Look Who’s Laughing Last? The Covington Kids

Nick Sandmann may have received a sizable cash settlement from CNN but the Covington kids are enjoying a last laugh that goes well beyond the financial. These children were framed by the liberal media as being racist punks. However, the truth was much different. The spin job here was ridiculous and it only becomes more clear as the networks continue to paint Trump as evil.

Even when he rids the world of a murderous terrorist, he still cannot receive the benefit of the doubt from the CNN’s out there. To some, racism is racism all of the time…even when it is proven not to be. It is too easy to run with a certain agenda than it is to care about the truth.

When Sandmann and his classmates traveled to Washington, D.C. last year, they never could have expected the firestorm that they would find themselves in. They were on Capitol Hill for the March for Life rally that takes place each year. Sandmann smiled at a Native American who was also present.

From there, the media spun what took place into something totally different. The young man was not smiling for a fair reason, you see. No, he had to be a racist who was mocking the Native American. Once this narrative grew legs, there was nothing anyone could do to stop it. The liberals wanted their pound of flesh and did not care about attacking children to get it.

According to the media, this young man just wanted to protest abortions and act smug towards Native Americans. They already painted a horrible picture of him and his friends before they had a chance to learn anything about them. Of course, Twitter wasted no time advocating for Nick to be punched in the face.

To them, it does not matter what actually took place. Once Twitter gets an idea in their heads, that is the only thing that matters. They do not care if they advocate for children to be hurt. All that matters to them is their precious likes and retweets. Sandmann’s family was even forced to leave their homes when the initial backlash took place.

The students were proven to be kids on a field trip and little more. They were not the aggressor and did not deserve to be treated as such. However, that is the way that the media saw it and there was nothing that could be done about the matter.

Sandmann was not going to allow the media to define him, though. While many victims of the type of smear campaign that he endured would simply hang their heads in shame, Sandmann went on the offensive. Lawsuits were filed against the parties that were responsible for creating the false narrative.

In addition to the tweeters that were sued by Sandmann, he sued various news outlets. CNN and HuffPo were chief among them. The Associated Press and Slate were not spared either. The suits aimed to right the wrongs that take place when media outlets are allowed to engage in obvious agendas. These outlets were in the business of slandering anyone perceived to be a supporter of President Trump.

CNN was beaten by Sandmann, as they were willing to settle out of court. They did not want to risk being taken to trial and understandably so. Sandmann won big, to the tune of $25 million. This victory has now emboldened others to make the same choices that Nick did. No one has to tolerate the liberal media slander any longer, especially when it is not based on any sort of factual account.

On the other hand, CNN has not actually changed their practices since paying the settlement to Sandmann. In their eyes, the millions that they spent are a mere drop in the bucket. They want to keep lying to the American public and they do not care who they hurt in the process. It is a sad state of affairs, that is for sure.

Citizens should be able to carry out their debates in an informed manner but when they are given faulty information, there is little to no hope. Instead, those who are anti Trump are placing themselves in an echo chamber of their own making. They do not care about facts of any kind.

Since the media cannot have Trump removed from office, they are settling for picking on others. Serious journalism has fallen by the wayside. While the Covington kids might be getting the last laugh, we wonder what will become of all those who want to enjoy objective critique. Good faith reporting has now been replaced by catty nonsense.

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