Video: CNN’s Brian Stelter Finally Is Losing It

Sure, CNN might stand for Cable News Network but it doesn’t seem that way to us anymore. In fact, some might say that it stands for Comedy News Network. There is no shortage of hilarity taking place on their airwaves nowadays and we cannot stop laughing at the people that they allow to deliver their fake news.

Even “journalists” who have clear biases and obsessions are still allowed to say whatever they want without being checked. The show Reliable Sources is a prime example of this. Brian Stelter cannot stop talking about Trump and he is particularly obsessive about the idea of painting his administration as an authoritarian regime.

It always makes us laugh when Americans are completely unaware of how dumb they sound when they talk like this. Journalists who go on television at least once a day to talk about how much they hate Trump don’t get the irony of these statements. If his administration was really that committed to the silencing of journalists, why would any of them be allowed to spew the kind of nonsense that they do?

It’s kind of hard to take them seriously. If you are anything like us, you love to watch CNN for the same reason that you watch Comedy Central. There are few better places to score a good laugh in these trying times. We just wish that people like Brian Stelter realized how funny they were. His latest meltdown had us at home cackling on the couch.

He’s lost his grip on reality and it’s wild to see. Watching someone blow their gasket in real-time is not something that we are usually able to witness. That’s why we have to appreciate these moments when the left provides them. They always reveal their true colors eventually. All you have to do is sit back and wait a little while.

“We are watching a descent into authoritarianism” has become the party line and even Elizabeth Warren is not above echoing it. That’s all the ammo that Brian needed to delve into his pet topic for what seems to be the 100th time. We are not actually sure, we lost count some time ago. Please forgive us for that. It is hard to keep track of the lefty insanity.

He led off the show on Sunday with quite the rant, too. He spent six whole minutes spewing bile about Trump and the aforementioned “descent”. Stelter got this gibberish from a book called How Democracies Die. In his mind, Trump has become a dictator and he does not care how ridiculous he sounds while telling the rest of the world this silliness.

Stelter even broke out the term “democratic backsliding” for the occasion. Political science majors are probably familiar with this term and most of them would tell you that it has nothing to do with what is going on currently. It is used to describe what takes place when institutions start to slowly erode. Once this erosion occurs, that is when democracy is threatened.

We have yet to see any evidence of this so-called erosion at the current moment. That has not stopped Stelter from continuing to preach to his equally deranged choir. Liberals love to engage in fear-mongering and this is simply one of the most egregious examples of all.

First, they wanted to beat the climate change drum and act as if we all need to change our lifestyles today. When that did not work, they went to gun control. When those attempts proved to be futile, we’re now in the “Trump is secretly a dictator!” zone. They will do anything in their power to demonize their opposition and at least there are a few smart folks out there who see through these types of gambits.

If anything, liberals are the ones who would want us to live under a dictatorship. They are constantly looking to persecute and exclude anyone who thinks differently from them. Where was all of this rah rah when Obama was the one bombing foreign countries back to the Stone Age? As you already know, it was absolutely nowhere to be found.

In a world where we are constantly being told what to do by the left, these types of accusations smack of severe hypocrisy. Maybe the Brian Stelters of the world would like to take a long, hard look at what they are becoming? We cannot stand to see lies being peddled on such a big stage. The only solace that we can take is that there are other folks out there like us who see through the charades.

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