Pelosi Hands out Pens During Impeachment Signing Because She’s Tacky

Nancy Pelosi hasn’t been making friends outside of her party lately. The signing of the impeachment articles certainly didn’t make her any new ones. Rather than treat the articles of impeachment as something serious, she joked and celebrated.

The worst part – she passed out “impeachment-signing” pens with special cases to those in the House.

The House Speaker said that it’s a “sad” and “somber” occasion when it’s necessary to impeach the President of the United States of America. The signing ceremony, which was covered by CNN live, became the butt of countless jokes and criticism.

Pelosi can be seen smiling, joking around, and divvying out pens to all of the impeachment managers and others who were in attendance. She signed the articles of impeachment with at least half a dozen pens. Then, she used those pens as gifts, handing them out to everyone at the signing ceremony in the same way that a birthday child would hand out loot bags to all of their friends in attendance.

“Tacky” doesn’t even begin to cover it, though it was a word tossed around social media quite often.

Tom Nichols, the self-proclaimed never-Trumper took to Twitter to say how Pelosi has handled the impeachment well all the way until the signing ceremony, which was “awkward.” He said what everyone else was thinking – it wasn’t a celebratory moment and if pens were going to be handed out, it should have been done in private.

However, for Pelosi, it was a celebratory moment. It shows that the Dems wanted Trump out from the very beginning and that, in their minds, they were able to succeed. That success warranted some kind of celebration, so why shouldn’t they get commemorative pens? That way, they could all say that they held a pen that was used to impeach President Trump?

Elizabeth Harrington, the GOP National Spokesperson, posted a video of Pelosi distributing pens and asked if people know why pens are handed out. She, then, answered by saying, “accomplishments. This meant that the Democrats were handing out pens for their one and only accomplishment since being in session: impeachment. She reminds how the Democrats have done absolutely nothing for the American people except for impeaching Trump.

Even House Republicans had something to say about it. Representative Mark Meadows (R-NC) said that while the Dems say they’re heartbroken over having to impeach the president, they are handing out pens with special cases. He even followed it up with, “You can’t make it up.” Another Representative, Liz Cheney, said that she walked through the aftermath in the Capitol hallway and the Dems were “giddy with excitement” and asking each other if they got their pen.

No liberals in the media were willing to back Pelosi up for handing out pens. Even they thought it was the tackiest thing that the House Speaker could have possibly done. While there are plenty of left-leaning reporters for CNN, they thought it was bad. Dana Bash said that it was common to see that pens are handed out during times of celebration, such as when the president is signing legislation. However, when the House Speaker bends over backward to say privately and publicly that the event is “somber” and “not a time for celebration” she was smiling for pictures and handing out pens. It simply wasn’t appropriate.

Pelosi has been on a power trip with the articles of impeachment for weeks, so perhaps she thought that this was her one last opportunity to soak it all in. She couldn’t have wiped the smile off of her face if she wanted to during the signing of the articles. She posed for so many pictures and took her time with each of the pens, joking with those who were behind her.

The question has been asked countless times on social media: Why so many pens? The answer should be obvious. She wanted to make sure that the pens she handed out as souvenirs to the impeachment managers and key committee chairs were actually used to sign the articles so that they could have a piece of history.

The souvenir pens, elegant black and gold ones, were emblazoned with her signature on the side. Then, she made sure to use each one when signing so that she could pass them out like lollipops to all of the good boys and girls who stood by her while she helped to impeach the president over something that they created out of thin air. The only thing tackier would have been something about impeaching the president on the pen itself.


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