Is Cardi B Going to Run for Congress?

Rapper Cardi B is probably the last person anyone would expect to run for Congress. The outspoken rapper who loves to use profanity says that she’s always been interested by politics despite not liking the government.

She has expressed that it might be interesting to run for Congress. It’s not the craziest idea. If Arnold Schwarzenegger can become the governor of California, Cardi B could easily be a Representative or a Senator. With the impressive following that she has on social media, she may even get the votes to make it happen.

Cardi B’s real name is Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar. She surprised a number of people on Twitter when she said that she’d like to be a politician. Over 100,000 liked the tweet. She followed the thought up a day later to say that she “deadass” has a number of ideas that she thinks make sense.

It seems that the rapper may be more serious than many originally thought. She’s talking about the possibility of returning to school for a few years so that she can have the opportunity to “shake the table.”

The Grammy award-winning musician has been quick to criticize Trump on a number of issues. Apparently, she’s decided that it might be better to run for office than to file for her Nigerian citizenship – referencing a tweet she posted a few days prior in response to the airstrike that killed Soleimani.

The internationally known rapper isn’t shy about voicing her political beliefs. She is in support of Bernie Sanders for president, wants to see gun control, and uses her fame to speak out against various injustices that she sees in the world as it pertains to the black community, particularly police brutality.

There’s something that Cardi B also believes, which is a more conservative policy: lower taxes. She had a video go viral in 2018 when she talked about how Uncle Sam was taking 40 percent of her money in taxes and wanted to know what was being done with it all. She said that when you donate to kids in foreign countries, you get updates. She wants the same when it comes to her tax money.

Plenty of people didn’t think that Ronald Reagan would make a good president because he was an actor. However, he went down in history for being one of the best presidents that we have ever had.

Cardi B certainly has one thing going for her – she’s outspoken. Some of the most successful politicians are the ones who aren’t shy about calling people out. What she and her following may not realize, however, is that it’s typically the Republicans calling people out. Trump has done it for liberal media, Lindsey Graham has done it about the impeachment trial, and Ted Cruz has done it about gun control. Of course, she could also fall into the trap that Dems have of being loud and calling people out without doing the proper research first.

At least she’s identifying that she wants to go to school first. She’ll be able to get an education in political science before she decides to run on any ballot. As to whether she is going to run Republican or Democrat, it’s too early to tell. She may very well fall into line as a moderate Dem, which is at least tolerable because of her stance on wanting to lower taxes. She’d have to be better than the outspoken Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who should have spent a few more years in school before running. Instead, she went from bartender to House Representative – and her ignorance on the issues is constantly on display when she opens her mouth.

Cardi B is certainly not the average politician. Many aren’t, however. She’s certainly doing better than so many others who want to criticize without doing anything about it – and there are so many who use their famous status to complain loudly.

Of course, Cardi B may simply be fired up and want something new to talk about on Twitter. She may want people to forget about the fact that she wanted a Nigerian citizenship because she knows life is better in the US. The best thing to do is wait to see if the rapper is going to give up her grueling tour schedule to go back to school. If she gets a degree in political science or something similar, there’s always the possibility of hearing a different rendition of “I Like It” or “Please Me” as the rapper decides to add her name to the ballots for becoming a Senator or Representative.


Welcome Cardi B, Congresswoman

Capitol Hill May Get Some Spice

Cardi B is a rapper who has recently talked about the possibility of running for Congress. She has plenty of ideas on how she thinks that the government should do things. Rather than it being a bunch of lip service, she’s contemplating running in an upcoming election.

The musician tweeted that she needs a couple of years in school before she can take it on. Then, she’ll be ready to “Shake the table.”

Find out more about what Cardi B’s thoughts on Congress are by continuing to read.

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