Latvian Government Has Confirmed Suspicious Payments to Hunter Biden

John Solomon is an investigative reporter who has been working to find out exactly what Hunter Biden was up to in regards to Burisma, Ukraine, and everything else. Since he can’t be impeached, it seems he’s the only one willing to look into the whole thing.

Solomon reported that Latvia confirmed that suspicious payments were flagged to Hunter Biden and Burisma in February 2016. They also contacted Ukraine to get more details. What did the Ukrainian government have to say about the request? Well, they got crickets.

Solomon identified that that Latvia, the former Soviet republic, flagged a number of suspicious financial transactions to Biden and several of his colleagues. They sought the help of Kiev when it came to investigating everything based on documents and interviews that Solomon has obtained.

The alert to Ukraine came on February 18, 2016. The Latvian government was investigating money laundering and wanted to question Hunter Biden along with several other Burisma officials as they were suspected of being beneficiaries of the funds.

The memorandum that Solomon is in possession of was released to him by the Ukrainian general prosecutor’s office and confirmed by the Latvian Embassy to the US. Latvian authorities identify that no incriminating information was sent back from Ukraine that would warrant further investigation, resulting in not taking any more action in 2016.

The memorandum, however, adds to the evidence that there was an investigation pending around Burisma Holdings as well as how Hunter Biden was being compensated as a board member in the weeks leading up to Joe Biden forcing the firing of the Ukraine prosecutor that was overseeing the investigation.

Joe Biden, the vice president of the United States at the time, has bragged on multiple occasions how he forced the hand of Ukraine in order to get the prosecutor fired. If either Biden were innocent, why not allow the investigation to continue? Clearly, there was some shady business happening – and Joe Biden felt that he needed to step in as a way to protect his son.

The memorandum from the Latvian law enforcement agency identifies that there were multiple loan payments that totaled $16.6 million. They were routed from companies in the United Kingdom and Belize between the years of 2012 and 2015. Some of these funds were transferred to Hunter Biden, who became a board member in May 2014.

The letter also requested that Ukraine grant permission to share information with law enforcement entities for intelligence purposes. They based this request on the idea of “possible legalization of proceeds” that resulted in criminal activities including money laundering and corruption.

Ukraine never provided a response to Latvia, which is no surprise considering that their top prosecutor was fired a month after the letter was sent. It is suspected that there was a significant amount of corruption happening within Burisma, which is why Shokin was assigned as the investigator.

This case isn’t going to go away – there are too many people who are aware of what the investigation was about. It is also one of the top reasons the Democrats are using to impeach Pres. Trump – he asked questions. That’s what the entire impeachment proceedings are about – Trump asked questions about the investigation and wanted to find out what was going on with Ukraine, Burisma, and the Bidens. If Biden wasn’t running for president, it might not have been impeachment-worthy. However, it now begs the question of whether Biden is running for president solely to ensure that anyone who asks questions will be prosecuted for investigating a presidential rival.

Hunter Biden was clearly benefitting a significant amount from his time on the Burisma board. He has already admitted to receiving a more than reasonable salary – estimated somewhere between $50,000 and $83,000 a month. As for how he got that job without any kind of experience in the natural gas industry, he assumes that it was probably as a result of who his father is. You think? Biden was definitely given that job because his father was the VP of the United States at the time.

Now that Latvia has identified that they were looking into suspicious payments, too, it’s only a matter of time before another country comes forward, too. Ukraine was sitting on a lot of information – and Joe Biden applied pressure using taxpayer dollars to make the investigation go away. Yet, it’s Donald Trump that’s being impeached? Solomon is doing the investigative work that the Dems don’t want done – and at some point, all of this is going to come bubbling over.


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