Indicted: Jussie Smollett Finally Gets What He Deserves

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year or so, you probably remember the whole Jussie Smollett hate hoax incident. Now, he is about to pay the piper. An indictment has been handed down. He will be facing another six charges. A special prosecutor from the city of Chicago is seeking a conviction on various charges of disorderly conduct.

jussie smollett with noose

It has been over a year since Smollett first decided to falsely accuse Trump supporters of attacking him. The man’s claims were a bit dubious at the time but anyone who said otherwise was called homophobic. What kind of attackers would throw bleach on someone and bring a noose?

That seems like a bit much. In fact, it seems like something out one of the television shows that Smollett acted on. As it turns out, the claims were 100 percent false. He had paid two brothers over $3,000 to help him orchestrate the attack. When the surveillance video started to surface of the Osundairo brothers purchasing all of the equipment used in the hoax, things started to look bad for Smollett.

The felony counts that were filed against him last year have already been dropped, sparking a great deal of outrage. Why should a liar go unpunished for trying to play on everyone’s sense of decency like this? Once the charges were dropped, the special prosecutor was appointed to the case.

At long last, Smollett may finally have to face the music for what he has done. Dan Webb is the special prosecutor that is responsible for the filing of the new charges and not a moment too soon. Smollett is slated to appear in court later this month and those who are looking for justice to be served will be watching with great interest.

Former “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett was indicted Tuesday in Chicago by special prosecutor Dan Webb, stemming from the alleged racist and anti-gay attack on him that occurred in January of 2019, a source confirms to FOX 32 News.

He is due in court February 24.

Can you believe that this is not the only lie that Smollett was willing to tell? He also fibbed to the FBI about a suspicious package that he received in the mail. According to Jussie, he was the target of an envelope that contained a white powder. It is bad enough that he is claiming to be the target of homophobic street harassers without upping the ante even further.

What are the chances that someone would want to send anthrax to a television star just because they are gay? We are not here to minimize the very real homophobia that is taking place on an everyday basis. However, there is a little something called common sense and we are not afraid to use it.

We just have one question that needs to be answered. Why did it take this long for a special prosecutor to get involved? It was obvious to everyone from the very beginning that this man was a liar that was only trying to better his own situation. The part that is super confusing to us is his motivations.

Supposedly, the attack was staged as a means of assisting him during his contract negotiations with the Fox network. He wanted more compensation for his Empire role and thought he could use this attack to generate sympathy. Maybe he should have thought twice about this idea.

Why would the Fox network be motivated to offer him extra money because he was attacked? Even if the attack was legitimate, we highly doubt that the network would have cared enough to provide him with a higher salary. That’s what makes this story such a perplexing one.

Not only does the story not make any sense but his motivations are nonsensical, too. In a world where minority groups are constantly struggling to be taken seriously, Smollett’s actions have done a great deal of harm. What happens the next time a true hate crime takes place? Law enforcement will be forced to consider the ins and outs of this silly case.

The knee jerk reaction from the general public is also going to be telling. There is no reason for them to believe the next high profile accuser and while that should not be the case, life simply isn’t fair. It is hard to win in the court of public opinion when you are constantly being subjected to the liars of the world.

Hate hoaxes like these need to be punished, so that the real victims’ stories can be heard. Anyone who disagrees with that is being very short sighted. We just hope that the Smollett case serves as a major deterrent for anyone who is thinking about emulating his actions in the future. This certainly didn’t turn out how he wanted it to, now did it?

37 thoughts on “Indicted: Jussie Smollett Finally Gets What He Deserves”

  1. Is any1 forgetting the potential 4 riots his lies could have initiated? He should B charged with inciting 2 riot/hate crime .

  2. This is not the first nor the last that false testimony has been given to law enforcement as a hate crime and the whole thing had later been proven to be a “manufactured hate crime”! This is serious and should be treated accordingly and with Justice in mind when all has been proven in a court of law! Good luck, Juicey.

  3. What I want to know is what is happening to the original prosecutor who let him off originally? She should be at the least disbarred for good and a trial should be in her future too and no more practicing law ever again.

      1. Kimm Fox, is Black, Female, a Democrat, and not surprisingly she is fully supported for re-election by Illinois two, totally non Partisan (gag) Democrat Senators….Durbin regardless of what any Democrat does will unfailingly be there with his undying total support and commitment. Durbin is up for re-election, and the ONLY thing that has ever been important to him is getting re-elected, and in order to do that he needs the Black Vote in Chicago, and to make sure he gets that he’ll do or say anything to support Kimm Fox…..nobody is above the law…unless of course you are a Democrat…any Democrat..anywhere.

    1. Why should any crime be labeled? Isn’t ALL crime hate based? “Hate” crimes only peel open the blinder that is upon lady justice. All crime should be looked at from truth, without subjective opinion. A tall order I know, but just my thoughts…

  4. I almost feel sorry for a handsome young man who was impatient to further his career in acting. If he had a better attitude toward all people, he would have paid his dues in the acting profession and ten or fifteen years from now might have been lauded and wealthy.

  5. The hoax was brought 2 u by Kamala Harris and Cory ‘Spartacus’ Booker.

    They were introducing their pending anti-lynching bill at the same time as the hoax.

    Suspicious much????

    And Smollet was ordered 2 turn over his phone, all his emails, and any correspondence he had at the time

    OHHHHH, they r in soooooo much troubbbble…..

    It was Michael Obama that was pivotal in getting the prosecutor, Fox 2 recuse herself from the case, but in actuality, she did not…

    OHHHHH, she is in soooooo much troubbbble….


    Oh, what a tangled web….or some such say’n

    Just say’n

  6. This case was and is so highly publicized, that they should make an example out of juicy so no one else will attempt a FAKE HATE CRIME!!!

  7. Lock him and the corrupt prosecutor up for the maximum allowed sentence. Smollett for attempting to blame white Trump supporters in a bogus assault and prosecutor Fox for attempting to skirt the law in dropping all charges. The actions of both of these corrupt liars could have caused riots resulting in death and mayhem affecting the innocent citizens of their community. Their contempt for the law and the truth should result in considerable incarceration! This case will serve as a lesson and a legal precedent to anyone who would consider perpetrating a hate hoax or allowing a hoaxer to skate charge free in the future.

    1. YEAH they are above the law too. POS like Smollett, fox and the Obama’s need obe flushed downhe toiet into the sewers where they belong, but I’d be satisfied to see that JUSTICE BE SERVED and they all would get some well deserved JAIL TIME…

  8. I would say the DA blaming Trump for the charges being re-instated is a two pronged problem one she is doing it because its and election year and she is hoping the anti-Trump people will support her. This is a disgraceful statement by her and is horrible for the office for which she “once” represented. Note: I am not expecting her to get re-elected he people know she was bought off. Two the other problem we have here and is another major problem in this country is to blame everyone and thing but the person who actually commits the crime. We live in a society that makes excuses for grown men and women it’s not their fault they had a bad dad or mom, it’s not their fault they are poor, it’s not their fault its because they are a minority etc.. We used to say you are responsible for your actions and we learned this at home and at school. Today though parents don’t punish their kids when their bad and schools have taken away prayer, a moment of silence, pledging allegiance to the flag etc.. and have become so political that I read a student got suspended because they did not want to wear a pin supporting gay rights. The student was a very religious person from a very religious family and felt that wearing that pin meant that she condone sin. The principal chose to pick the rights of someone else over her rights if a school can be that stupid maybe some of these people getting arrested should be blaming their education not their parents. In any case the person who commits the crime and only that person is guilty stop blaming the world if that person is not mentally ill then they are responsible. We have laws that protect those who are mentally ill and can not tell wrong from right. We also have in every state anyone convicted or a crime or that makes a plea deal must admit to their guilt. To get parole if you refuse to admit what you did was wrong and show remorse your not getting parole. The fact that Jussie was let go without having to admit guilt was unprecedented and unprofessional borderline illegal by the prosecutor. Jussie went around telling everyone he was innocent and blamed the police for not doing their job ! Hell we have a celebrity, gay, black male accusing the police of failing to do their job that alone is more than enough to show they need for a special prosecutor. Jussie had one problem as the prosecutor looked into this they found the police not only did their job they did it very well and the result was charges did need to be filed. Except it was on Jussie not the police Jussie was his own worse enemy if he had kept his mouth shut and walked away and waited at least 5 years (statue of limitations on these charges) he could have wrote a book and confessed and they could not have touched him. The prosecutor is not done yet if they find that Obama made a call to Kim and she dropped the charges based solely on Obama asking her to go easy she is looking at criminal charges. The DA has the right to drop charges if they feel the case is unwinnable but if the evidence shows it was by all standards a winnable case she is in serious trouble. You have all seen enough t.v. and movies were the person says I can’t help you its out of my hands he did it and was caught. I can recommend they go easy because he has no record but I can’t drop the charges. Kim dropping these charges was way out of her power and is another reason she is blaming Trump. She does not want people saying if there was enough evidence there all along why did “you” drop the charges ? A DA does ‘NOT” have the right to let you walk on criminal charges hell a judge doesn’t have that kind of power. Our system is set up so no one can give get out of jail cards to guilty people. Kin could have tried this case and made a plea deal he get probation but again to get probation he would have to admit guilt. The judge says to every defendant that accept probation you now by accepting this deal you are saying your guilty and giving up your right to a jury trial do you understand this ? This was a massive abuse of power and a great step forward for our judicial system. We had a judge removed from office who let and illegal immigrant sneak out the back door and now we have a corrupt DA who not only should not get re-elected charges should and hopefully will be pushed on her. Of course like Jussie she will not go to jail but she will lose her law license and officer of the court can’t be convicted or caught abusing their power. Full disclosure I think Kim Fox should go to jail Jussie never swore and oath to obey the laws she did we should hold not just police officers to a higher standard. No one has a problem with the police being held to a higher standard well I think as you go up Lawyers aka DA’s and Judges each should be held to the highest standard were you might give a regular citizen probation a DA or judge should get prison time.

  9. Please go back to school to learn how to write and arrange a few sentences properly so that regular guys like me can follow what you are trying to convey to your readers. Or perhaps it is ME that needs to go back to school to learn how to properly write a composition in english. Nevertheless I agree with your thoughts completely.

  10. Telling the truth is much easier than remembering what lies you told what to. That’s the story, I never heard of this person before this all happened, and this is what exactly he will forever be remembered for, not for the career he could have had.

  11. This guy is one the most conceited egotistical asshole Hollywood wanna be that I have ever seen in recent times and he should be put in jail and should pay for every dime that the city spent on the investigation and that idiot prosecutor should be fired and jailed for perpetrating fraud.

  12. Why did he do it? Really? This had nothing to do with a bigger paycheck. He did to help the democrats push their racist propaganda. He did this to prove the republicans are racist homophobes. AND he did it for the publicity. He is an actor. The more he gets his face on TV, the more his value goes up. Not only should he be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, but he should be made to pay back every cent that was spent because of his hoax. The court costs, the investigation costs, all of it. With interest.

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