Hunter Biden Has Massive 2015 IRS Tax Lien, According to Reports

Joe Biden has been making lots of audacious claims on the campaign trail. Many of them involve his embattled son, Hunter. Hunter stands accused of various improprieties. The primary question that is being asked has to do with the work that he has done in the past with Ukrainian companies.

His work with Burisma has come under fire, specifically. While “Uncle Joe” is claiming that his son did nothing wrong, there are government officials that think otherwise. His taxes from 2015 are being investigated. It is believed that he engaged in illegal activity while he was serving on the board for the Burisma company. The IRS is now stepping in.

They have issued a lien on his 2015 taxes, in the total of $112,805. The Daily Caller News Foundation has obtained these records and they are shocking, to say the least. The lien was issued last year and they are seeking the unpaid taxes from Biden’s Burisma tenure. Hunter also served on the board for a private equity firm that is based in China (BHR Partners).

The IRS has issued a strong statement about the matter. They are tired of their demand for payment being ignored. The lien was also issued to Hunter’ ex-wife, Kathleen. At the present time, there is zero evidence that the lien has been paid off. When Hunter Biden’s attorney was contacted, no further comment was offered on this very important matter.

The couple is no stranger to tax liens, either. They were already forced to pay a $50,000 lien in Washington, DC. This debt was settled two years, though. No one is quite sure how much money Hunter Biden made while he was serving on the Burisma board. He spent five years on the board and information about the financial particulars is very scarce.

There are reports claiming that the younger Biden was clearing at least $50,000 per month but there are some who believe that his payments were actually much higher. It is hard to make these determinations because Biden was not paid directly by the company in question. Rosemont Seneca Bohai was sent the money and from there, the funds were turned over to Hunter Biden.

According to the records, Biden received over $700,000 between the months of June 2014 and October 2015. Rosemont Seneca Bohai also received a 20 percent stake in BHR Partners, so it is unclear how this connection unfolded. When Hunter’s wife finally decided to file for divorce, she claimed that the couple was deep in debt because of Hunter’s poor financial management.

She alleges that he was spending their money on strippers and gifts for the women that he was engaging in extramarital intercourse with. Of course, he was also blowing his money on drugs and alcohol. Lunden Roberts is one of the women that he was engaging in extramarital affairs with and Biden had a child out of wedlock with her.

Roberts is now seeking child support for the baby. Her attempts at receiving financial information about Biden have been unsuccessful. It is not hard to see what is going on here. Biden is looking to bury all of the evidence and avoid paying the proper taxes (and child support) on his ill gotten gains.

For his part, Biden is currently claiming to be unemployed and says that he has no income coming in. He’s had no income to speak of since May, if his stories are to be believed. These stories do not jibe with his recent purchases, though. If he is so broke, how does he have a multi-million dollar home in Beverly Hills? He and his new wife, Melissa, have been Los Angeles residents for over a year now.

He is slated to testify in the child support case next month and observers are waiting to see how everything unfolds. It does not take an experienced detective to see that there is something rotten going on here. In a world where Trump’s every move has to be scrutinized, it is high time that the Democratic officials receive the same sort of investigation for their various wrongdoings.

How can Biden look people in the eye and make such audacious claims about not having any income? He is insulting everyone’s intelligence and we have had enough of being lied on. We hope that his lies are further exposed in the year to come and that everyone who has been hurt by his wrongdoing finally receives the justice that they deserve. Otherwise, white collar crimes like these are only going to continue to take place.


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