Progressive Activists Take Turns on Biden

Joe Biden has been promoting himself as the middle-of-the-road Democratic choice in the elections. It’s how he’s managed to distance himself from progressives like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. However, a number of progressive activists have turned Biden into a piñata, taking one hit after another at the former VP.

The progressive movement is going strong, and they’re expecting Biden to crumble under all of the pressure. There are more than a few activist groups prepared to protest and attack the former VP so that he’s a bloody pulp by the time the Iowa caucus rolls around.

The grassroots assault came from every angle. It started with the Progressive Change Campaign Committee demanding that Biden retract various statements about sexism in politics. Another group, Indivisible, began criticizing him just hours later regarding his immigration planed. After that, the Sunrise Movement activists picketed him at a fundraiser hosted by a billionaire in New York City.

The Democratic Party’s extreme left side has been beating on him for the past year. However, the start of 2020 marks the first time that it’s been attack after attack in such a sustained effort. If this is a hint as to what’s to come, the former VP could be in for some serious trouble.

His two biggest opponents aren’t dealing with the same problems because they’re progressives. As the moderate opponent in the lead on the polls, Biden is the biggest target that the progressive activists have – and it’s been made clear that they’re ready to take aim.

It’s no surprise that they want to go on the offensive, either. Biden just finished his best fundraising quarter yet, with an impressive $23 million. He is also the continued frontrunner in the national polls as well as the top contender for the Iowa caucus.

At one point, Biden’s campaign showed weakness. Many questioned whether he was going to make it into 2020. Reporters were even identifying that Biden was questioning whether that’s how he wanted to spend his “retirement” years. However, his campaign has grown stronger in recent months and the questions of durability have been dismissed.

Adam Green, the co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, has said that Biden’s current standing is helping to strengthen their “stop Biden” initiative where they have a two-pronged goal: promote Elizabeth Warren and criticize Joe Biden.

Green explains that it’s all about electability. He says the group has a list of one million voters, and he feels that many progressive Democratic voters believe that Biden is the “safe” option because he’s the most electable. Green counters to say that he’s the least electable option because of his moderate standing.

According to various political analysts, many of the Democratic candidates and the progressive groups were expecting Biden to run low on cash by the time the Iowa caucus rolled around. However, his numbers are solid. People are getting nervous that he may actually make it through to the end, especially with the $23 million that he was able to generate in the fourth quarter.

Biden also doesn’t have to spend as much as others because the American public already knows who he is. As a former VP, he has more name recognition than any of the other Democratic candidates combined. When matched up against Trump, too, it doesn’t look too promising for the Democrats, which is where the progressives get even more concerned.

The PCCC group attacked Biden for his comments about Clinton facing sexism during the 2016 elections, saying that it won’t happen to him. PCCC twisted his words around to imply that he was electable because of being “old, white, male, and conservative.”

All of this, of course, is great news for Republicans and Trump’s re-election campaign because it shows just how out of sync the Democratic Party is. They’re tearing down the top candidate that the DNC has because of things that he says and things that he does. It’s no doubt that Biden will be there until the end. Although there are some heavy-hitting progressive groups out there, the majority of America doesn’t want a complete overhaul. Progressives are synonymous with socialism – and that’s a road that Americans don’t want to take. We’re quite happy with capitalism, and if that means that Dems will have to vote for Biden to keep capitalism, they’ll do it.

The progressives will continue to hit Biden where it hurts. It’s all a matter of whether his campaign can handle the pressure. And if he does fall, Warren or Sanders will likely be going up against Trump, almost guaranteeing his reelection.

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