Soros Claims Facebook Is Helping to Re-Elect Trump

Why does a Hungarian billionaire living in the United States care so heavily about our elections anyway? This seems to be the bigger question that more people are asking recently. George Soros, who would love nothing more than for the United States to become a socialist country, is making accusations at Facebook.

Soros is accusing Facebook of trying to reelect don’t Trump in the 2020 election campaign as a way of protecting itself.

The financier made a speech in Davos, identifying that he is concerned about the outcome of the 2020 general election. A Facebook spokesperson has already identified, “this is just plain wrong.”

Soros may have to face the music that Trump is going to be reelected for a second term if for no reason other than the fact that there aren’t any good Democratic candidates. Warren and Sanders are both too far left-leaning for the average Democratic voter to be comfortable with. Then, there’s Biden who can’t remember what he said from one debate to the next. This means that even Dems will be voting for Trump, especially since they’ve seen a boost in the economy since the Obama regime.

Facebook has been accused of a lot. However, they are often playing favorites with the Dems. Ultra-conservative comments are often labeled as “white supremacy” and kept off of Facebook. So, if anyone wants to claim that Facebook is helping the other party, it should be the GOP.

Soros clearly needs someone to blame because he’s about to see his worst nightmare come to life: Trump in for a second term. If that happens, it will be at least four more years before he can fund a socialist to get into the White House.

At a dinner that the billionaire hosted, he called Donald Trump the “ultimate narcissist” while also laying into a number of other leaders, including those from China, Brazil, India, and Hungary. He also chose to praise climate activists, including Greta Thunberg.

Soros isn’t getting any younger and it’s clear that he’s determined to see the United States become a socialist country before he dies. His desperation is becoming more evident, especially with the billions of dollars that he’s investing in the Democratic Party.

As a way to figure out how he’s going to get what he wants, he has made a billion-dollar investment into a new network of colleges, identifying it as the “most important project” of his life.

Announced at Davos, the Open Society University Network is going to expand on the Central European University that he already backs. Since the Soros-backed university was an unwelcome addition to the campus in Hungary by Viktor Orban, it’s likely that the new network will be an unwelcomed addition wherever it appears as well.

Facebook has chosen not to get into a fight with George Soros. The only comment that has come forward from the social media platform is that the accusations are “plain wrong.”

Facebook is well aware that they are going to have to deal with some new legislation in the coming years, whether that’s from the Trump administration or from a Democratic president. Warren and others have made very real threats about tearing Facebook apart because it has too much power. While Warren has been the most vocal, there have been other candidates to mention it as well.

As such, Facebook knows they’re going to have a fight on their hands no matter what. They’re not taking a stance politically. Instead, they’re simply putting rules in terms of what people can and cannot post. Since the algorithms tend to lean more toward favoring Democrats over the GOP, Soros’ claims are completely unfounded.

Further, Soros may want to place the blame on the Democratic candidates for not getting the job done instead of Facebook. A social media platform can only put information in front of voters. The average voter is smart enough not to believe everything they read on social media. They will vote based on who they believe to be the best candidate – which may very well turn out to be Donald Trump.

Political strategists have been saying from the very beginning that the Democratic candidates are weak. They’re not showing the same level of promise that they have seen in the past, which means that it can be very easy for Trump to beat any one of them in the general election. If he can beat Hillary Clinton without the help of Facebook, he can beat any of the candidates now, no matter how much Soros may be investing to make it go the other way.

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