Dems Look Ridiculous Claiming the Economy Is Falling Apart

America is the rare country that can actually claim that things are getting better all of the time. Why do people insist on trying to ruin a good thing by telling lies and offering misdirection? When we say ‘people’, we are referring to the Democratic party. They cannot stop lying to save their lives.

Fortunately, the average citizen is savvy enough to know better. Why are Democrats so hellbent on portraying America as a nation that is circling the drain when the opposite is obviously true? It is because they cannot take credit for the current circumstances. Since they are dedicated to the idea of painting Trump as a racist buffoon, they cannot admit when things are going well.

After all, that would go against the narrative that they have spent all of this time and effort on creating. That is not even to mention the amount of taxpayer dollars that have been spent. Sure, it is understandable for an opposing party to want to poke holes in the accomplishments of their competitors. That part actually makes some level of sense.

However, it never stops there with the Democrats. They have to keep going, to the point where all credibility is lost. When Trump was sharing his numbers during the State of the Union address, Nancy Pelosi embodied every Democrat and leftist’s mentality during that moment. Instead of behaving like a mature adult, she wanted to act like a petulant teenager.

Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot! We would have to read 1,000 articles about how Trump and the Democrats are causing the death of democracy as we know it. Meanwhile, the Democrats lie, cheat and steal with the best of them. There are no repercussions when they behave in such a manner, though. You are a racist for even pointing any of it out.

Unemployment rates are low, citizens are not as dependent on food stamps as they once were and the economy is humming just fine. You would think that this would cause for celebration, no matter which side of the aisle you are sitting on. We should all want America to be as successful as possible at all times, regardless of which party is currently controlling the presidential office.

Trump is not merely boasting when he offers these figures, either. They are all facts that can be verified with ease. The Democrats should be looking into ways that they can match his acumen but they would rather act petty and miserable. If they cannot beat him, they want to drag him down into the muck and mire with them. What a sad state of affairs.

Gretchen Whitmer is the governor of Michigan and she is questioning the veracity of the data. In her opinion, the pay that CEOs are receiving is the only thing that is skyrocketing. The American worker is still suffering, in her eyes. Stories like this one go to show just how far the Democrats will go to live in denial about the success of the Trump presidency.

Gallup’s numbers do not lie, though. Their recent Mood of the Nation poll says it all. Rich people are not the only ones who are experiencing the excitement that this boom is causing. Low wage workers are in a better place than they have been in a very long time. Minimum wage increases at the state level have a lot to do with the recent numbers and hopefully, these trends are able to continue in the same direction.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is hopping mad at these facts. She is trying her best to keep her silly narratives alive, too. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claims that there is no way to be successful in America if you are not born with wealth. This is the sort of self pitying nonsense that the Democrat loves to sell to their constituents. If you are not successful, you can simply blame the next person for working a bit harder than you.

You would think that the former bartender who became a member of Congress would have the self awareness to realize how nonsensical she sounds. That’s just us, though. The American dream is still alive and well, no matter what AOC and her lying cronies want to tell you.

Americans do not need to be told that they are never going to win if they weren’t born rich. This is the sort of thing that makes people want to give up and never try in the first place. The economic upswing that is taking place provides no shortage of opportunity. There is no amount of Democratic grandstanding that is ever going to change that.

24 thoughts on “Dems Look Ridiculous Claiming the Economy Is Falling Apart”

  1. I have never been so against Dems After what obama did and then hillary running for pres. Haven’t they done enough damage? I think Trump is good although some tweets would be better left unsaid. Otherwise I have his respect.

    1. @ Bob W; Haven’t they done enough damage? Satan says, Hell No! Just because Dem’s got 2000 peaceful trail of tears Indians killed, then 600,000 more Americans killed in their War for Slavery and got 60 million babies killed in-utero doesn’t mean its time to rest! Death is the wages of Satan’s Democrat friend’s Sin! {Romans 6;22}

  2. Gretchen is going to have a tough time in the next year or so. Michigan is going RED. Manufacturing is back and wages are up. Up, for the line guys and the grocery store clerks and the truck drivers and gasoline prices are low and household incomes are rising. I never saw her back, so I couldn’t see who was calling the shots or pulling the strings, but we all know why this nobody was chosen. She is a sacrificial lamb who did their bidding but blew her career to hell. Can you imagine her next opponent and how much fun he will have with that speech. I also have to note that I saw a Mickey B. ad yesterday (Imagine That!) He is claiming to be the Mayor of New York during 911. He seems to have caught Joey B. disease. If I was in Trump’s shoes, I would be very fearful that AOC is on the case. She is “Fact Checking” his statistics. She has an economics degree from Boston U. She knows statistics. That’s why she is a Socialist! Socialism is the single greatest engine for personal and financial growth on the planet! (Sarcastic Lie) I have to label my sarcasm because the snowflakes who read these start melting if I don’t.

    1. I did a Google search of who was the mayor of New York at the time of 9/11 and it came up as Rudy Guilliani, but he couldn’t run again in the next mayorial election. ” Mimi Mike ” is like most other delusional Democrats, tell enough lies an everybody will start to believe them. As for AOC, there is another delusional person who spouts words that aren’t the facts, but what is to be expected of a former bartender.
      These are my opinions. I’m again voting for Trump because he’s done good things for this country which is something the loony leftist don’t believe.
      Trump/Pence 2020.

  3. Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot! We would have to read 1,000 articles about how Trump and the Democrats are causing the death of democracy as we know it.
    Shouldn’t this say “Trump & the Republicans” are causing the death……???

    1. Democracy took a back seat the day sneaky Global Socialist Obama was sworn in. The democrats could give two poops about democracy, or they would seal the border, not use driver license registration to register alien voters to vote, trying to pass legislation to have open borders, and now a new one, they tried to push a bill in the House of Democratic socialist Lunatics to bring back the 400,000 deported aliens who were here illegally with a free plane ride and special benefits as apology for carrying out the law on immigration. Their open nullification of federal laws on immigration an act once considered treason in 1832/1833 punishable by hanging. They break the laws they do not like, then tell us their fighting an unconstitutional law to protect our citizens. Look they could give two shits about illegal immigrants they want to win by using them as voters in 2020 then maybe create a one party system where loads of human manure piles like the squad lead us into living hell under socialism.

  4. AOC is right, to a point. Obviously, being born with a lot of money enhances ones chances of having a good life, but America is a unique place where it’s possible to be born poor and to do things to change your trajectory and move you into the middle to upper class and live very well, indeed. But, to do this requires a little intelligence, a lot of hard work and maybe some luck (though one of my favorite signs says, “The harder I work, the luckier I get”), but it really is a possibility. It’s probably true what AOC says, at least for people like her-she is sadly lacking in basic intelligence and if it weren’t for people like Soros giving her a hand up, she would probably spend the rest of her life as a bartender (not that there is anything wrong with being a bartender) and this would probably keep her out of the higher social classes. To me it looks like the only thing she has going for her is the LUCK piece.

  5. If you have lived most of life being taught you are special, well…’s time to enjoy the economy, get a job, and leave the special you
    At home with mom.
    We all can see aoc has her potential in another dementia,.. oops I said that.
    I can’t wait to see what’s coming next with the democrats, aoc, polosic, mule-ic,
    space cadet shiffy,

  6. Well at least we know if Trump wins again he will keep the “dumbs” busy doing nothing but going after him. He’s held up pretty good so far. BUT those of us that will be around when the these anti AMERICANS take over., will feel the full effect of being treated below serfdom due to the fact that we didn’t abide by their will for an 8 year span—At this point its hard to tell if they are more aggravated by Trump or by the fact that AMERICANS ARE NOT DOING WHAT THEY WANT. How they have been getting away with doing nothing and picking up their paychecks and —-“ENTITLEMENTS” (same same “PERKS”) for doing absolutely JACK SQUAT is beyond my comprehension but I’m sure we will pay the price when they take over

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