Inclusive? Sanders Supporters Shout “F*** Biden” and “F*** Warren” at Iowa Caucus

Iowa Caucus staff members and various volunteer canvassers got together in Des Moines this past Sunday. While they were ostensibly spending some time together at a dive bar, this gathering would soon become far more noteworthy than anyone could have ever expected. These Sanders staffers decided to let their true feelings show.

The results were rather interesting. The pre caucus party gave them the chance to vent about all of the other candidates that Bernie Sanders would be facing. This probably comes as no shock to those who pay attention to the Democratic party on a regular basis but things soon turned ugly.

The amount of infighting that the party is currently experiencing is absolutely insane. A Rolling Stone reporter was there for the shindig and their findings were something to behold. At one point during the evening, a canvasser for Bernie jumped onto the table. From there, they went into a profanity laden tirade.

F bombs were dropped on Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden. Even Mayor Pete was not spared during the diatribe. Tulsi Gabbard was not safe, either. Every single candidate that the canvasser could think of received the same treatment. These canvassers are supposed to be playing an important role in elections of this nature.

Their job is to go door to door and convince people to support their chosen candidate. How would someone feel comfortable supporting a candidate who cannot even keep their staffers in line? This type of behavior would also seem to fly in the face of the image that Bernie is trying to put forth.

Bernie Sanders is supposed to stand for inclusiveness. He is not supposed to be encouraging staffers to behave like drunken sailors before the campaign has even begun in earnest. It is probably not surprising to hear that this get together had been put together bu the podcast team over at Chapo Trap House. They pride themselves on being the voice of the dirtbags on the left side of the aisle.

This behavior is certainly indicative of that mindset, that is for sure. Bernie himself may act as if he is inclusive but his fan club is anything but. They react with insane levels of outrage whenever anyone speaks out against their preferred candidate. These supposed adults act as if they are personally aggrieved when many of them have never even met Sanders themselves.

They derisively called Biden “Uncle Joe” and Buttigieg has now been dubbed “Mayo Pete”. One of the canvassers even decided that this would be the best time to start twerking. If that were not bad enough, the expletive ridden tirade included a call and response with the crowd that was on hand. F bombs rained down all night long and we hope that these people are sufficiently proud of themselves.

The Democratic party has not exactly been united in a long time but this is ridiculous, even by the low standards that they are currently setting. It is not the sort of behavior that anyone should be willing to stand behind. Near as we can tell, Bernie is A-OK with his staffers acting like spoiled children at a rock and roll concert.

He should be getting out in front of this, letting the world know that it is wrong to act like this. He’s not going to, though. That would mean that he would have to take some responsibility for the monsters that he is creating and enabling. One has to wonder if he possesses the moral fortitude to put a stop to this nonsense before someone inevitably gets hurt.

What happens when the Bernie Bros decide that they are going to take this act to the streets? It is only a matter of time before one of these staffers decides that they are going to start chanting expletives in an even more public setting. It is bad enough that these bar patrons were treated to it but it’s to be expected.

The Sanders campaign is employing dangerous people with an insane desire for control that they should never possess. They have a wicked view of the world and the sort of entitlement that should scare anyone who comes across them. Unfortunately, they are only becoming more and more bold as time passes.

We just pray that no one is injured or killed while they are on the streets. They are a band of thugs with no regard for the world around them. What if they had incited a riot at this bar? They need to be placed under control before it is too late. If Bernie Sanders is serious about his candidacy, he will get these clowns in check.

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