The Lunacy Never Ends: California Wants to Ban State Employees From Staying at Trump Properties

Trump Derangement Syndrome is the latest disease that is gripping the nation. While most are concerned with the coronavirus, those who are struggling with Trump Derangement Syndrome are far more dangerous. They pass their silly and deranged thoughts around to anyone who will listen, without a care for how stupid they sound.

California is one of the epicenters of this disease. That’s to be expected. Liberal hotbeds are always passing TDS like hotcakes. Now, the state has come up with their most insane proposal yet. If the bill passes, any state employee would not be allowed to stay in one of Trump’s hotels. This seems like a pretty fascist policy to us but what do we know?

The bill feels like a bad joke but it is 100 percent real. We hope that it does not pass because no one wants to see an innocent state employee punished for making a harmless decision. Evan Low is the Democratic state Assemblyman who is responsible for making the proposal in the first place.

Only one California state worker has booked a stay at a Trump hotel through the state’s contracted travel agency or its online booking tool since the start of 2016, according to the Department of General Services.

A California Public Employees’ Retirement System employee stayed at Trump National Doral Miami in April 2017 for a conference at the hotel, CalPERS confirmed.

Of course, it is the Democrats that are looking to pass this insane law. That is just like them. If they do not like something or someone, they look to criminalize it. It’s ridiculous that we have gotten to this point and we hope that the lawmakers in this state are willing to take a long, hard look in the mirror.

There is no universe where this should even be discussed. Low should have been laughed out of the room for even bringing it up. The best part of all is that the bill does not mention Trump’s name. You would think that the Democrats would have the courage of their convictions here but of course, they do not.

They like to poke at people specifically and then act as if they are not. It’s a little something we like to call throwing rocks and hiding your hands. If you are going to try and pass a law that is designed to stick a finger into Trump’s eye, you should be willing to own it. Unfortunately, owning their actions is not something that the Democrats are interested in.

It is a party that lives to blame others for everything that takes place. Heaven forbid they ever took any sort of responsibility for their own actions. The Earth would probably spin off its axis if they did. This bill did not get brought up as a coincidence. Have there ever been any other presidents who have their own chain of hotels? Correct us if we are wrong here.

The ban would apply to all state agencies, the Legislature, the judicial council and the University of California and California State University systems.

California has limits on how much it will pay for hotel stays, which for most of the state is $90 per night. But there are higher limits for more expensive areas and employees can file excess lodging rate requests for more expensive rooms.

An entry-level room at the Trump National Doral over a weekend this coming April costs about $400 per night.

The proposal, Assembly Bill 2020, isn’t Low’s first restriction on paid state travel.

He authored Assembly Bill 1887, a 2016 law that prohibits the state government from paying for travel to states that reduce LGBT protections. The California Attorney General’s Office has added 11 states to the “banned” list since the law was passed.

To make matters even worse, it is not like this is a huge problem that needed to be fixed or anything. As far as anyone knows, there has only been one state employee who decided to stay at a Trump hotel since his election. One state employee stayed in one Trump hotel back in 2017 and this is apparently cause for alarm.

The Democrats love to act as if the sky is falling in these instances. In reality, they are normal behaviors that do not need to be regulated with new laws. There are already too many useless laws on the books as is. California is only looking to add to the confusion by creating more laws that are not actually designed to deal with real issues.

It’s almost like there are real problems in the world that need to be solved and stuff like this is just window dressing for supposedly well meaning liberals. They have yet to get over Trump being elected and they are already terrified it will happen again. That’s why you are seeing such a rise in their anxiety levels as the next election rapidly approaches.

Maybe it is time for them to grow up and realize that they cannot have their way all of the time. The modern day Democrat is unable to handle even the slightest amount of dissent and that is why the party is currently in shambles. We wish that they would get over themselves and stop acting like everything needs to be some sort of political battle. Perhaps they would have better luck if they did?

That’s why their own base is getting sick of them. If they do not start to reconsider the way that they behave, they are going to lose all of their voters. It is quite honestly what they deserve but you didn’t hear that from us. California is earning their reputation as a state full of crazy liberals and there is nothing that they can do to change that at the present moment….short of a total 180.

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