Trey Gowdy: The FBI Was out to Get the President

Former South Carolina Republican Representative Trey Gowdy had a lot to say about the Democratic impeachment efforts recently. Andrew McCabe and James Comey were the targets of his ire. Like so many other Americans, he had major issues with these proceedings and saw through the Democrats all the way.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations directors were the target of his words for an important reason, though. In Gowdy’s mind, there were some major injustices that needed to be righted. The FBI behaved in a manner that was not acceptable to any impartial observer. We are glad that someone is willing to call out the nonsense when they see it, unlike the others.

Many people simply wanted to put their heads in the sand. Or, they wanted Trump out of office badly enough to look the other way on a clearly crooked legal procedure. When Gowdy spoke to Martha MacCallum on Fox News Thursday, he decided that it was time to draw a line in the sand.

Dowdy has taken a closer look at the deeds of the top officials that the FBI has to offer and he believes that they have been out to get Trump for some time now. It is pretty hard to ignore the mountain of evidence to that effect, that is for sure. If someone like Dowdy can see it, what is the problem that everyone else is having? The glaring obviousness should be smacking the nation in the face.

Instead, people continue to hide behind silly excuses and act like Trump somehow had it coming. No one even bothers to hide their insane biases anymore. They are letting them out for the whole world to see and it is getting sad. The President has been quick to let everyone know how insane these behaviors have been, too.

He was the one that decided to fire James Comey initially and not a moment too soon. This man’s reign of terror has gone on long enough. While Trump did receive a fair amount of criticism for the decision, it is looking better and better in retrospect. The same could be said for a lot of the choices that he has made but that is another story for another time, we suppose.

Trump used some fairly strong language when describing Comey’s actions, referring to him as a sleaze bag. After everything that he has been through during this most recent witch hunt, it is easy to see why he feels so aggrieved. When the clip was played for Martha during her show, she agreed. She knows why the President was so upset.

It is understandable to anyone who is not viewing things through a leftist prism. Gowdy also made another crucial distinction. As it turns out, the FBI was looking to impeach Trump before any of these matters had even been brought to their attention. Congress had not even thought to bring it up when the proceedings began and that makes things seem extra fishy, doesn’t it?

Even Adam Schiff got beaten to the punch here and we know how badly he wants to see Trump fall. If Shifty Schiff is not even the first one to speak against Trump, you know it must be awful. John Brennan let his feelings be known early on, too. He said that Trump needed to be relegated to history’s dustbin. It is no wonder why Trump thinks that the FBI had it out for him personally.

You would probably think so if you were him, too. The people who were spearheading these proceedings are not Trump fans and they never have been. Why should they be trusted in these sorts of instances? They do not want to think about the good of the nation. In their minds, what they want is what everyone else should want. Even when that is not true, they try their best to bend reality to their whims.

McCabe and Comey did not care about justice. Gowdy did speak highly of Chris Wray, though. In his mind, Wray is actually fair and non biased. Gowdy is also not the type to mince words or be coy when he speaks. He says what is on his mind and that is why people listen.

The evil and corrupt parties that were responsible for this sham of an impeachment proceeding are finally being shown how wrong they were. Trump’s leading the “I told you so” charge and he has every right to do so. Gowdy clearly agrees with him and he’s got the sort of reasoning that everyone can get behind.

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