Cracking the Democrats

Nancy Pelosi thinks she has all the time in the world when it comes to the articles of impeachment. But what is happening is that she is slowly losing the support of the Democrats that are unsure of how they want to proceed. Many of their supporters do not like the idea of impeachment. The Democrats are cracking under the pressure as they want this matter over and done with before the upcoming election. They are hoping that the matter will be far from the voter’s mind.

Pokey Pelosi is delaying sending the articles to the Senate because she is wasting time to hide the corruption of the Democrats that is about to be exposed by the Senate. One dumb freshman Democrat said that “I trust the speaker’s judgment, but I voted on these articles when they were presented because I felt that we were at a point where it needed to happen. So personally, I’d like them to go forward.” This was their first mistake was trusting pokey Pelosi. It is time for the mindless Democrats to stop being told by Pelosi with what to do and to think for themselves. It is time for them to actually represent the people that voted for them.

The Democrats are cracking to the point where they are thinking that this strategy by Pelosi seriously undermines their point of the impeachment. That has already come and gone. The delay has already proven what the rest of the country suspected about the motive behind why the impeachment had taken place. The misgiving that is starting to form is not just with a few people. It spans all the legislatures. Mitch McConnell has already informed Pelosi that she better hurry up or things are going to proceed without her articles.

One Democrat by the name of Chris Coons stated that “I respect the fact that she is concerned about the fact about whether or not there will be a fair trial. But I do think it is time to get on with it.” He is tired of the games the Pelosi is playing. Nancy Pelosi is sitting on her bottom covering something up that she does not want to get out into the public. It seems ironic that Adam Schiff has disappeared from the light. Everyone would have thought that he would have been the message boy to hand-deliver the articles to the Senate floor.

Pelosi still has her cracked up, supporters. Jamie Raskin bellowed that “We’re behind the speaker and we think that she will have the best sense of when the Senate will stop their threats of nullifying the whole process.” Another stated that “Certainly, I think the president does want this total absolute exoneration, in all caps, to happen, ASAP. And I think that perhaps, Mitch McConnell or four Republican senators would join with Democrats to call for a fair process.”

The funny part about all the drama is that the president has not blinked an eye at Pelosi’s little game. He has moved on and kept doing his job. Whatever game she is dangerously playing there is one thing that remains true. She has something to hide. Pelosi is hiding the true motive behind the impeachment. Which is win the election later this year. She believes that she needs to drag the process out hoping that it will run the rest of the year. But she is destroying her party in the process.

Weird Hakeem Jeffries from New York loves Pelosi but is questioning her decisions. He stated that “Additional documents subsequent to the speaker’s decision to hold the articles have come out. That’s a gain in terms of information to the American people.” But what he does not understand is that a document can be written to support just about anything. It does not mean a thing. The Democrats are divided and a house that is divide cannot stand. It is doomed to fail. Their attempt to control the executive branch has failed hysterically. President Trump will win yet another term in the White House.

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