Trump’s Respect for Tulsi Gabbard

Tulsi Gabbard has proven that she’s not going to play the same political games that many of her fellow Dems are playing. She’s also someone who voted “Present” instead of “No” when it came to the articles of impeachment in the House of Representatives.

Although she may be a Democrat, the Republican president has identified that he respects her in a number of ways.

Trump was in Florida at a Turning Point USA conference when he spoke out about Tulsi Gabbard. He identified that she didn’t vote on the impeachment. He says that he gives her a lot of respect because “she knew it was wrong.”

While praising the Democratic Representative of Hawaii, he also took a shot at Hillary Clinton. Clinton, for no reason other than to start trouble, said that Gabbard was one of the Russian favorites. Trump’s comment was that he didn’t know Gabbard but “she is not an agent of Russia.”

Tulsi Gabbard was one of three House Democrats who chose not to vote in favor of impeaching the President. She voted “present” while two others voted with the Republicans to say that they were not in favor of impeachment.

By doing what she did, Gabbard identified that she was not for or against impeachment. It allowed her to stay impartial. She voted this way for both of the articles – one for an obstruction of Congress and the other for an abuse of power.

Why Gabbard did what she did has not been fully discussed. It could have been a political move to show that she’s not going to vote in the way that the Democrats always vote. With so many Democratic voters concerned that their party is pushing too far to the left, this is Gabbard’s way of proving that isn’t going to be the case with her approach to politics.

By winning the respect of Trump, she has also positioned herself well with moderate Democrats who may have been ready to vote Trump but would consider voting for Gabbard in her place.

Since she is already an active part of Congress, she has the ability to prove that she’s got a different way of thinking. The time will be made soon for Sanders and Warren to do the same as it pertains to the impeachment once the articles make their way over to the Senate. Meanwhile, there are many other candidates who simply don’t have experience on Capitol Hill – including Pete Buttigieg, Mike Bloomberg, and Andrew Yang.

Of course, Trump choosing to identify that he respects her could also hurt her in the polls. She is running for the Democratic National Committee’s bid to be able to represent their party on the general election ballot. There are a number of left-leaning Dems who feel as though Trump represents everything wrong with the country. Being told that Trump respects you may not be the best for her reputation. However, Gabbard doesn’t appear to be a person who looks to get a ringing endorsement from anyone – she walks to the beat of her own drum.

Gabbard has also been making some noise that seems as though she’s trying to counteract her neutral vote regarding impeachment. As a way to potentially protect her image, she has come out to say that he’s “Unfit to serve.” Well, now this sounds a lot more like what a Democrat would say.

She’s had the opportunity to explain her neutral vote, getting all of the interviews that she could possibly ask for. When you’re running for president, any press is a good thing. However, she has declined to talk about why she voted the way that she did. However, she will tell anyone that she believes Trump is “unfit” to serve in the capacity of President. She states this as one of the prime reasons for running. She’s looking to defeat him.

Gabbard, as one of only two candidates who is a veteran (Buttigieg is the other) running in the Democratic primaries, she’s concerned that he’s not talking about the “illegal and unconstitutional” attacks that involve launching missiles into Syria. She feels that both parties have failed the country in that regard because Congress as a whole isn’t talking about it.

While it would be nice to have a president and commander in chief with military experience, Tulsi Gabbard is still not the solution. She’s too wishy-washy on where she stands. It’s also strange that she’s not willing to talk about why she voted “present” instead of simply voting to impeach since she doesn’t believe Trump is fit to serve as president.

Gabbard may have earned the respect of Trump but he hasn’t earned hers, apparently.


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