Video: Democrat Hangs up on CNN During Live Call

The Iowa train wreck keeps getting more and more wretched for the Democrats. While the party does their best to pick up the pieces, it is great theater for those of us who have zero skin in the game. As the caucus failures become even more cartoonish and grotesque, the memorable moments continue to pile up.

Precinct captains are being left on hold for hours as they do their best to find out more about the missing results. Voting totals are being photographed and driven to the appropriate locations. All in all, it has been a laugh and a half for anyone who thought that the Democrats were in over their heads.

That’s what makes this video such a hilarious one. Shawn Sebastian, Story County Precinct 1-1 Secretary, is the man who is on the phone in this clip. He’s the precinct captain that was also left on hold while waiting for the results. Wolf Blitzer of CNN was looking for a live interview with Sebastian.

Like the rest of us, Blitzer was only trying to make sense of it all. Blitzer wanted the man to stay on the line, in hopes of receiving the results from his precinct. Sebastian had already been on hold for some time as he waited. Instead of immediately answering once he had finally been taken off hold, the man continued to speak to Blitzer.

This is the type of thing that you cannot make up. The Iowa Democrat party decided that they would rather hang up on a precinct captain who was merely trying to report the news. It’s the sort of thing that you would see in a movie. What type of political party allows this type of slip up to happen live?

The whole world is watching and the Democrats cannot stop tripping over their own feet. It’s a party that has definitely spent the past few years reeling. Their attempts at removing Trump from office early have failed. Now, they are trying to go about this task the old fashioned way and experiencing even greater levels of defeat.

This is what the kids would call an epic fail. Instead of showcasing their willingness to compete in an election, the Democrats are placing their overall level of competence in doubt. If a party cannot be trusted with something as simple as vote counting, what chance do they have of curing any other issue that ails the nation?

Stories like these make us think that this party cannot be trusted for any reason. It is sad to say but it is the honest truth. Let this have been the Republicans screwing up this badly and it would be fire and brimstone today. When the Democrats mess up, no one is supposed to care. We’re all supposed to shrug our shoulders and laugh it off instead.

Does this sound fair to you? From where we are sitting, this looks an awful lot like a double standard. We cannot believe that this party honestly believes their own hype. These people expect the American public to believe that they are able to overhaul the entire healthcare system when they are not even able to count up votes in a timely manner.

Forgive us for saying so but this party’s ambitions seem rather far fetched at the moment. If they cannot handle the caucus, what hope do they have once it comes time for the aspects of the election that truly matter? This should be a sad day for the left, a day where they take a deeper look within and start to come to terms with the harsh truths that they have been avoiding for so long.

Instead, we already know what they are going to do. They are going to point fingers and play the blame game. Individual candidates will look to pass the buck. Bernie Sanders is already claiming that his team has developed their own app for counting votes. How sad is that? Even one of the party’s leading candidates does not have faith in their ability to carry out easy tasks like this one.

In the meantime, the non Democrats of the nation are going to be watching closely. We are not looking to the party for anything other than comedic relief at this point, if we are being perfectly honest. How could Trump even lose a wink of sleep at this stage of the election cycle? From the looks of it, he is going to cakewalk right back to the White House and the Democrats are going to be absolutely powerless to do anything about it.

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