Using Drug Money to Build the Wall

The battle to control and beat the drug cartels is an ever-growing issue. They find ways to penetrate and bypass the current barriers that stand between them and the ability to pass their drugs and slaves to buyers within the United States. The issue has grown so large that the Department of Homeland Security is asking the Pentagon to come to allow the building of 270 miles of wall to help combat and slow down the drug smuggling and human trafficking that is taking place.

The request for such help is vital to securing the border. The very security of the nation stands in the balance as the Pentagon considers the request. The uninformed Democrats deny that such an issue exists.

This is seen by the fight against walling up the border and their demands to rid the country of ICE and other border detention agencies. The request will take a few weeks to think through. So far many of the details are not being released because of the way the media and the Democrats like to make a mess of things.

The Department of Defense does not need to seek permission to build such barriers as they are allowed to do so to combat the drugs and criminals threatening America. They are allowed to build whatever they need in what is called the “drug-smuggling corridor.” Under this title, it gives the Department of Homeland Security to act in a way that protects the country.

The request is asking that the Department of Defense help pay for the six sections of the wall that need to go up. All the proposed areas are on federal property and are marked as a high traffic area for criminals. The total length of the fence is thought to be around 270 miles long once completed. The Department of Defense would use contractors to survey and plan the project.

They would also put the final price tag on the project at that time. Under normal circumstances, the funding of this project would have been to be approved by Congress. But not this time as the funding would come from counter-narcotics funds. They would be using the money seized in drug raids to fight back against the drug lords. So, Mexico would end up paying for the wall.

Several wall projects are taking place at the border right now. President Trump has fought to see that 500 miles of new fencing is put into place by the end of the year and it looks like it will be completed. This new project comes at the request of the very people fighting the war on drugs. $7.2 billion will be used from the counter-narcotics funds to stop them from coming over the border.

The men and women that protect the nation from the drug lords’ number around 5,100 troops. They serve at the border and are constantly looking for criminals trying to pass over the barricades. They deserve to have the added protection as they patrol the border. Right now, they operate as open targets as they play hide-and-seek with the enemy.

President Trump has made the border wall of his main projects. The counter-narcotics funding would be a major play in the victory of the wall battle that President Trump is waging against the drug lord friendly Democrats. They would rather see the cartels expand into the United States rather than be pushed back into Mexico where they belong.

Mark Esper is the one that will end up making the final decision to allocate the funds for such a request. Being a military man, he knows the kind of dangers that his fellow soldiers are facing every day. But he has to wait until the assessments are completed by contractors and other study groups. When everything is finally given to him he will make the right choice. Mark Esper is a Trump supporter so it stands to reason that the country will be safer as he allows things to move forward. Esper’s love for America and desire to see the country great and safe is engrained in his heart.

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