Omar Still Funding Her Boyfriend Rather than Her Family

The love that Ilhan Omar has for her boyfriend is picking up attention as she continues to pay his consulting firm tons of money. The amount that Omar is spending on her campaign finances is ridiculous. What is even more alarming is the amount that she is handing over to the love of her adulterous life. Tim Mynett is making out like a fat rat as his lover pays him money for his services.

One can only imagine the kind of services that Mynett is providing Omar. She has handed to sad little man $217,000 in as little as three months. His consulting firm supposedly provided Omar with research services, advertising, fundraising ideas, and travel. Interestingly enough that Tim Mynett is a professing Democrat follower.

Tim Mynett was divorced from his wife because it was found that he was cheating on her with Ilhan Omar. The little wretch politician was also cheating on her family with Tim Mynett. The two lovers were involved with each other for an undisclosed amount of time. But Tim Mynett certainly has become rich with this adulterous relationship.

Omar has been paying Mynett for his “services” for the better part of their relationship. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been funneled to the little incestuous man since Omar took office. Overall it has been reported that Mynett and his firm have been paid a staggering $587,000. The majority of the funding came after it was discovered that he was cheating on his wife.

Little does Mynett know that he is just being used by Omar. She was able to get him to destroy his marriage all for the sake of her campaign and to satisfy her selfish desires. The love scandal by Omar is shocking but not unexpected. Most Democrats have a line of crime that they keep hidden. There should be no reason why politicians in the Democratic Party become millionaires while serving in Congress.

Tim Mynett has certainly been used by the progressive communist. This was her way of paying him off, so he would have to keep quiet about the illegal dealings that Omar is involved with. Tim Mynett’s ex-wife admitted that “[Through] extensive documentation and his own words, Tim acknowledged he has been engaged in an extramarital romantic relationship with Ilhan Omar, which proceeded and precipitated the divorce.” Omar and Mynett were certainly seen together in public a lot as their affair got underway.

In some strange fashion Tim, Mynett sees Ilhan Omar as his goddess. During the divorce proceedings, her name was brought up and Tim Mynett acted stunned like there was not supposed to be anything wrong with her. Omar has even left her husband recently. One can only wonder if there is a marriage in the future between Mynett and Omar. At least then Omar would be getting her money back.

Both Mynett and Omar have been seen living together at their apartment in the D.C. area. They regularly appear together and seen to be having a lot of fun. Omar has no intention of stopping her payments to Tim Mynett’s firm. She is currently being watched by a conservative group as they seek to proven campaign fraud. Certainly, any payments made to a boyfriend soon to be husband could be considered illegal.

The National Legal and Policy Center certainly has its eyes on the two lovebirds. They have stated that “If Ilhan for Congress reimbursed Mynett’s LLC for travel so that Rep. Omar would have the benefit of Mynett’s romantic companionship, the expenditures must be considered personal in nature.” No politician may use campaign funds for personal use. Omar has done that as she has used the funds to pay for personal trips to and from Minnesota.

Omar and tiny Tim Mynett are involved in a scheme to rake in millions of dollars before Omar gets ousted from her seat this year. She has concocted this little scheme, so she can live in luxury with her new adulterous soon to be husband Tim Mynett. She just found the perfect fool to play her sinful game of incest and immorality while playing in the political circle.

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