Outside Groups Are Raising Millions for Trump’s Campaign

Donald Trump is one of the more popular presidents, despite what many Democrats would have you believe. He’s popular because he doesn’t succumb to the standard politics – instead, he thinks like a businessman. As a result, many Americans want to see him reelected. The only problem is that there are outside groups, not sanctioned by the Trump campaign, that are raising millions of dollars for him.

You don’t see Democratic candidates getting help like that.

The problem is that Trump isn’t struggling with raising money for his reelection campaign. He’s actually competing for cash against the pro-Trump PACs along with dark money groups as well as off-brand advertisers on Facebook. They’re not endorsed by the Trump campaign and they’re not affiliated with the campaign, either.

They’ve brought in over $46 million.

The groups are actually making it harder for Trump’s campaign to get the job done. They’re mimicking the Trump brand, borrowing his avatar from Twitter, and even using clips of his voice for robocalls that ask for “an emergency contribution.” Most of these groups aren’t spending a lot of money to get the president the win in 2020, according to Politico.

Why is this such an alarming thing? Money is money, right?

It takes money to shut down some of these pro-Trump boosters as they’re not getting the message right. Additionally, they’re gaining access to funds that Trump aides believe should be going directly to the campaign or to the Republican National Committee. It’s getting harder to accumulate new donors because some Americans are contributing to the pro-Trump PACs instead of the campaign without even knowing it.

Some of the political nonprofits and booster organizations responsible for millions include the MAGA Coalition and Latinos for the president. The majority of the money is coming from donors who give less than $200 to the cause of re-election.

Recent research shows that there are 265 Facebook pages that have spent over $4 million on advertising for Trump in the past year and a half. The problem is that they are not registered political committees. There aren’t public records of how much money the group has actually raised from their fundraising. However, the millions being spent are indicative of just how much their online market is selling, especially as it pertains to pro-Trump merchandise. Trump campaign is also selling pro-Trump merchandise, so there is another form of competition for the legitimate Trump campaign.

Public statements have been issued by the Trump campaign and letters have been sent to the Federal Election Commission to call for all outside groups except America First to cease their operations. The Trump campaign has even gone as far as urging federal authorities to probe any illegal behavior or behavior that is presumed to be illegal.

As the Trump campaign recently announced, they condemn any organization that deceptively uses the name of Donald Trump as well as his likeness, trademarks, or branding as it can confuse voters.

There are also many grass-roots Republican donors that are being picked off by the pro-Trump groups. Additionally, it is not clear as to where that $46 million is going to that has been raised by all of these pro-Trump groups. It has not been given directly to the Trump campaign, which means that they are simply benefiting financially from the idea of raising money for Donald Trump’s reelection campaign.

From 2017 to 2019, Great America PAC has raised over $11.1 million. They identify themselves as the strongest and most active independent ally of Trump. They’ve spent millions of dollars on ads and, according to the SEC, they pay large sums of money to their employees and their businesses. They also have a disclaimer on their website to show that they are not actually affiliated with the Trump campaign.

What this means is that all of this money being raised isn’t helping Donald Trump. Every time you see an ad on Facebook promoting Donald Trump as the president and the clear option for 2020, it could be his campaign or it could be one of the hundreds of other Facebook pages that are out there.

It’s no wonder that the Trump campaign wants to distance themselves from all of this. It’s making their messages muddy and the money isn’t making its way to the RNC or the Trump campaign. It almost sounds like the doing of a few Democrats, though they wouldn’t be able to handle tackling a pro-Trump way of sabotaging the president’s campaign.


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