Iran Puts out $80 Million Reward on President Trumps Head

When the United States stepped forward to eliminate Iranian general Qassim Soleimani, they knew that retribution was a possibility. After all, this is not something that Iran was going to accept without a fight. Soleimani is one of the leading commanders of the al-Quds Force and had been targeted by the United States armed forces.

Baghdad’s International Airport was the site of the airstrike that was responsible for killing him and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis. He was the Popular Mobilization Forces’ deputy commander. These Iranian militias have been responsible for a great deal of death and destruction in the region. These men were not the only ones who were killed during the airstrike.

Seven other citizens passed away. The Iraqi Parliament is not going to accept these strikes, either. They have already called an emergency session to discuss what will take place next. Iran, for their part, has already vowed to take revenge. They are putting their money where their mouths are as well.

Can you believe that an $80 million bounty has been placed on President Trump’s head? Anyone who brings the Iranian government his head will be made very rich. The announcement took place while funeral services were being held for Qassim Soleimani. Is anyone supposed to be scared by this, though?

While we do not know Donald Trump on a personal level, we are willing to bet that he is not all that worried by these idle threats. He is not someone who is going to kowtow to terrorists and these actions suggest that they are nearing the end of their rope. Everyone knows that offering any amount of money for the head of a sitting president is essentially nonsense.

It is the kind of posturing that brings the mentalities of this region’s leaders to the forefront. We cannot believe that this sort of announcement would be treated as something so newsworthy. If you ask us, it is all a bunch of lies. These people simply want to get attention and they do not care how they go about this process.

In fact, we would not be surprised if this bounty was the brainchild of the same group that is looking to get President Trump impeached and removed from office. They will stop at nothing to make him look bad. This would be par for the course from them. It does seem somewhat fishy that this announcement would take place during a period of mourning.

The liberal media does not like to tell the whole story, either. They want everyone to think that Soleimani was killed because of the United States’ thirst for oil or because Trump is looking to avoid impeachment. However, this ignores the fact that our armed forces had credible threats that they needed to act on. If they had not moved to strike Soleimani down, untold casualties would have taken place.

The nation of Iran is now in a better place and their citizens will have a much better chance going forward. The citizens are rejoicing at what has taken place and it does not matter what the liberals think. President Trump deserves to be hailed for his decision making. Instead, he is now the focus of a massive bounty and the second guessing of people who would never be willing to fight for their country.

Of course, there are some who will say that Iran had better tread lightly. After all, the assassination of a sitting president by foreign forces in the wake of a counter attack like this one would not sit well with anyone. The entire nation would be decimated as a result. They will need to weigh their options are but we are willing to believe that cooler heads will are going to prevail.

There is no reason for them not to. Iran should not act out of emotion. An $80 million bounty makes for an interesting headline but it is not a great idea. This would lead to the sort of war that would leave thousands (if not millions) without homes. The casualties would be massive. This is not something that anyone should be striving for.

The left might be cracking sick jokes about the bounty but they had better sit tight. Nothing is going to happen. We are sure of it. President Trump is not someone who wades into a conflict without knowing his endgame and he is already several steps ahead of the Iranians at the moment. If they decide to act on this foolish bounty and move to strike against the United States, they are doing so at their own peril.

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