Warren Wants to Stop Christians From Being Christian

You have to hand it to Elizabeth Warren. When she commits to something, she goes the distance. Now, in an effort to out-left Bernie Sanders, she’s all in with the LGBTQ+ movement. The problem is that she’s also asking Christians to stop being Christians in doing so.

Warren isn’t planning to allow Christian schools to discriminate. She said that states need to focus on funding public schools instead of private ones. She doesn’t want the government to fund schools that are going to maintain anti-LGBTQ+ policies. Since Christian schools aren’t going to support the LGBTQ+ community, they’re going to be out of luck for funding if Warren makes it into office.

While she wants to make sure that every child gets a high-quality education, she’s putting too many asterisks on it. She wants to ensure that every kid, “especially LGBTQ+” ones get a high-quality education…from a public school.

There are a few problems with this. Taking away funding from private schools can make it harder for Christian students to get an education without being exposed to the constant sins of the LGBTQ+ community thrown in their faces. Additionally, Warren wants to focus on public schools when her own children didn’t even go to public school.

In Warren’s tweet about her plans, she quotes an article from the Huffington Post about the Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue that deals with private schools and tax funds. 13 schools signed up to participate in the Montana tax credit program, and four of them have anti-LGBTQ policies.

Warren won’t stand for that.

She doesn’t want schools to openly admit that they want students to use locker rooms and changing facilities that conform to their biological sex. Instead, she wants to be as far left as she can be.

It’s not even about ethics or morality anymore. The Dems seem to be working to show who is more “woke” than the others. Liz doesn’t want to focus on public education to “include” the LGBTQ community. She wants to focus on an education “especially” for them. By doing so, she excludes the majority in order to cater to the minority.

No one has problems with the LGBTQ+ community gaining the same rights as everyone else. It’s when they want more. Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans, and queers are not going to go to a Christian school. That means that they’ll still have the same rights afforded to them at a public school as anyone else attending a public school. That’s not good enough for the far left and the supposed progressives. They also want to take it a step further to show that in their effort to be inclusive that they are going to be non-inclusive and punish the Christians. How is that inclusive? It’s not. It’s only considered inclusive if the LGBTQ+ community is getting something out of it.

Warren may be scoring major points within the LGBTQ+ communities but she’s not making decisions based on electability anymore. The average Democratic voter does not sit that far to the left. There are Christian Democrats, and they don’t want to see money taken away from private schools simply because they won’t allow men to use women’s bathrooms and vice versa.

It’s not about being “woke” to the issues. It’s about asking for fair play. Let the LGBTQ+ communities get an education. However, also let the Christians get an education. Warren shouldn’t be saying “especially.” She cannot cater to one group and not the other while still expecting to get enough votes to make it into the White House. No one wants to be woke to those issues, but she’s so far left that she has lost sight of what the right side even looks like.

Warren might want to remind herself that, to sit in the Oval Office, she has to care about what the majority of Americans want. Based on current data and demographics from the UCLA School of Law, less than four percent of the population identifies themselves as part of the LGBTQ+ community. While some areas are higher than others, she’s catering to a very small number of Americans with her decisions – and it’s likely not going to pay off for her during the primaries.

You can’t ask Christians to stop being Christians just to push an agenda that affects four percent of the population. It’s not about being woke, it’s about being insensitive and out of touch with what Americans really want.


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