Stone Trial Aftermath. Federal Judges Hold Emergency Meeting

Donald Trump’s recent acquittal of impeachment charges has led to an interesting domino effect. Now that these bogus charges are out of the way, federal judges are looking to rectify some other issues that are currently taking place. An emergency meeting has been scheduled for this week.

Attorney General William Barr’s intervention will be the topic of discussion. He decided that the sentence that was being levied against Roger Stone was too punitive. Trump has been critical of the proposed sentence as well. There are a lot of issues with how Judge Amy Berman Jackson has handled the case.

What more could you expect from someone who was appointed during the Obama era, though? The left does not care about the law whatsoever, especially when they can bend the truth to meet their needs. Barr and Trump are the ones who are considered to be in the wrong here and that is absolutely stunning to us.

This emergency meeting is going to take place over a conference call, with all 1,100 members of the Federal Judges Association. Judge Cynthia Rufe says that the meeting has to take place now because it is impossible to wait until April to discuss these important matters. April is when the annual meeting is supposed to take place.

The Justice Department’s Deep State operatives have been working overtime to conspire against Barr. Can you believe that over 1,000 of these operatives signed a letter that called on Barr to resign from his post? This is the sort of insanity that makes us wonder what kind of world we are living in these days.

Once Barr intervened, all of the prosecutors from the case resigned from their posts as well. You would think that they would be willing to stay on and prove their point, since they felt so strongly in the first place. This is what the left does, though. When they do not get their way, they simply take their ball and go home.

As for Roger Stone, he sees through the nonsense and is tired of being railroaded. He wants a new trial. It is easy to see why. If you knew that the jury for your trial was being filled with the type of people who were likely to be biased against you, you would react in a similar manner.

The jury that was responsible for bringing in a conviction is full of anti-Trump types. All he wants is a fair trial in front of a jury of unbiased peers. Is that too much to ask? Now they want Trump to butt out. This “deepening crisis” needs to be talked through and we can’t wait to see how this turns out.

Judge Cynthia Rufe Screen Image captured from YouTube 09.23.2014


Judge Jackson still has all of the support that she needs, too. The group has yet to decide how they are going to report the results of the meeting, either. We know that means. They are going to wait for the right spin before they decide to let the rest of us in on what is going on. The American people deserve to know what takes place at these meetings.

They should not be kept in the dark but that is the climate that we live in. The left has so much to say until it is time to explain their actions to the rest of us. Once these moments roll around, they get awfully quiet. Judge Beryl Howell is the District of Columbia Chief and this juror is going against what Trump has to say on the matter.

It seems like people will go against Trump, no matter what happens. He could be speaking from a fair and just place but the left always paints him as some sort of cocky firebrand who is shooting his mouth off. Howell rallied to Jackson’s defense and no one should be surprised by this. Going against Trump is becoming something of a national pastime at this point.

Judicial decisions are not always going to be popular but that does not mean that they should never be challenged in any way. In the case of Roger Stone, the fix was in from the beginning and the Democrats thought that they were going to get away with it.

Fortunately, there are still people out there who are on the right side and the sitting president happens to be one of them. Who knows what may have happened to Stone if Barr and Trump were not willing to intervene? The left’s reign of terror has gone on long enough and innocent people continue to be hurt by their lack of nuance.

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