Dems Just Revealed Their True Agenda: Keeping People in Poverty

After Trump’s State of the Union address on Tuesday, Senator Ted Cruz visited the Sean Hannity show to offer his takes on the speech. The Democrats had behaved rather poorly during the address and he wanted to speak on these matters. Instead of being happy about the state of the nation, they wanted to pout like spoiled teenagers.

Wage gains, foreign policy successes and decreased unemployment rates were not cause for celebration. The Democrats decided that they were going to simply fold their arms and act like these are all bad things. Ted Cruz told Hannity the things that the left is too scared to say out loud.

Sure, people might be losing their food stamps but isn’t it time to take a closer look at the reasons why? The left would rather keep everyone in poverty forever, though. Facts and reality do not matter to them in the slightest. It is all about silly narratives and “winning” the war with the right that they have made up in their heads.

When Trump spoke out about the food stamps, Cruz said that he actually heard Democrats hissing over it. Why on Earth would the left choose to conduct themselves like this in public? Heated political arguments take place all of the time behind closed doors. There is no reason to act like this during a State of the Union address, though.

It’s inexcusable behavior and we are glad that someone is willing to call it as they see it. This mentality reveals some key facts about the left. For one, they will cut their noses to spite their faces if it comes down to it. Secondly, they are happy with the idea of Americans remaining dependent on the government for assistance.

Why encourage anyone to make better of their situation when you can hand them a few dollars instead? That’s seven million people who are now able to look forward to the money that they earn, as opposed to the money that they are being given. It should be awesome news but it is not, because the Democrats aren’t getting their way.

They are whiny, spoiled babies who want everyone else to suffer like they do. We are getting tired of their antics, to be quite honest. From the looks of it, Ted Cruz is as well. Why should Americans be given the chance to rely on the government when they can be given the tools to help themselves?

That’s what makes the commentary that Cruz is offering so vital. In a world where the left tries to bend the facts to meet their purposes, it is time to take a closer look at what they are really saying. Are they actually bleeding heart liberals or are they petty children that would go against anything that the Republican party has to say?

In our humble estimation, they would find a way to argue just about anything that a Republican said. If a Republican leader said that the sky was blue, Democrats would be hissing in the aisles the same way they were last night. We wish that we lived in a country where petty political squabbles could be put to the side once and for all.

Apparently, it is too much to ask. Even a State of the Union address is not safe from the usual Democrat nonsense. We hope that they are proud of themselves for showing up their counterparts like this. Let’s see what would happen if a Republican emulated their behavior. They would never allow any of us to hear the end of it, for sure.

If not for politicians like Ted Cruz, the Democrats would be able to run amok without being checked. They need a moral compass that is going to keep them in line. Otherwise, they run the risk of becoming the same party that they are constantly accusing the Democrats of being.

They are rapidly turning into an ideological cult with no real moral center. This shouldn’t be the goal for any political party but the Democrats have sunk to their lowest ebb. Actually, we shouldn’t say that. There is a long way to go until the true elections take place in November.

We would not be surprised if the Democrats somehow found a way to sink even lower between now and then. All we know is that we are in for a long, winding road in the months to come. Hopefully, the Democratic party comes to their senses and is finally able to stop fighting with themselves and the rest of the political world. It’s a tall order but we believe in them!

27 thoughts on “Dems Just Revealed Their True Agenda: Keeping People in Poverty”

  1. That’s the reason Maxine Waters keeps getting re-elected in her district, everybody depends on welfare, and as long as people rely on welfare, instead of having jobs and working, they have to keep voting for the people, who supply them with welfare, instead of jobs!
    The Demo-Rats know this is the only way they can control people, is to keep them poor, and dependent!

    Al Green, from Houston, is the same thing!
    Poor blacks who chose to have kids, and be on welfare over getting an education, and decent jobs, now have to vote for liars like Green, who will supply them with massive welfare, for them and their kids!

    1. They want to keep them poor. As long as they can keep them poor and dependant upon the welfare handouts,it makes them easier to control. This is what the democratic party is about,not in helping people do better and having a better life,but, controling them,so that they have no choice but to vote for them.

    2. Keeping everyone on “welfare is their way of being in charge over everyone! That’s their goal,! Socialism/communism!!!we need to take them down a few notches!

  2. The actual answer is simple: (1.) the TRUTH is that with record unemployment and rising wages, many no longer need food stamps; (2.) the LIE — that is preferable to DemonKKKrats — is that these verifiable labor economics metrics aren’t actually happening, and that POTUS Trump is “kicking people off” of the welfare and/or food stamp rolls.

    1. Saying that Trump is kicking individuals off of welfare makes the Democrats sound good where telling the TRUTH that the individuals got jobs and are now able to support themselves gives these individuals “Self Respect” which they deserve. The Individuals do not need to rely on the Democrats or vote for them if they prefer another individual. It’s good when an Individual has Pride in themselves.

    2. It’s about time!!!! I for one am tired of supporting some people who have more children just to increase their welfare dollars. When I worked for the postal service there were 3 or more checks going to the same person.

  3. The hissing is a sign of lucifer, just exactly what they are devils advocates !!!hissing is what snakes do, pretty soon they’ll be slithering around on their bellies!

  4. According to sal lenskys book rules for radicals, health care and social programs are prerequisites of control of the population.

    1. Yes indeed. ” I read your book you bastards!” But the really real reasons for this “control” is luciferian. Never forget the mask they wear is the beast of the devil’s serpent.

  5. . “Educated people require more from their government. Poor people depend on their government to exist.” What better way to dumb the population than destroy the schools. We are living the resultes of a failed education system.

  6. I know some elderly people who are trying to live on Social Security and they are getting SNAP benefits (food stamps)! They need them! They have paid into Social Security for years and they need food stamps to survive. They are retired and many have health issues!

    1. That is true, BUT they will continue to get their food stamps, this is just for the people who are able to work, either they get a job or they do community work 20 hours week, taking away food stamps will not affect the elderly, please do better research on this do not believe the demonRATS or the fake media.

      1. People now have paying JOBS. They have prospered their way out of needing food stamps. This is good for them and for our nation. People are not being taken off food stamps by evil republicans they are escaping the controlling democrat/socialists by making more money.

  7. DemonRATS require people to need the government. Ofuckhole knew it. That’s why he put so many on the welfare rolls, and the food stamp rolls. Self Sufficient people won’t vote for a DemonRAT.

  8. As I recall, Joe Walsh once did express himself at an Obama state of the union address-Obama said something that was clearly false and Walsh yelled, “You lie”. For this he was censured and was disappeared from the House at the next election. I think it’s clear that Democrats want to keep the citizens in poverty and the most reliable way to accomplish that is to convert the society to a socialist economic model. Virtually every Democrat candidate who is or was running for the office of the president favors full on socialism-the elites live like kings and the bulk of the citizens become poverty stricken slaves. There is no way that socialism meets the requirements of our Constitution, the Constitution that they claim to love and defend against mean orange people, but frankly they don’t give a damn. Under socialism, the leaders are allowed unfettered corruption to enrich themselves and sooner or later the slaves will start to be “reprogrammed or executed” (this happens when some of the slaves finally figure out that they were duped and demand their liberties back. Can’t allow anything like that to get started, so it has to be fixed quickly-ask any of Bernie’s workers. Gulags for all.

  9. Lyndon Bains Johnson a Democrat did not like Blacks and was a devious vicious President and he decided how to ruin Black families and get Americans to go along with it. It was the War on Poverty. He made them welfare victims, paid them to have children and fathers to leave the home and shirk their family duties. Blacks until then .were family oriented and religious but that faded away with government corruption. Blacks had a better religious background until he ruined the homes than most of the USA. Democrats have done NOTHING good to help blacks or anyone but themselves. That is when I left the Democrat party.

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