Sanders’ Heart Attack Is Coming Back to Hurt His Electability

Bernie Sanders is the oldest candidate running in the Democratic presidential primaries. This has a number of people worried since it can affect his electability. Combine that with the heart attack that he had in 2019 and it’s enough cause for concern.

One group has chosen to use that to their advantage to attack not only his electability. They’re also targeting his left-wing positions to state why Sanders shouldn’t be the Democratic National Committee’s choice for the general election.

The Democratic Majority for Israel, a group of pro-Israel Democrats, has spent over $600,000 in ad buys to attack Sanders. These ads will begin airing in Iowa just before the Iowa caucuses. It will ensure that people start to question Sanders’ electability due to his heart attack and his position on certain aspects of politics.

In one of the ads, a resident from Iowa talks about the 78-year-old candidate’s heart attack as a reason for being concerned about his ability to become elected.

The president of Democratic Majority for Israel, Mark Mellman, has said that the ad is designed to showcase the voters who are expressing concerns about the electability of Sanders.

There’s plenty of reason for Dems to be concerned about Sanders. Not only is he the only candidate who is identified as a Democratic Socialist, but he’s also the oldest candidate and the one with the most health problems. He’s also identified as the easiest candidate for Trump to beat in the general election.

As Mellman explains, health is one of the biggest concerns that people raise. Many say that they respect Sanders but that he can’t win the election.

The campaign for Bernie Sanders has not yet responded to these ads.

The ads mark the first real attacks that Sanders has faced for the hospitalization related to his heart attack. When it first happened last year, most people talked about it but didn’t use it as a reason to attack. Now, that’s changing.

Sanders has certainly tried to overcome the skepticism that voters have had about his heart attack with such a rigorous campaign schedule and plenty of spirit from his debate platform. However, his age is still a negative against him – and his signature wild white hair that is reminiscent of Doc Brown certainly isn’t doing him any favors.

In October, Sanders said that he would release comprehensive medical records before the year was over. He didn’t make good on that pledge. Instead, he released a few doctors’ notes. His cardiologist wrote that he has the “mental and physical stamina” that is required to take on the presidency. Not that anyone is going to listen to his cardiologist – and that still doesn’t take into consideration his convoluted thinking as to how socialism is the way of the future for the United States.

The ads are meant to focus on the surge that Sanders is experiencing. Rather than the heart attack hurting his campaign, it seemed to have helped. The ads will remind people of the heart attack and urge people to think about whether they really want Sanders to turn the country into one run by socialism.

Sanders has been expecting the attacks, especially since he’s leading the polls in New Hampshire and growing more popular in Iowa by the day.

Mellman has been clear about his goals with the ad. The first is to ensure that Donald Trump is not elected for a second term. The second is to keep Sanders out of the equation since it will not help with the US-Israel relationship.

The group has funders that have chosen to remain anonymous. The group has also been careful so as not to mention foreign policy within the ads. They want to focus on why Bernie Sanders is not the right Democratic candidate as opposed to focusing on their particular foreign interests.

The ads will be playing on TVs throughout the state over the next week, all the way through when voters are taking to the polls. While the group is hoping to be persuasive enough to get people to vote away from Sanders, time will tell.

If their ad is unsuccessful and the vote is for Sanders, it would make it easier to secure Trump for a second term simply because moderate Dems would rather vote for capitalism than for socialism, which is what the general election will essentially become should Sanders be the DNC candidate. That’s when the left will lose their minds yet again because of not being able to advance their progressive ideas on the country until 2024 or beyond.


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