Border Separation is No Longer an Issue

For years now the crazy liberals and Democrats have been blaming President Trump for the issues at the border. The truth is that the Democrats are the ones that started the problems when they controlled the White House. President Trump inherited the majority of failures that the Democrats were looking to hide. So now they are blaming him for all of their past failures. History and pictures do not lie. And they tell a very different story about the issue of separating families at the border.

The main argument that is circulating now is the accusation from the Democrats that President Trump is still separating families at the border. They maintain that the president does not have the right to be dividing the families. This is another way that the Democrats are attacking the president.

To the Democrats shock. A federal judge has stated that the president is fully authorized to separate families at the southern border. Most of these families are not truly families. They are rather a mix of people pretending to be families. The judge also stated that the president has not violated any of the integrity rights for families. The Democrats are just twisting their lies to spread fake news about the president.

The whole issue of families being separated at the border started with Obama. His administration, which included Joe Biden, was notorious for putting kids in cages. The pictures that are on the record clearly show that these kids are being treated like ravenous dogs. The Democrats even tried to pass off these pictures from Obama’s time as being what the president was doing. The attempt to defame President Trump back-fired in the faces of his enemies.

The judge also wrote that “…. the Court finds Defendants are generally exercising their discretion to separate families at the border consistent with Plaintiffs’ rights to family integrity and the Court’s orders.” They pointed out that the border agents have the liberty to decide to separate or not. There is usually going to be a good reason as to why they are being pulled apart. In some cases, they are not truly family members. Separation is for the safety of the child in this case.

The anti-American ACLU is fueling the issue as they claim that the government is separating families. The ACLU acts like they know what is truly happening, but they do not have a clue about what is going on. They would blindly believe the lies that many asylum seekers are claiming without ever checking their story. The ruling by the court reverses a decision that it made that prohibited the practice, but since has learned the truth of why it happens.

The outrageous ACLU has stated that “The court strongly reaffirmed that the Trump administration bears the burden if it attempts to separate families based on an accusation that the adult is not the child’s parent.” They are trying to place the blame on President Trump. But the start of the problem dates back to Obama’s sorry attempt to be the president.

Joe Biden was part of the problem at the time. He has since denied any involvement or action where kids were put in cages. He stated that “We didn’t lock people up in cages, we didn’t separate families.” Just like a Democrat to lie about events even though published proof exists that proves they are lying. Even CNN has distorted the truth to favor the Democrat’s side as they have pointed out that separations did happen when parents were found to be criminals and the kids had to be taken. The kids were taken from their parents and put into cages. In the same breath, CNN blames President Trump for it all, says that Obama never did the actions and then says Obama did separate families. The Democrats and liberal media have found it impossible, to tell the truth. They are incapable of doing so.

The facts show that President Trump is cleaning up the mess that Obama created. He has to remove the kids from harmful situations. Either the alleged parents are not true parents, or they are found to be criminals. These two reasons and others are the truth behind the removal of the kids. It is for their protection and well-being. The ruling judge saw the truth and told the world what really needs to happen.

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