Watch: Cruz Highlights Dems Plans for After Birth Abortions

Republican Senator Ted Cruz has had enough of the radical Democratic plans to make abortions easier to come by. According to him, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam was standing in support of a bill that would allow a mother to have an abortion while the baby was in labor. Why on Earth would someone allow such a policy to gain any sort of traction?

That’s the sort of policy that needed to be laughed out of the room right away, sorry to say. We know the lefties won’t like that one but oh well. Give them another week or two and they will be fighting for the right to kill the baby after they have already been born. We can’t wait to see what the justification is going to be for that one.

“For all of us who are parents, imagine that,” said Cruz as he addressed a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. Believe it or not, he went on to say that Northam actually does support policies that allow a baby to be killed after they have already been born! He even attributed a direct quote to the governor about this matter.

Apparently, it is okay to kill a live baby as long as the child has been made comfortable first. Northam would allow the physicians to have a discussion with the child’s mother before proceeding. This is the sort of psychotic leftist behavior that we absolutely abhor. Kudos to Senator Cruz for being willing to call out this type of asinine logic.

Being pro choice is one thing. We are not going to say that we agree with that mindset but it is understandable on some levels. However, the idea of killing a child that has already been born is a bit too much. How could anyone ever agree with something so monstrous? Could you ever imagine doing something so heinous? It takes a real monster to even consider it.

A sitting governor in the United States calmly discussed this policy like he was ordering a pizza. If you are anything like us, you are shocked and appalled. Thankfully, someone is willing to expose this awful man before it is too late. We cannot imagine what we would do if that proposed bill was ever signed into law. ‘

It would be time for Virginia to become its own country at that point. No one would want to share a nation with people who see nothing wrong with killing a newborn. What are the circumstances that could possibly warrant such violent behavior? We cannot think of any situation that would require someone to kill a baby that has already been born.

We cannot even fathom the circumstances that would cause someone to even consider it but apparently, the governor of the state of Virginia feels differently. This is one of the saddest stories that we have seen in the political realm in some time. Northam should not have any supporters left after making such a disgusting statement but we know how the left works already.

It is all about having the “freedom of choice” and no one seems to care how vile these choices are. The left never stops to consider the people that they are hurting by behaving this way. We wish that they could think of others for once in their lives but that’s too much to ask. Instead, innocent babies have to die in order for them to get what they want.

In a perfect world, the citizens of Virginia would do something about this. They need to be marching the streets and demanding that Northam be removed from his post. The left will seemingly march for anything and everything. Why isn’t the killing of innocent babies at the top of this agenda? Thanks to Ted Cruz, these demonic decisions are finally being exposed.

We are grateful for senators like him that are willing to stand up for what is right. Without senators like Cruz, we shudder to think of what would happen. There are all sorts of awful policies that would end up getting signed into law before we even had a chance to dispute them.

If you would like to learn more about how Cruz is exposing the left for who they truly are, please be sure to take a closer look at the video below. We were shocked and saddened to see it but this is necessary information that needs to be shared with a much wider audience. It is high time for the rest of the world to learn what we already know: that the left does not care who they hurt, no matter what.

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