Video: Anonymous White House Skunk Identified

President Trump briefly addressed reporters outside of the Oval Office this week and the conversation went in a very interesting direction. The Roger Stone case was brought up, of course. While Trump says that he did not take the time to speak with the Justice, he is happy to do so. He went on to say that he thought the entire prosecution was ridiculous.

Trump also patted himself on the back for staying out of things more than people realize. In his mind, the entire proceeding was an insult to the nation that never should have happened. John Roberts went on to ask Trump if he knew the identity of his anonymous whistle blower. He was not willing to state a name on the record.

President Trump:  No I didn’t speak to the Justice… I would be able to do it if I wanted.  I have the absolute right to do it.  I stay out of things to a degree that people wouldn’t believe.  But I didn’t speak to him.  I thought  the recommendation was ridiculous.  I thought the whole prosecution was ridiculous.  And I look at others who haven’t been prosecuted or I don’t know where it is now.  But when you see that I thought it was an insult to our country and it shouldn’t happen.

However, he did let the world know that they would be surprised if they learned their identity. This is the sort of revelation that has us wondering why he would withhold the information. The rest of the nation wants to know who is responsible for the farce that we all just witnessed.

The Democrats refuse to accept the case and they are even preparing a second impeachment as we speak. This is the sort of hard headed behavior that makes us wonder why this party has been allowed to exist in its current form for as long as it has. They are obsessive about Trump and it shows.

Even those who might consider themselves to be left leaning agree. There are many people in this nation who are tired of the antics and games when it comes to the current political climate. Taxpayer dollars and countless amounts of time are being wasted on these legal proceedings, all because the Democrats cannot face the facts.

If Trump was so clearly in the wrong, these impeachment proceedings would go more smoothly for them. Instead, they rely on faulty information that is provided by anonymous tipsters that blows up in their faces. We thought that they might wipe the egg off their faces and move on from all of this nonsense but we were giving this party too much credit.

They want to go back for a second round of humiliation and no one seems to think better of it. The party should have at least one person who is willing to step up to the plate and let everyone else know that enough is enough. That’s a lot to expect from a party that is hopelessly adrift and heading further and further to the left each day.

This type of craven behavior is a far cry from the party’s more moderate roots. From the looks of it, there are some candidates that are trying to get them back onto the right track but they are being drowned out. Bernie mania is cresting and it may sweep away everything in the past, including logic, reason and common sense.

As for Trump himself, he is showing a surprising amount of restraint when it comes to the identity of the whistle blower. It goes against the image that the media has ascribed to him. If you let them tell it, he would have already deported that person to Siberia and went on a Twitter rampage against them.

It just goes to show that there is a lot we do not know about this current administration. One day, someone is going to peel the curtain back and it is going to be incredible. For now, Trump is playing his cards as close to the vest as possible and we understand why. If he names the whistle blower, then he gets accused of inciting violence.

People would claim that he was setting that person up to be hurt or killed by his base. That’s a patently ridiculous statement but we all know that’s the one that would be made. That’s the world we live in now. If Trump does or says anything at all, it is bent and twisted into something that it isn’t by the liberals who cannot hide their desperation to see him fail.

In the meantime, we share Trump’s opinion as to how ridiculous all of this is. No one on either side should want to see any of it happening but here we are. Let’s all be the change that we wish to see in the world and stop encouraging these types of insane legal procedures.

Eventually, the leftist Democrats will get tired of looking foolish and turn their attentions elsewhere. That’s the best that we can hope for at the current moment. Hopefully, we will get to learn the whistle blower’s identity someday.

21 thoughts on “Video: Anonymous White House Skunk Identified”

  1. Wake up everybody its up to us to stop this nov is just around bend we have the power an the time is here to show the dems an the world its our gov not no dem we the pepole is the gov its our gov we make the gov not no lying dem that keep lying to you they work for us but they lost sight now we most show them ho they work for us vote the dems out to stay free they want you to be a slave to them lol no they are a slave to us get it vote red all the way we most take our gov back from the pepole that want to hurt you an your kids

      1. While I too found the comment difficult to read, I am glad that the person who wrote it felt free to engage in the conversation to express his/her patriotism. The writer sounds as though they were not born or raised here in the USofA, and/or if they were, they are engaging and should not be mocked lest we stifle and/or discourage patriotic discourse.
        We should be welcoming the ideas, opinions, critiques, and other forms of input from others no matter their communication skills because a house divided against itself will not stand.
        Pencil neck has been lauded far and wide for his linguistic skills yet he is the most divisive, condescending, toxic, narcissistic, manipulative skunk I have ever listened to, eclipsed only by ovomit, & killary.
        So let’s quit with the grammar police and encourage one another to share their thoughts and ideas without shame or recrimination. One never knows what effect friendly discourse may have for our party and our nation. The Bible tells us that a three strand cord is not easiy broken, so let’s keep focused on the ties that bind and stand united against a common enemy please!

        1. And they r not necessarily from the US….

          I just got a comment on my post from someone who lives in England……

          He also posted about Nancy the Ripper…..many people all over the world r watching what’s happening in the US and they r aware of the this travesty of justice we r enduring….

          His post was about his admiration 4 POTUS and his war on terrorism, and immigration policy…

          And he also recognised my name as being English….lololol

          U dont know where people r , so don’t b so judgemental

    1. I can remember the time when the Democratic Party meant something to the people of the middle class. I even belonged then. But time has changed the party of which I was a part, … they have strayed so far to the socialistic sense, and continue to lie to us, … i.e. Schiff, Pelosi, and Nadler. If you want to believe what they put out, … I can only say “I feel sorry for you.” And Nancy’s excuse for tearing up the President’s SOTU is just that, … a childish recounting for why she was a bad girl!

  2. It obviously was Adam Shiftless Schiff that was behind the so called Whistleblower, but Shifty is exempt from prosecution for lying, and he has used this immunity to skewer our great President!

    1. Who is to say that the anonymous whistleblower isn’t just a made up person by the Democrats? Liberals are known to lie when it suits their purpose. You can’t disclose someone who doesn’t exist.

  3. I am so disappointed in this headline. I anxiously read right to the end to find out just who that whistleblower is. I am still waiting for that answer.
    Watch out, I and many others may not wait around for a next time to read further if you continue with these fake headlines.

    1. The video gave u the clue…

      The Anon Pamela that posted that boom! # QANON # WWG1WGA

      She and I have given u the key, niw do the research urself…


      SERIALBRAIN2 YT videos


  4. No, the dimwitted commie impeachment congress is not smart enough to “give it up” – -they will continue this charade until someone, somewhere, finally say “THAT”S ENOUGH, YOU’RE DONE” and they “stick a fork in the mess” and either throw all of the fools in prison, OR exile them for life, for their absolute unAmericanism. Have you never notice how the dimwitted commies twist and manipulate Constitutional law, so they get away with anything and everything? But let any conservative, OR Republican try the same exact thing, even to the point they actually follow the law, to the letter and, then, the left goes TOTALLY INSANE and charges, arrests, insults and ridicules everything that was done “legally”, according to real law! Worse yet, the dimwits get away with it- – I do believe that stupidity is coming to an end, very soon.

    1. I think Barr and Trump are just waiting for the right moment and it will be soon and when Hillary gets called in the whole Bomb will explode and she will do anything to stay out of jail or be hung for treason along with the rest of them.

  5. First off they are not Democrats they are communist and have been since Franklin Roosevelt and they are fully out in the open and yes Trump should take the military and arrest everyone of these treasonous bastard’s for wasting our dollars and insulting all those who died for this nation by what they’re doing, Refusing to protect our borders our country and our wealth and we the people ! They are here for one reason to overwhelm the system with Debt!

  6. Did any of u commenting catch the boom! # QANON # WWG1WGA

    I ‘ve been posting like 4 evah where I get my info.

    I just posted the other day that Pres. Trump was aware of the whistleblower-spy op. at its inception…

    How did I know??

    Pres. Trump brought Bolton in as NSA ,and had all his coms. monitored by the military, knowing Bolton was working 4 the CABAL; learning of whom Bolton was contacting and all their plans were known…

    When Trump fired Bolton, the CABAL lost their last leaker in the WH, and activated the whistleblower…who had been booted by the Trump NSC in 2017….CIA ramella..

    Pres. Trump has know all along the whistleblower is CIA ramella!!

    It was Vindman who was listening in on the call and gave the deets 2 CIA ramella, who took it 2 the ICIG, who changed the first-hand whistleblower knowledge rules and back-dated it…

    It was all planned by HUSSEIN in a SCIF, and since Pres. Trump was having Bolton’s coms. monitored, he knew who was involved, and had the SCIF installed with cameras!!

    All the COUP players attended—Pelosi, Schumer, Schif, Vindman, Yovanowitch, et al—there were 12 of the COUP attendees….

    Secret Service was on the perimeter, and Hotel rooms were booked…..who payed 4 all that???

    Gen. John Kelly and Tillerson were also involved…

    Kelly is now trashing Trump and Fox News…..listen 2 him…

    HUSSEIN tried 2 avoid detection by covering the windows in the SCIF…

    NSA still collected data….

    Pres. Trump allowed them 2 continue their hoax of which he was aware 2 draw them all out 2 testify and hang themselves…

    Vindman and Sondland, were probably shown the evidence of the SCIF COUP, which had the cameras installed…..uh,oh….

    Yovanowitch resigned with no explanation…she 2 saw the evidence of her complicity…

    DEEP STATE rats going down, 1 by 1……

    Pres. Trump is after the head rat……HUSSEIN!!!

    Ur watching a movie.

    Enjoy the show!!

    This is where I’m gettibg my info:

    Source of info.:

    SERIALBRAIN2 YT videos

    and we know YT videos

    x22report YT videos


    The last time I posted this it was listed as spam…

  7. Actually I think Adam Schiff’s Intel committee has already outed the whistleblower in a brief that they released. But the only thing that will stop the Democrats is bringing them to justice and exposed their corruption. That’s really the reason they are after President Trump. Trump is not one of them meaning the establishment politicians. The Dems are corrupt and with the Durhram and Huber reports coming out soon it will be revealed. But the way the Democrats are so desperately trying to get rid of President Trump, I believe that those two reports need to come out now.

  8. The name of the whistle blower is one of the worst kept secrets in Washington DC. Everybody already knows him to be Eric Ciaramella.

  9. I was glad to see the comment about the empty, and/or misleading headlines only to find an empty plate so to speak! Most of these articles, pieces, expose’s are every bit as bad as fake news! I find it offensive to have my time wasted, and my mind manipulated by these lying head lines, that are much like the dim Dems-promise a person everything but give them trash in a different can.
    A real journalist does not have to lure readers with lies. And although I am no journalist the journalism classes I took while in college certainly did not advocate crap in a box with a sparkely bow to gain readers. The stuff we are handed now is more about the so called journalist than the story-ego over substance so to speak. Just write the darned story and if it is good-they will read! John Solomon, Epoch Times,

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