Video: Buttigieg Wants to Ask Trump to Do White House Chores

Mayor Pete has lasted longer in the Democratic race than anyone could have ever expected. Now, he is getting a little too big for his britches. Can you believe how arrogant he is becoming? His latest comments make us wonder how far up one’s own sphincter a person can possibly be.

All Mayor Pete has done is run a tiny, crappy town into the ground and now he thinks that he has the right to say whatever he wants. This is a man who needs to be humbled, quickly. He has watched South Bend circle the drain for so long that he has forgotten his total lack of achievement.

A little bit of early primary success has gone to his head. He and his husband had better stay put, though. They are not going to be heading to the White House anytime soon. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. A candidate that has a decent showing in New Hampshire or Iowa is not guaranteed to remain standing over the long haul.

We understand that politicians need to play to their crowds. Mayor Pete has an obligation and a right to do so, just like any other candidate. Unfortunately, he is getting a little too comfortable with the idea of saying any old thing that pops into his head and we are about sick of it.

The tiny man has the same sort of unchecked arrogance that led Obama to behave in the way that he did during his presidency. The sad thing is that he is not even president yet! How ridiculous would Mayor Pete be if he actually got into the White House? We do not even want to know the answer to that question.

If the things that he is willing to say already are any indication, things would get really insane. When he spoke to a crowd at a Nevada event, he was asked to address the possibility of Trump refusing to leave the White House if he does not win again. This is a flawed question, for sure.

For starters, the same leftists who ask these types of questions were the same ones starting the “Trump does not actually want to live in the White House” narrative. So which one is it? Is he the rich bureaucrat who does not actually want to live in the White House or is he the insane dictator that will throw a hissy fit when it is time to leave?

We just wish that the left would pick a narrative and stick with it for once. In the meantime, Pete had to answer the question and he elected to go for the funny guy route. He said that Trump could stay and “do chores” at the White House if he was so insistent on staying.

Meanwhile, it is the left that is refusing to concede. They have spent the last three years trying their best to remove Trump from the White House under false pretenses. We don’t know about you but we have gotten pretty tired of the antics. Mayor Pete needs to be taken down a peg or two but he’s already so short! We are not sure how much lower he could possibly go, to be honest.

The mayor of South Bend has gotten so high on his own sense of self importance that he thinks he can run the country. This sounds like the premise for some sort of comedy skit but instead, it has become real life. Who knew that the future was going to look so grim for the left? This is the type of silliness that they are stuck with now.

No one truly cares what Mayor Pete has to say. The media simply uses him for cute little soundbites like this one. The sooner he gets through his thick, little skull, the better off he is going to be. What he really needs to do is drop out of the race entirely. Mayor Pete has probably realized that he is never going to get this much attention ever again in his life and that’s why he is continuing this charade.

That’s the only decent reason that we can think of. Maybe Pete is the one who should be seeing if Trump will allow him and his husband to come do some housework for him. After all, this is probably the closest that he is ever going to get to the White House. The left does not even like him all that much. He is merely a product of the “vote blue, no matter who” tomfoolery that they won’t stop pushing during this election cycle.

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