Dems Look Ridiculous Claiming the Economy Is Falling Apart

America is the rare country that can actually claim that things are getting better all of the time. Why do people insist on trying to ruin a good thing by telling lies and offering misdirection? When we say ‘people’, we are referring to the Democratic party. They cannot stop lying to save their lives.

Fortunately, the average citizen is savvy enough to know better. Why are Democrats so hellbent on portraying America as a nation that is circling the drain when the opposite is obviously true? It is because they cannot take credit for the current circumstances. Since they are dedicated to the idea of painting Trump as a racist buffoon, they cannot admit when things are going well.

After all, that would go against the narrative that they have spent all of this time and effort on creating. That is not even to mention the amount of taxpayer dollars that have been spent. Sure, it is understandable for an opposing party to want to poke holes in the accomplishments of their competitors. That part actually makes some level of sense.

However, it never stops there with the Democrats. They have to keep going, to the point where all credibility is lost. When Trump was sharing his numbers during the State of the Union address, Nancy Pelosi embodied every Democrat and leftist’s mentality during that moment. Instead of behaving like a mature adult, she wanted to act like a petulant teenager.

Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot! We would have to read 1,000 articles about how Trump and the Democrats are causing the death of democracy as we know it. Meanwhile, the Democrats lie, cheat and steal with the best of them. There are no repercussions when they behave in such a manner, though. You are a racist for even pointing any of it out.

Unemployment rates are low, citizens are not as dependent on food stamps as they once were and the economy is humming just fine. You would think that this would cause for celebration, no matter which side of the aisle you are sitting on. We should all want America to be as successful as possible at all times, regardless of which party is currently controlling the presidential office.

Trump is not merely boasting when he offers these figures, either. They are all facts that can be verified with ease. The Democrats should be looking into ways that they can match his acumen but they would rather act petty and miserable. If they cannot beat him, they want to drag him down into the muck and mire with them. What a sad state of affairs.

Gretchen Whitmer is the governor of Michigan and she is questioning the veracity of the data. In her opinion, the pay that CEOs are receiving is the only thing that is skyrocketing. The American worker is still suffering, in her eyes. Stories like this one go to show just how far the Democrats will go to live in denial about the success of the Trump presidency.

Gallup’s numbers do not lie, though. Their recent Mood of the Nation poll says it all. Rich people are not the only ones who are experiencing the excitement that this boom is causing. Low wage workers are in a better place than they have been in a very long time. Minimum wage increases at the state level have a lot to do with the recent numbers and hopefully, these trends are able to continue in the same direction.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is hopping mad at these facts. She is trying her best to keep her silly narratives alive, too. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claims that there is no way to be successful in America if you are not born with wealth. This is the sort of self pitying nonsense that the Democrat loves to sell to their constituents. If you are not successful, you can simply blame the next person for working a bit harder than you.

You would think that the former bartender who became a member of Congress would have the self awareness to realize how nonsensical she sounds. That’s just us, though. The American dream is still alive and well, no matter what AOC and her lying cronies want to tell you.

Americans do not need to be told that they are never going to win if they weren’t born rich. This is the sort of thing that makes people want to give up and never try in the first place. The economic upswing that is taking place provides no shortage of opportunity. There is no amount of Democratic grandstanding that is ever going to change that.

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