Biden Thinks He’s Free & Clear of a Subpoena to the Trump Trial

Somehow, Joe Biden has decided that there’s no way that the Senate would subpoena him for the Trump impeachment trial. While all of that is dependent on whether the House actually ever delivers the articles of impeachment to the Senate, the former VP seems to be confused about his role in it all.

The entire ordeal started because of a call that Trump made to the Ukrainian president to inquire about Joe Biden and his son Hunter regarding a quid pro quo and the unusual halt to an investigation. Democrats lost their minds about the call because Trump was looking to get dirt on a political opponent.

While the impeachment articles are now focused on abuse of power and obstruction of justice, it all comes back to Biden. Biden’s at the heart of what set the whole thing in motion, so it would only be natural for him to receive a subpoena.

Joe Biden likes to play the role of a good ‘ol boy who just wants to get along with everyone. However, he’s shown that he’s pompous enough to think that because he is a former VP that he is untouchable. He’s bragged on multiple occasions that he wouldn’t comply with a subpoena if the Senate sent him one.

Why? He doesn’t believe that he has anything to share. He doesn’t feel as though what’s causing the impeachment of President Trump has anything to do with him.

There’s a problem, though. Trump was literally just impeached due to the obstruction of justice. If Biden obstructs justice by not responding to a subpoena from the Senate, he can kiss his chances of becoming president goodbye.

Oh, well now there’s a change in his attitude.

The former VP has been on Twitter to try to “clarify” the comments he has made about the subpoena. Originally, he said that he wouldn’t comply with a subpoena that would require him to testify in the impeachment trial.

Now, when the Des Moines Register asked the question pointedly about complying, he said that his presence would take the focus off of President Trump. Well, Joe, that’s not really an answer, now is it?

It would take the focus off of Trump, which is the whole point. If Biden was breaking the law in Ukraine and using his title to help his son commit fraud and counts of money laundering, Trump and the rest of the US has a right to know. However, Biden doesn’t want to talk about that because he knows that it wouldn’t end well for him.

Biden’s concern is that whatever he says will be covered for weeks and Trump will get away with it all. Biden’s getting nervous and it’s starting to show. He said that “this guy” violated the Constitution and acknowledged that he asked for help.

Biden’s still not getting it. Yeah, Trump asked for help on investigating Biden because Biden is shady as all get out and so is Hunter Biden. The entire Democratic Party is aware of it and they’re using the impeachment of Donald Trump to keep the shady activity of Biden at bay so that he can get elected in 2020. The only problem is that the quid pro quo wasn’t a valid reason for impeachment so they moved on to something else.

Now, as the trial prepares to enter the Senate, Biden is realizing that he has lost his protection. The House Dems are not able to call the shots. In the Senate, Republicans are the ones in power – and they know as well as anyone else that Biden is hiding something big.

Biden thinks he’s untouchable and he’s acting like it, too. If Trump can get impeached because of obstructing justice, Biden’s not going to be sitting pretty over the next few months.

The real question still remains unanswered: Will Biden respond to the subpoena if he’s issued one in the Senate trial or is he going to choose to ignore it?

Everything that Biden tweets is only leading to more questions. In fact, he’s trying to throw Pence under the bus now, too, stating that it’s not just Trump but also Pence who was been unlawful. This may have shed light on the Dems’ plan. They have to realize that even if Trump is removed from office, it would put Pence, another Republican, in charge of the country. If they place some blame on Pence, though, they can work on impeaching him next.

Biden’s not going to be able to hide for long. Everyone knows that the impeachment was there to protect him – and with it going to the Senate for a trial, Biden better buckle up for a bumpy ride.


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