Sanders Considers Tearing Down Wall at South Border

Bernie Sanders has a few outlandish ideas of what he’s going to do if he becomes president. The problem is, it’s going to involve wasting millions of dollars. While that proves that he most certainly is a Democrat, it’s not something that makes a whole lot of sense.

The presidential candidate said that he would consider tearing down the existing wall as well as the fence that is in place at the southern border between the US and Mexico. This is the same wall and fencing that Congress previously approved and has spent millions on to serve as a deterrent to migrants. The same wall and fencing that helps to maintain control of immigration law.

Well, he’s considering it as long as it doesn’t cost too much. Forget about the demolition costing too much, what about throwing the millions of dollars away that was spent to put it into place?

The 2020 Brown & Black Democratic Presidential Forum invited Sanders for the debate. He was asked the question about tearing the wall and fencing down since it was currently a symbol for the Trump administration.

At first, Sanders tried to avoid answering the question. However, Alzo Slade of Vice News wanted to know if it would be “proper” to tear the symbol down. Sanders said that it “May be” but asked how much it was going to cost to tear it down.

David Noriega, then, pressed the issue for clarification, asking if it was something that Sanders was willing to do, to tear down the existing fencing between the two countries.

Sanders said it was, but that if it was going to cost billions of dollars to do it, that he’d rather invest the money into childcare needs within the country. Rather than expanding on the topic any further, he left it at “it’s something we can look at.”

Bernie Sanders is starting to sound as though he’ll say anything in order to get the votes. Originally, he talked about putting a moratorium on all deportations if elected as president. Now, he’s revised it to say that he’ll pause 99 percent, making an exception for violent criminals. Sanders is sadly mistaken if he believes that only one percent of the illegal aliens in the country are violent criminals – and if he does plan on deporting them, he’ll have to do something about the sanctuary cities that are currently hiding the violent criminals from ICE.

The Senator from Vermont goes back and forth about how he feels about immigration. He has pushed back repeatedly when people claim that he supports open border policies. Yet, he’s also willing to consider ripping the border and fencing down that separates the US from Mexico.

In April, Sanders said that the country needs comprehensive immigration reform. He said that there’s a lot of poverty in the world, which can lead to a number of problems if borders are opened.

Sanders wants to stop the majority of deportations until the process can be audited. Additionally, he wants to reinstate and expanded the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) so that those who are children can get the full experience of being a US citizen without being held accountable for actions that their parents may have taken. He also wants to end the policy that involves requiring asylum-seekers to stay in Mexico while their cases are heard. This means that he is going to sink a significant amount of money into the border so that there are more detention centers for those who are asylum-seekers. Or, maybe he’s so delusional that he believes that the trust system will work, requiring the asylum seekers to simply show up once a court date has been assigned while releasing them into the general public to wait. After all, that has worked so well in the past.

Additionally, Sanders has said that he is in favor of decriminalizing illegal border crossing. That alone is an oxymoron because he’s saying that he doesn’t want anyone to be identified as a criminal if they do something illegal. If there are no criminal charges for someone who crosses the border illegally, how is it that he’s not in favor of open borders? Because, if you’re allowing people to cross the border illegally by not making it a crime, you have open borders.

So, it shows that he’s not even thinking out his responses anymore. He’ll say what he has to say to get elected, which means that it’s anyone’s guess as to how he’ll actually handle immigration should he get into the White House.


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