Pelosi Hands out Pens During Impeachment Signing Because She’s Tacky

Nancy Pelosi hasn’t been making friends outside of her party lately. The signing of the impeachment articles certainly didn’t make her any new ones. Rather than treat the articles of impeachment as something serious, she joked and celebrated.

The worst part – she passed out “impeachment-signing” pens with special cases to those in the House.

The House Speaker said that it’s a “sad” and “somber” occasion when it’s necessary to impeach the President of the United States of America. The signing ceremony, which was covered by CNN live, became the butt of countless jokes and criticism.

Pelosi can be seen smiling, joking around, and divvying out pens to all of the impeachment managers and others who were in attendance. She signed the articles of impeachment with at least half a dozen pens. Then, she used those pens as gifts, handing them out to everyone at the signing ceremony in the same way that a birthday child would hand out loot bags to all of their friends in attendance.

“Tacky” doesn’t even begin to cover it, though it was a word tossed around social media quite often.

Tom Nichols, the self-proclaimed never-Trumper took to Twitter to say how Pelosi has handled the impeachment well all the way until the signing ceremony, which was “awkward.” He said what everyone else was thinking – it wasn’t a celebratory moment and if pens were going to be handed out, it should have been done in private.

However, for Pelosi, it was a celebratory moment. It shows that the Dems wanted Trump out from the very beginning and that, in their minds, they were able to succeed. That success warranted some kind of celebration, so why shouldn’t they get commemorative pens? That way, they could all say that they held a pen that was used to impeach President Trump?

Elizabeth Harrington, the GOP National Spokesperson, posted a video of Pelosi distributing pens and asked if people know why pens are handed out. She, then, answered by saying, “accomplishments. This meant that the Democrats were handing out pens for their one and only accomplishment since being in session: impeachment. She reminds how the Democrats have done absolutely nothing for the American people except for impeaching Trump.

Even House Republicans had something to say about it. Representative Mark Meadows (R-NC) said that while the Dems say they’re heartbroken over having to impeach the president, they are handing out pens with special cases. He even followed it up with, “You can’t make it up.” Another Representative, Liz Cheney, said that she walked through the aftermath in the Capitol hallway and the Dems were “giddy with excitement” and asking each other if they got their pen.

No liberals in the media were willing to back Pelosi up for handing out pens. Even they thought it was the tackiest thing that the House Speaker could have possibly done. While there are plenty of left-leaning reporters for CNN, they thought it was bad. Dana Bash said that it was common to see that pens are handed out during times of celebration, such as when the president is signing legislation. However, when the House Speaker bends over backward to say privately and publicly that the event is “somber” and “not a time for celebration” she was smiling for pictures and handing out pens. It simply wasn’t appropriate.

Pelosi has been on a power trip with the articles of impeachment for weeks, so perhaps she thought that this was her one last opportunity to soak it all in. She couldn’t have wiped the smile off of her face if she wanted to during the signing of the articles. She posed for so many pictures and took her time with each of the pens, joking with those who were behind her.

The question has been asked countless times on social media: Why so many pens? The answer should be obvious. She wanted to make sure that the pens she handed out as souvenirs to the impeachment managers and key committee chairs were actually used to sign the articles so that they could have a piece of history.

The souvenir pens, elegant black and gold ones, were emblazoned with her signature on the side. Then, she made sure to use each one when signing so that she could pass them out like lollipops to all of the good boys and girls who stood by her while she helped to impeach the president over something that they created out of thin air. The only thing tackier would have been something about impeaching the president on the pen itself.


74 thoughts on “Pelosi Hands out Pens During Impeachment Signing Because She’s Tacky”

  1. Pelosi is such a Lying Hypocrite, and she is so very happy, that her massive lies against Trump, got as far, as the Senate!

    This situation will back fire on Dems, and will prove to have been a waste of time!
    It is unfortunate that Dems have also wasted millions of our tax dollars, just like with the Russia Collusion Hoax!
    It’s only a matter of time, before this also blows up in their faces!

    Dems should then be forced to pay us, the taxpayers, back our money!

    1. How can anyone believe how tacky and irresponsible Nancy and her followers are. We should let the American people vote in November of who they want for President. Not allow these evil people to bend over backwards to try to get our President out of office for reason they themselves are guilty of. Abuse of Congress what a joke Nancy does that everyday!

      1. Abuse of power. The President is solely in charge of foreign relations and negotiating treaties. He is in charge of the military as the Commander-in-Chief. Nancy Pelosi went to Iran and told them we would still honor the Nuclear Deal. She went to Italy and told the EU we were still in the Paris Accords. She held hearings during The President’s meetings with Kim Jung Un that undermined our position with North Korea at a critical juncture. She has tried to intervene in Mexico and Canada. John Kerry has made several trips to Iran to offer aid and advice to the Mullahs. If there is anyone who is abusing power it is the Left, it is past time for President Trump to be restrained. The Logan Act should be invoked and these people should be intercepted at the airport and arrested by U.S. Marshals. I don’t care if she is Speaker of the House or the gardener. She is still subject to the Constitution.

        1. The dems have violated the Logan Act so many times, I have lost count. Everyone of these despicable politicians should be arrested, thrown in jail, and required to pay back all the wasted tax payer dollars to the American people.

      1. “We the People …” does not mean Nancy and her friends. It means all the good people of the United States who work hard and pay heavy taxes from their paychecks to have GOOD lives by having SMART and HONEST people running the country, to take care of ALL of us. And to think we used to be the greatest country in the world where people would look up to us. Now, we appear to be morons to be laughed at and/or pitied all over the world. It is hard for President Trump to make deals with other countries with this CRAZY MORON running amuck with her pandering losers following her into the toilet of life.

        1. Well said Patricia. The people who now represent the “Democratic Party”, ALL of them – are the most vile, hate-spewing, out-of-control, immoral wretches ANYWHERE in the world! They are the embodiment of EVIL, wickedness incorporated, totally demon possessed. Satan has their reward waiting for them. This Pelosi woman is the very one who said lawmakers should first sign the health care bill then they can read to see what’s in it. At the launch of the preposterous impeachment process, she wore black, claiming this was not a light matter. Yet here she was AT THE SIGNING OF THE ARTICLES, celebrating her deed. And all but one of them is guilty because they gave her full support. But Nancy, Schiff, Schumer, Nadler and all the rest of you, here’s some news. The ALMIGHTY GOD NEVER sleeps. In fact, He is watching you RIGHT now…every moment. Don’t rest well. HE is coming for you with vengeance!!!

          1. I truely agree . This nothing but Satan Inspried from begning to there dinal end. And it will end. Pelosi Amd the rest of them have just imploded.Iam not perfect in any way . Its sad that they listened to Satan and not answered the call of CHRIST JESUS . WE ALL HAVE choices. I cant wonder if GOD ISNT ABOUT TO SHOW THE WORLD
            HIS ABSOLUTE POWER IN THIS Demonic inspired impeachment
            Of a Chosen man OF GOD. GOD DOESNT TAKE LIGHTLY WHEN ARE

          2. She said of Obama Care “You have to vote for it before you can see what is in it.” Mitch McConnell said, you have to bring us the Articles before you can see what the Trial looks like.” What’s the difference, Nancy? Don’t like level playing fields, or what?

      2. Those pens must not have very much ink in them? It takes sooo damn many to sign their name. Their signature when finished looks like a 2-3 year old did it!

    2. Freeze all their assets and put them up for auction asap and put this money back into the treasury. It will probably still be short of what they spent for some of their assets are in trusts, etc but these should also be auctioned

    3. This is the biggest side show on earth P T Barnam would be pride
      If the Senate let’s them call witness
      TWB, Shifty, HB, SHIFTYS staff aswell HB is most relevant to this show

      1. Schumer said, “There is no reason 2 call Hunter 2 testify, he can’t contribute anything, and knows nothing…

        He knew nothing when he sat on the board of Burisma either, yet he was getting paid $80,000.00 a mo. or actually more, 4 contributing NOTHING!!


        Hunter was a strawman, taking his cut and passing the rest on2 others….hmmmmm, I wonder who?? 😉 ;)…

        Trump has it All!!

        Enjoy the show!!

    4. these House Democrats are so unethical, they will sell out their vote for whatever Pelosi says….to get a free PEN…..

      wow, who would have thought that’s all it would take to get a Democrat to vote how ever you’d want them to vote. What a bunch of low lifes

      1. That isn’t what keeps the Dems. in line.

        It’s abject fear of Pelosi and the DNC!!

        Rep. Devin Nunes said he heard Pelosi threatening reluctant Dems. not wanting 2 vote 4 impeachment.

        He heard on the House floor Dems. being threatened with loss of financial support from the DNC and they would be primaried if they did NOT vote for impeachment.

        That’s why 1 Dem., Jeff Van Drew, N.J., with the fortitude and integrity 2 stand up 2 Pelosi has left the Dem. Party.

        He has always been a moderate, but has discovered there r no moderates left in the Dem. Party anymore!

        Pres. Trump sent out a joint fund raising appeal 2 contribute 2 his reelection and Van Drews bc they r trying 2 destroy both of them now!!

        I have contributed and I hope others will as well…

        Van Drew is more honest and ethical than any RINO.!!


  2. The whole lot of them should be ashamed of themselves for this taxpayer-funded partisan and politically-based circus act. They have shown their true colors, and they aren’t red-white-and-blue. They lack any semblance of class and professionalism with this tackiest of tacky celebration for what Pe-loser called a sombre occasion. Vote them all out, they do not deserve respect from America.

    1. Love your excellent description and right on point. Her followers also have shit for brains to follow her into the opportunity to lose their plush jobs. Bye, bye YALL! Oh, and we also appreciate the purchase of the stupid assed pens bought with the payment by working Americans. If the actual working people handled their money the way the politicians do; we would ALL be broke.

    2. You are so filled with hatred against someone who has done a lot for this country. If only an insane person would wear a MAGA hat then there are a LOT of insane people who will vote for someone who knows how to do his job, while others are pandering socialists without a conscious. You and Sinboy should meet one another and have a long vulgar conversation, as that is where you both seem comfortable.

  3. She shows the same lack of morality and ability to reason as did the DEM legislature in NY when they cheered passing their infanticide bill. If you vote DEM you are part of the problem. Disgusting. Grow a spine and a soul and vote Republican.

    1. I agree. Nothing should be celebrated for the rings they have done. M sure if President Trump wins reelected it will be 4 more years of this same carp unless we can get control of the house.

  4. From a distance what a Circus. Shameless Democrates destroying their beautiful country. And then to see the party this Pelosi throws at the expense of the tax poor tax payers, just to be remembered for impeaching Trump (only in Congress level, with the help of her democratic bandidos) This will work like a boomerang on her because the moves the Republicans will make in the Senate and the Democratic Shit they will undig is going to be memorable.
    I wonder what kind of pen she will distribute then…… for the fake,useless devilish Democrat witches who blind of hatred all have masterminded this crap!!!! against Trump, because he is toooo good for the US and the American People.
    They love Obama, giving billions of dollars to Iran to buy weapons against the US and to sign a quidproquo in favor of Sulaymani the biggest terrorist ever????? Bravo Nancy all this cinema to cover up the shit of the Democrates. TeleNovel to be continued soon!! But Nancy believe me Yu are going to pay for Yr pens!!!!! Leave it to Trump, nobody jokes with him.

    1. Nobody Has to JOKE with d. trump, AKA CRAZY donald & DUMB for trump because he is Nothing But a Walking, Talking “JOKE” in Human Form!

      1. Betty, grow up, get a grip on reality and learn not to be so stupid. You will enjoy life much more when you stop being a follower of liars, thieves and stupid morons. And, out country will be much better. Thanks to Obama we are in a major crapper in this country and now Pelosi has her followers that were Obamas butt suckers. Why are so many stupid people so afraid of others who do good work and help others get ahead in life? That baffles me.

      2. Too bad you cannot see how T has benefited the USA. People have jobs who had been unable to get them.
        Jobs are the basis of our prosperity. Without them we can’t feed our families. With job availability we are not only able to feed our families, we can also put some away (it’s called ‘saving).

      3. Betty Betty Betty!!! What a pity of a life you must lead. If Trump is a joke why is it that he has done more in the short time in office than Obama did in eight years. Trump is a business man and he knows how to make America Great. If you don’t like a human that honors his country, the military, the veterans, and flag, then you must be against America. Because the Democrats are all for the illegals, refugees and so on. Nancy Pelosi is just a washed up drunken hag that just wants people think good of her. She is an idiot along with the rest of her clowns. Schumer, Waters, and the rest of her crew. Do you know she is worth 21 million dollars. Yet she lets her districts have homelessness, which has resulted in some going the bathroom in the streets, throwing trash everywhere, criminals running rampant! You my dear lady need to stop trashing Trump and look in your own back yard!

      4. Pres. Trump IQ 165….

        And urs would b…????

        And Betty, I have a college degree, and my IQ is over 140…

        Pres. Trump is loved all over the world, and as I I have already posted—if u can read—the vids. that r coming in from everywhere, which u will never see on FAKE NEWS media…

        Vids. from Iran, Northern Syria, Iraq, Hong Kong, South Korea, France,—-with people holding AMERICAN FLAGS and carrying pics. of Pres. Trump bc they love OUR POTUS!!

        FAKE NEWS will NEVER let anyone see these vids.

        I saw vids. coming in from Hong Kong wherein the people have created a sort-of mascot of Pres. Trump as Superman!!

        These vids r out there and if anyone wishes 2 see them, my info comes from:

        And we know YT videos

        x22 report YT videos

        dnajlion7 YT videos

        SERIALBRAIN2 YT videos

        TRUMP 2Q2Q

    2. Look at the pens she had made. I think a box of BIC pens is about $3.00. They are probably better quality. Better yet, a Box of Crayons is cheaper and it is easier to stay in the lines. Did they draft the impeachment Articles on a Big Chief tablet too?


  6. Pelosi pens aren’t half as Tacky as those RIDICULOUS & SILLY Red MAGA hats concerning a certain Oval Office Blond Haired & Brainless ORANGUTAN APE & a certain Presidential PISS ASS PIG! MAGA hats that only a Insane Idiot would Wear In Public!

    1. Betty you sound like you have TDS. Their is no cure. However there is help, buy a gun, stick it up your ass and pull the trigger. It will accomplish two things, one, you’ll blow your brains out your ass and two we won’t have to listen to your shit anymore !!

    2. Betty, Betty, Betty, who is it that wears a hat shaped like a part of the female anatomy? Yep, the crazy insane leftist who suffer from TDS, like you.

  7. Pelosi’s head is getting pretty big, heavy too! I bet she dreams of both Trump and Pence being removed from office so she may take the chair behind “The Resolute Desk” and give more pens away. Damn, renovations may require larger door openings for that HEAD then?

  8. Betty you are an ignorant pig. You should be ashamed of yourself for saying the things about President Trump. You like the way the Country is booming, give him credit, he certainly deserves it. Trash like you should go to some other country and see how they will treat you. Now go and do something useful for a change.

  9. Many are the adjectives , nouns , adverbs , and in various languages which I boast quite an extensive knowledge of – Being a student of old , son of an Italian diplomat and having been afforded the advantageous possibility of learning via traveling in various nations , thus also learning on how to cope and respect . As per the somewhat sturdily outspoken Signora Politician Pelosi , I might suggest that she give credence to the famous words of our former President John Kennedy . “Ask not what the country can do for you BUT – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – etc . etc. – As per Mr. Trump : Might it not be a better choice to assist him (if necessary) rather than destroy the (ALSO) many good deeds he has offered to the people of our country and just maybe to many other countries : THE LAST BEING THE WONDERFUL PACT WITH THE GREAT NATION OF CHINA ??
    As per the comical (CHARADE) with the (quasi 50 Caliber pens which Signora Pelosi had manufactured for the glorious momentum showing exactly what she is about : reminds me of a familiar phrase (Beware of Ms. Pelosi’s scorn)!!!! In enduing I wish Ms. Pelosi long life and health so as to nourish the good and or bad of her somewhat questionable actions and activities.

  10. U all should see the vids. I’ve seen coming in from all over the world.

    I’ve seen a man in Iran holding a sign that has MAGA on 1 side and Make Iran Great Again on the other.

    There’s video from Hong Kong showing protestors holding American flags and signs MAKE HONG KONG GREAT AGAIN.

    i saw a vid. from Mexico with the mayor of Tijuana with a bullhorn shouting, “Trump is right, illegals r invaders!”

    He was wearing a red Trump-like hat that said, Make Tijuana Great Again.

    I’ve seen video from France with the yellow vests wearing Q shirts and carrying pictures of Trump and Make France Great Again signs.

    Our Pres. is loved all over the world and THEY want their ownTrump!!

    Trump has it all under control.

    The more u know.

    TRUMP 2Q2Q

  11. Bolton is now in the mix as dems. r demanding he b allowed 2 testify…

    Check out my sources 4 info:

    And we know SerialBrain2 you tube videos

    Pay particular attention 2 the video titled: Iran, and the BOLTON pawn, Brute force will b necessary..

    Ur watching a movie!

    Enjoy the show!


    1. I truely agree . This nothing but Satan Inspried from begning to there dinal end. And it will end. Pelosi Amd the rest of them have just imploded.Iam not perfect in any way . Its sad that they listened to Satan and not answered the call of CHRIST JESUS . WE ALL HAVE choices. I cant wonder if GOD ISNT ABOUT TO SHOW THE WORLD
      HIS ABSOLUTE POWER IN THIS Demonic inspired impeachment

  12. I am demanding the immediate arrest for treason for all of the House Democrats involved in the illegal trial of President Trump. Most of them have criminal backgrounds and are covering up their crimes by accusing an innocent man-Our President! They think by putting him on trial, it will absolve them and no one will know of their crimes. BULLETIN: We already know!

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