Joy Behar Asks Holocaust Survivors About Thoughts on Border Separation

Joy Behar, one of the co-hosts of ‘The View’ decided that she was going to talk to Holocaust survivors about how they felt about kids being separated from their families at the US-Mexico border. Apparently, she felt that there were countless similarities. After all, someone who watched families go into concentration camps only to never come out has to be the same as the detainment situation at the border.

In her convoluted way of thinking, Behar associated the Holocaust experience with the “caged” children at the Southern border. There has to be plenty of Holocaust survivors who feel indignant about what’s happening down there, right? Not as many as Behar would have hoped as it appears.

The show on ABC welcomed Millie Baran to the show who is a survivor of the Holocaust as a way of honoring Holocaust Memorial Day. She appeared with her husband and their two adult daughters. She shared a personal story of how she survived the Holocaust, including immigrating to America after what was close to a five-year wait.

Behar never misses an opportunity to try to stick it to Trump. That’s when she said to Millie that she had to wait over four years and that there are people “experiencing that right now.” She went on to say how they’re not letting people in, which is tragic to her and probably to Millie as well. She, then, asked Millie to speak about that.

Millie said that she empathized with the women and certainly didn’t want to be separated from her family. She realized that coming to America is a great opportunity because it’s the “best land in the world.”

She continued, though, which is when Behar realized that she made an epic mistake with the question that she asked Millie.

Millie talked about the importance of how immigrants need to follow the immigration policy in place in the US. She talked about how immigration was a miracle for her and she knows that it’s a “land of laws.” She pointed out how it’s not enough to just want to come in. The US will find a way to accommodate the people who want to enter but that it’s a process.

Whoopi Goldberg, who narrated the story of Millie Baran and her husband, makes sure to point out the part of the story where it differs from what’s happening at the US-Mexico border. Millie waited almost five years for her visa. Then, they set said into the harbors of New York so that they could legally enter the country.

Millie has every right to say that it’s important for immigrants to follow the immigration policy because that is what she did. The people who are entering now, the ones that just break Behar’s heart, are ones who don’t want to follow immigration policy. They don’t want to wait five years let alone five days.

Behar probably realized the mistake that she made as soon as she said it, though she’s an indignant Dem, so she won’t learn from it. At least she didn’t compare the actual Holocaust experience to the “pain and suffering” that immigrant families are going to at the border. Millie had family and friends that suffered genocide, something far more inhumane and devastating than any of the current immigration policies that are in place at the moment.

Behar and Goldberg were comedians. Somehow, they have turned themselves into political analysts on ‘The View.’ Neither of them has any background in politics yet ABC has somehow allowed the two loudmouth Democrats to spew their beliefs like wildfire on the ears of impressionable Americans. At least one of their guests were able to speak the truth without one of the hosts going off on them.

Millie was able to set the record straight about why it’s important to follow the immigration policies in place. She had to wait. Despite all that she had been through, she waited to enter the US until she was granted a visa. The same should be said about all of those in Central America and Mexico. Waiting is part of being granted the American experience – and for Behar or any of the other hosts on ‘The View’ to say otherwise is simply wrong.

Behar may need to get a rude awakening from a few more guests before she realizes that not everyone agrees with her and her Democratic co-hosts on allowing open borders and anything else that goes against Trump.


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