Lindsay Graham Publishes Witness Hot List

Lindsey Graham is the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman and he had a very important message to deliver this past Sunday. The Ukraine/Hunter Biden situation has reached a tipping point. To that end, Graham has decided to list off a wide range of potential witnesses that are going to be called in for the hearings that are related to the aforementioned situation.

Sunday Morning Futures got the Graham interview and it was a moment that will be talked about in the weeks and months to come. Jim Risch is the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair that he was addressing. John Kerry had already been told about the conflict of interest that would arise when Hunter Biden decided to join the board for Burisma.

Of course, this should have been addressed early on and it was not. That’s why Graham is calling it to everyone’s attention now. Can you believe that Hunter scored this gig right after his dad just so happened to become the main liaison to Ukraine? That would seem to be too big of a coincidence to be ignored, wouldn’t it?

The leftist corruption is allowed to occur without being checked and there are some people who have had enough. Lindsey Graham happens to be one of them. It sure does seem like ‘ol Uncle Joe managed to pull some strings to get his son out of hot water. How did the investigation that was taking place stop so suddenly? These are the questions that need answering.

Christopher Heinz is John Kerry’s stepson. He is also a business partner to Hunter Biden. This is one of the first people that Lindsey Graham wants to hear from and we cannot say that we blame him. There are some very interesting e-mails that place Heinz directly in the center of the action.

According to these e-mails, he saw red flags when it came to this partnership all the way back in 2014. Why were these red flags not addressed then? The State Department was alerted and nothing came of it. It’s almost as if it all went away because of Hunter Biden’s very influential father.

George Kent is another person that Graham wants to hear. This man is responsible for sending off his own warning flares two years after Heinz. Lindsey is determined to get to the younger Biden and he does not care how many witnesses he is going to need to speak with. This is something that he takes with the utmost level of seriousness.

At long last, someone is willing to get to the bottom of all this corruption. “We’re not going to give him a pass on that,” says Graham when asked about Joe Biden’s willingness to look the other way when corruption involves his loved ones. It’s funny to see how quickly Joe’s tune changes on these things when he’s got a little bit of skin in the game.

Sally Yates, Rosenstein, Comey and McCabe are also slated to be called to the stand. It does not matter how many people Lindsey Graham has to speak with. Carter Page was issued a warrant on numerous occasions and Graham wants to know how adequate foundation was not provided. He also wants to know how the FBI and DOJ have suddenly gotten so out of hand when Trump is involved.

From the sounds of it, everyone involved is going to be having the time of their lives. The Democrats really should have been willing to quit while they were ahead. It does not take a political expert to see that they have essentially shot themselves directly in the feet on this one. The impeachment proceedings that they initiated were never going to have the desired effect.

Instead of removing Trump from office, they are only calling attention to their own sordid affairs. Trump has been able to sidestep any and all trouble that he gets into so far. The Democrats should have known that this proceeding was going to be no different. Now, the collateral damage of their decision might be too much to endure. They are now only hurting their chances to remove Trump from office the good old fashioned way.

Only the Democrats could try to take out Trump and end up putting their own leading candidate in the cross hairs. Lindsey Graham is showing the Democrats what can happen when you do not think these things through. From the looks of it, they had better prepare themselves for what is about to take place. Grab a clothespin….because some dirty laundry is about to get aired!

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