Illinois Allows Illegals Back on the Streets by the Thousands

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement is trying to do their job by detaining illegal immigrants who have done more than just entered the country illegally. Those with criminal backgrounds are being picked up and removed so that the communities are safer. The problem is that there are sanctuary cities popping up all over the country that want to make it hard for ICE to do their job.

The bleeding heart liberals have decided that the best way to buck the Trump administration is with sanctuary cities and counties. These are areas where illegal immigrants can feel safe. It also means that sanctuaries aren’t going to help ICE get the job done.

Countless areas have dealt with higher levels of crime because of the sanctuary cities. They’ve decided to make it better for the illegal aliens with criminal records than for the American public who are legal and law-abiding citizens.

Illinois has proven that they’re ready to back illegal alien criminals, creating a risk for the communities. Cook County is a sanctuary. They’ve also released over 1,000 illegal aliens back onto the streets throughout 2019 – and ICE isn’t going to stand for it any longer.

ICE has decided to call out the law enforcement agencies throughout Cook County, Illinois because of their decision to release over 1,000 immigration violators and criminal aliens throughout 2019. This is all in spite of ICE making repeated requires to notify the agencies prior to doing so.

ICE blamed the dangerous releases on the county officials because of refusing to cooperate with them. Cook County, which is home to Chicago, decided that they would reject or ignore the immigration detainers placed on the various criminal aliens.

ICE uses the immigration detainers to hold individuals that they have probable cause to believe that are removable aliens. The acting deputy for ICE, Henry Lucero, says that the biggest problem about the county not working with ICE is that they don’t know which criminal aliens are being released – and neither does the general public. This leaves the potential for a number of additional crimes to be committed since police resources aren’t being shared.

Compliance with immigration detainers is voluntary according to the American Immigration Council. However, ICE argues that it also undermines their ability to protect the public safety throughout an area. Further, any law enforcement agency that makes the decision to ignore the detainers are putting illegal aliens above law-abiding citizens – and that’s just wrong.

ICE identified a number of individuals of specific concern, including a South African national arrested for assault and indecent exposure as well as a Lithuanian citizen arrested for aggravated battery and attempted murder. Both of these individuals were released into the general public instead of being detained so that ICE could have them removed from the country.

This means that the law enforcement agencies of Cook County felt that it was better to allow those who have a history of committing battery and assault into the community than to have them removed from the country.

Chicago and Cook County as a whole have a reputation for having a high level of crime – and it’s not going to get any better until they decide to hold the illegal aliens accountable for their crimes. Meanwhile, it’s not the first time they’ve come under fire for not cooperating with ICE.

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions threatened to cut off federal funding to the county in 2017 due to their “sanctuary” immigration policies. The Justice Department continues to wonder exactly what Cook County is hoping to accomplish by actively working against ICE.

ICE was created by the government to do its job. Jeff Sessions may have been on to something by threatening to cut funding if cities or counties fail to comply with regulations set forth by the government. Somehow, the Dems don’t understand that illegal aliens are illegal because they entered the country without permission to do so.

Every country has immigration laws. Entering any country illegally can result in a significant amount of legal problems. However, in the US, Dems not only want to protect illegal aliens but also release them back into the community after they have committed serious crimes.

It’s one of the many ways that Dems don’t make sense. They won’t be happy until borders are opened, allowing pedophiles, sexual assaulters, and murders into communities by the thousands. Then, when crime rates surge, they’ll wonder what happened and what can be done about it. ICE needs to be allowed to do their job, if for no other reason than to protect American citizens.


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