities and all across America. The White House is putting forth policies in which are favored among advocates and involve law enforcement. Some of the efforts have seen roadblocks as red flags go up, but the charge is still moving forward.

The move may end up coming from an executive order before all is said and done. President Trump said he wanted the streets cleaned up, and they will get cleaned up one way or another. Advocates feel the executive order is inevitable.

The goal is to give the police the resources to remove homeless encampments and strip housing funds from the cities which allow encampments. The White House’s Domestic Policy Council is working together with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to stop cities from receiving funds from the government if they do not want to clean up their streets and use the money for what it is meant to do, put the homeless in homes.

Housing Secretary Ben Carson went to Houston, Texas, and met with officials to get the ball rolling there first in hopes other cities will follow in the footsteps. Carson toured an emergency shelter and a former Harris County jail facility during his stop. HUD officials have also been looking into real estate in efforts to the federal responses to end homelessness. The government is working toward turning former federal buildings and old correctional facilities into homeless shelters.

Washington officials stated HUD made a list to start off with 24 of the biggest cities with the biggest problems of homeless people sleeping in the streets. President Trump has made it his business to embarrass officials who have done nothing and allow people to sleep on the streets. Most of these cities are on the West Coast.

Houston is one on the list which is in the middle of the nation and has made great progress over the years to cut the numbers of homelessness in half. Even though Hurricane Harvey did extensive damage, the numbers are still going down. Dallas, Austin, and other cities have not made much of a difference.

Eva Thibeaudeau, CEO of Temenos, a development corporation which supports housing units in Houston stated, “I hope that what [Carson] takes away is that if you really turn all your resources to permanent housing and ending homelessness, instead of managing the condition of homelessness, it can have dramatic results.”

She continued, “We shifted a lot of dollars out of short-term, temporary, high-barrier projects, and reallocated them all toward permanent solutions. That really is the reason that our homelessness has been driven down.”

Benjamin Hobbs, who is a special assistant to Trump for Domestic policy, stated, “An executive order might not materialize for weeks (if ever). But such an executive action would reinforce the dynamic in Texas, where the conservative governor has sought to overrule the work of liberal leaders in Austin to legalize tent encampments, for example.”

The whole point of stopping encampments is to keep the cities clean. It is not that the people are trash, it is a fact they have trashed the location where they stay. Businesses cannot prosper if a person is sleeping at the doorway of the store. Making it illegal sounds heartless at first, but President Trump and Ben Carson are working together to put these people in shelters or homes. Federal funds have been put in place by the millions of dollars.

Liberals and sanctuary cites are the only ones who support encampments where people literally live on the sidewalks and streets. Their homes consist of cardboard boxes and tents. The grounds are covered in the trash left behind by those who live in these conditions.

Once the system is put in place, it would be at the discretion of the person choosing to live on the street to remain in poverty. They would have to either move into the shelters or the housing developments which are put in place to house them or face fines which they cannot afford to pay or incarceration.

Maria Foscarinis, executive director of the National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty, told USA Today, “We’re thrilled that the court has let the 9th Circuit decision stand, so that homeless people are not punished for sleeping on the streets when they have no other option.” This is a typical Liberal who would rather see American citizens continue to live in poverty.

285 thoughts on “Homelessness to Become a Crime”

    1. Many homeless are probably worse than drug addicts. They are pedophiles like my relative! No one wanted him around the family! There were small children and the man could just appear at the door.
      So, the others can probably be helped, but before you go overboard with sympathy, ask their families and check their criminal records. Because some have never been charged due to the statute of limitations! However, the families are very aware of why he is rejected.


      1. A great and realistic solution. The Illegals are costing us, that is for sure….in addition, they are taking jobs that could be offered to folks….and I would guess they would be accepted with great enthusiasm.
        There will always be “Vagrants” and that name would still apply to any homeless who refused employment or housing….but their numbers would be substantially reduced, for sure.

        1. the impeachment should be for Never Nancy. she and Maxine Waters have thearted the life of
          the President of the US. That fellows is a federal violation punished by jail time.

    3. They also need to set up food kitchens, and get some farm land so they can start growing their own food, and raising farm animals, chickens ,pigs and beef.
      If they want the government to take care of them ,then they need to work ,and maybe they could also find a job .

      1. @ Ray; That’s how failed Socialism got started, Government acting as god with free stuff for all, [that YOU / others pay for] and bums Vote for ! What we have here is the Failure of Marxist Socialism

  1. Many of the “homeless” suffer with a mental disorder. That condition was acknowledged some years ago by providing mental institutions which provided them with bed, board and room, along with an “occupation” working on the show-place farms, etc. The farms now sold and broken up for housing projects for the affluent. All those institutions are now closed as well; clients discharged into the streets, heavily drugged with various prescription remedies – and are “homeless”. Who is the criminal??? Maybe a major crime to our Society, NOT committed by the clients. This does not even include the mass of dysfunctional citizens not able to cope with even daily routine, let alone the ability to work regularly.

    1. As correct as you are….this would not explain the ENORMOUS numbers living in, on and around the streets and sidewalks JUST OF LOS ANGELES>>>>let alone the thousands elsewhere.
      In L>A>
      Greedy Landlords, afraid of the City council installing rent control, have tried to beat the Control by raising Rents ahead of the Controls…pretty much negating any hoped for benefits.

  2. Homeless people are divided in groups, some are indeed mentally ill, some are just lazy and want handouts, more are displaced by reversal of fortunes as in the housing busts from the real estate businesses that went belly up and the joblessness of early 2000s. Many were lured into buying a house they could not afford then lost their employment. We do need more shelters with showers and a helping hand to go back to work. We do not need welfare as a lifestyle choice.

    1. We need shelters that also are equipped with mental health and drug abuse counseling. Whatever it takes to get those afflicted with these problems to get the help they need to transform them into responsible citizens who can hold a job and take care of themselves.

  3. I thought it was illegal to put a person in prison because they did not have the means to pay a fine. Debtors prisons have been against the law for quite a few years I believe. So a Homeless person without any income cannot be placed in any prison just because they are poor. TOTALLY ILLEGAL. and the JUDGES should KNOW THIS.

    1. They aren’t just poor. Most know that. But you sound like a liberal who liked Woodstock where there was only one porta-potty for every 10,000 people.

  4. Debtors prisons were banned in the USA in 1983. Ref, The 14th Ammendment of the Constitution, Plus a Supreme Court ruling in 1985. So as a fine is a debt imposed by the state and owed to the state or Federal government,The state/Federal Government cannot place you in prison if you do not have the means to pay it. That is the Law.

    1. They aren’t JUST POOR. Many are using drugs, pedophiles, stealing and have other problematic behaviors or their families would take them in!

  5. We are a group of volunteers and opening a new scheme in our community. Your web site offered us with valuable info to work on. You have done an impressive job and our whole community will be grateful to you.

    1. Be careful because many are probably pedophiles like my relative. Don’t pretend they are just a bunch of unfortunate angels.

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  7. I think this is the correct path to take but I didn’t see any mention of housing for those who are mentally ill or on drugs. There should be separate housing for these homeless so they can be rehabilitated and then, when they are clean, they can be moved to a regular homeless facility and ultimately, back into society when they are able to get jobs and afford their own places to live.

  8. The very reason why California has massive homelessness is that it is a Democrat ran state and the reason they would make being homeless a crime is because the homeless will become criminals. I say YES! What do you think will happen if all society would collapse and the so-called zombies (YOU AND ME) start to kill and feed on each other? People are the most violent animals on the face of the earth and will stop at nothing to feed their own as well as themselves. That is the reason they will make being homeless a crime.

  9. While this sounds extreme at first, it is a solution. I look around my own city of 130,000, and see that we still have the problem on a smaller scale than large cities.
    Years ago, the city built a soup kitchen to feed those without the means 2 hot meals a day, the end result though, was to see an increase in the number of homeless. So, although it was a much lauded solution at the time, its end result exacerbated the problem. Yes, government buildings could be used to house, but that will still take a considerable amount of money to bring these buildings up to code.
    As for the legal aspects of the solution, that can probably be worked around by some clever lawyers and politicians. We can’t just keep ignoring the problem and throwing money at it from a distance. Vagrancy is still a crime in most municipalities.
    One thing though, make it a Felony crime for the cities that bus their homeless away to other cities and states. I’ve seen a lot of that over the years, and it needs to stop.
    The mentally ill need help as do those that have had catastrophic situational changes. The lazy percentage will either have to get on board or face jail time.

  10. As someone else mentioned, this is a pleasant blogging experience on a very needed subject: homelessness! The input covers the topic well; however, I’d like to see something discussed about the panhandling that goes on (especially on major highway entrances and exits). For years, I have wanted to know the best course of action (the obvious, of course, is “just say, ‘No!’). Making it illegal to be homeless on city property is one way to ‘clean up’ the city; but each situation is different, so I hope they take that in consideration. Many of them need money – and here in Charlotte, NC, they seem to ‘borrow a corner’ and panhandle from there every day (until told to ‘move on’). They are very bold and walk in and out of stopped traffic for handouts. This is very dangerous for both them and the vehicle driver. I would say that should be ‘illegal’ – because some of them make enough money to rent a storage room and keep their stuff there. They actually sleep in some of them. Housing is a necessity – and people without means need options. They don’t have to like all those options – but one of them should be ‘suitable’ until they can do better. Poverty can happen to any of us. Those making the rules should keep that in mind!

    1. I am homeless
      But I don’t stay in a homeless encampment trap

      “what should I do??

      If being homeless in my USofA could be a crime!!!

      1. My wife and i have been there too and understand it isn’t planned. We now own our home and keep it open to those in need when we can. While it is true that being homeless is a choice for some most don’t fit that fold from my experience. This is still a free country, at least, for now. If you vote vote Republican on every level and watch it turn around.

        1. James: Be careful about letting homeless into your home. We let a women into our home because she was our daughters friend. We let her stay here for three years . Gave her a room for her and her dog and she could use our bathroom facilities for herself to use whenever she wanted. After three year I went into my room where I had a lot of civil war souvenirs and discovered she stole most of them for drug buying. Homeless think of nobody but themselves and do whatever is necessary to get what they want. She is NOT mentally unbalanced. She could hold a job but figures it is easier for herself to steal to live. WATCH OUT

    2. My husband was a engineer at a medical building. Panhandlers were often by the driveway. He who try to get rid of them. He watched one day and one guy would stand out there and a couple hours later, a brand new pickup pulled up and they loaded up a anything that had been given and change places they told my husband that they usually made from 4 to 6 hundred a day. My husband has been dead for almost 20 years. That made panhandling lucrative.

  11. Being that California is run by Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and several other Dem Politician is the reason California is the murder Capital of the world. They are so obsessed with framing the President of the United States with all of their lies and all of the fake news about the Greatest President The United States has ever had. Also because he stopped all of the Democrats criminal activities and all of their dirty Blood Money and that Trump will never be bought by any of these Deep State Wealthy Elitists around the world like George Soros and many others that want to control the President to do what they want will never happen with President Donald J. Trump for he is his own man.

  12. The homeless population is growing by the day. Just throwing money at the problem will not solve it. Many of these homeless have mental problems, addicts, want jobs, become normal and in California and New York the Democrats do nothing but talk, talk, talk and help the illegal immigrants and not homeless citizens!

    1. I have a stepson who is homeless. He is an alcoholic so I refuse to enable him. He is a wonderful man when not drinking. I’ve been waiting for him to hit bottom so he would realize that he needs to do something to help himself. In the meantime, I have used a couple of his friends to help make repairs or help me move and I pay them. I also have them in on holidays and buy Christmas gifts etc. Some of these people like to live the way they do. Several of the ones I’ve met could actually afford a small apartment or a couple could get an apartment and share. My son has just decided since he was divorced, that he just doesn’t care and he will live off anyone who will let him. I know we need to include an effort on their part to get help , not just housing. They need to get sober, straight, or help for any mental problems. Include work even in the facility to show them nobody gets a free ride. Of course welfare needs to be addressed then too. For those who really can’t work welfare is great. For those who just need a temporary hand up, great. Many of the homeless were raised on welfare and it is just a learned habit that world owes them a living.

  13. Vagrant – A person that has neither means of support or domicile when it is able to work

    Vagrancy has been a crime, in the United States, since the Vagrancy Act of 1866. More formally known as the Act Providing for the Punishment of Vagrants , the law came shortly after the American Civil War (1861–1865),


  15. The homeless problem cannot be solved by the homeless because they do not vote so they are invisible to politicians that swear to handle the problem, but just have meetings to talk about the next meetings..Many of the non sheltered Citizens are educated and may be employed or underemployed and are quite capable of being retrained by industry that has a capital gift from our Presidents tax reductions, so industry can afford the replacement of the Baby boomer retirees and pay for the Citizens upscale prosperity.. It cost $178,000 in total benefits to have one illegal supported by our tax base forever.
    Our superior Veterans are reentering society well educated in logistics and team solutions as well as very capable in learning what it is that industry requires but they do not suit the HR title being offered. Interviewing the talent and not the job title for Veterans firs,t can remove homelessness for those Vets ready to take on work.with a military attitude. Not all vets are addicted or ill. They all must have productive earnings at a occupation that allows growth.. Veterans owned businesses that hire veterans understand this subject well.. Industry investors can demand that Veteran Citizens get hired first.illegals can wait. It is less expensive to send illegals back home considering the cost to support them here, The cities and Counties have land and money to build new subdivisions and provide the lots to build movable MFG micro housing today, Hospitals already fix the street ill and have no place to house them upon release. Voters have a say in all of this. They choose the idiots that are our local leaders running the zoo .HUD has a workable plan .

    1. My relative was a veteran but kicked out of the service for mental illness. So he bragged all the time about being a vet to get sympathy and love. But he was a liar and didn’t mention the part about being in their mental ward for three months!
      He was not only mentally ill, but a pedophile.

  16. 400 years ago our Godly Pilgrim gov. Bradford discovered Socialism brought death and disharmony, so he dumped it for free marker Capitalism & thanked God! Later the dumping of God’s guidance in the “Enlightenment” era for “Science” & corrupted Man’s guidance it brought back failed, Godless Marxist “Free Stuff” Socialism & death! And gave rise [again] here for Democrats like Wilson & FDR to use “Free Stuff” Socialism to Buy votes from suckers! What we see today is what Thomas Bradford discovered 400 years ago, Socialism doesn’t work, save for buying votes & corrupting souls And bring on Chaos that demands “Change” I.E. the Satan inspired Commie Marxists motto & credo! In scam to win votes for Dem’s & Souls for Satan a win win, for Satan & friends. Only God can MAGA & saves now NOT Godless lib’s & Dem’s free stuff scams!

    5000 years ago Moses said, “Pack up you camel, pick up your shovel, mount your ass, and I will lead you to the promised land.” 5000 years later, F. D. Roosevelt said, ” Lay down your shovel, sit on your ass and light up a camel, this is the promised land.”

  17. There was a man in the 1970’s who was retired or just without major income who stayed out of “assisted housing” and had a P.O. Box in our town under his own choice after his retirement. He went from one area to another to find locations to sleep and maintain reasonable hygiene and searching for occupations. We saw him periodically; however, it was known throughout metropolitan Detroit that he walked up and down the I-75 expressway where he eventually came to southern Florida. This was regular cycle that I observed since moving from the City of Detroit to my present “suburb”. It went on until his death (no one knows when that “actually” occurred).

  18. In the old days, you had to have personal references just for a job.
    What about pedophiles today? Does anyone check their references to see if they have major psychological problems?
    I’m told the employers cannot say much about the person. Just give dates of their employment.
    This is what has led to more VICTIMS of those who have mental issues.

  19. Being homeless is not a crime. The crime is that there should be no homelessness. This is the fault of the states that spend money giving illegal immigrants money, driver’s license’s, food stamps, and free medical care. You take care of your own citizens first and deport all illegal immigrants ASAP!

  20. They act like these people are not already breaking laws that have been on the books for decades. It’s just the new PC culture that has police scared to enforce them. Most homeless people CHOOSE to be homeless instead of actually putting in a little effort. Why work and have all the headaches of bills and upkeep when you can just crash anywhere you want and beg fore a meal. You know you will never starve with all the government programs out there and if you have a good enough line of crap you can probably make more begging than working. Now there ARE those families that have suffered hardships and my heart goes out to them but there are many more homeless people in America are just lazy.

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