New Report: Majority of Asylum Seekers Have No Legitimate Claims

When it comes to the asylum seekers of the world, the bleeding heart liberals love to make excuses for them. These people are only coming here because they have a legitimate claim and are seeking a better life! This is the sort of fiddle-faddle that the left has been allowed to peddle for far too long.

33,194 cases have been completed in the US immigration court system over the course of this fiscal year. The fiscal year (which begins in October) is not even half over yet! The denial rate for these cases is over 70 percent. According to the numbers that we have on hand, that means that over 8,000 of these applicants have been granted their asylum.

The high denial rates are confirming what most of us already knew: the vast majority of these people do not have a legitimate claim. Transaction Records Access Clearinghouse is responsible for releasing the information and it is eye-opening, to say the least. Border hawks that have long believed that these claims are usually bogus are probably crowing as we speak.

The denial rate has actually risen since last year as well. Last year’s rate hovered around 69 percent. Immigration judges are also doing their best to get through these cases at a faster rate of speed, in hopes of helping more immigrants that actually do have a legitimate claim.

Those who are believed to have legitimate claims are granted protected status. This is a far cry from the allegations that have been made by liberal observers. In their minds, everyone is turned away at the border and/or placed in a cage. In reality? The courts are willing to hear all claims, no matter how legitimate they may or may not appear to be.

Agents from Customs and Border Protection have seen a dramatic rise in the number of families that are seeking asylum in recent years, which makes it even harder to sift through all of the current cases. Despite these factors, the US government is doing everything in their power to help out. Stories like this one go a long way towards dispelling liberal claims of foul play.

They simply do not know how much work goes into this process. It is not like a judge can read over one file and make a snap decision. These are real lives that are at stake and each case needs to be considered on its own. Otherwise, all sorts of mistakes can be made. The Trump administration has long maintained that these people are making claims that are not legitimate in order to enter the country.

At long last, the facts that support these types of statements are being released to the general public. We would love to see the liberals try to bend these stats in their favor somehow. There is no denying the numbers that have been provided. All of this information is public knowledge that cannot be manipulated by Trump or any member of his administration.

Analysts and enforcement professionals are backing up these numbers more and more. The asylum claims that are being made are quite flimsy and no one should be buying them. The left only does so because they falsely believe that they are sticking a finger in the eye of the Trump administration. Maybe they can finally give it a rest and move onto something else?

The fake asylum claims need to stop before it is too late. All these people do is make life difficult for the people who have actual claims that need to be addressed. Does anyone actually think of these people when they make their outlandish claims? Of course not. That would involve actually engaging with the facts that are on hand in a meaningful way.

Asylum claims need to be reserved for people who are truly being persecuted and those who are in immediate danger. It should never be used as a backdoor route into America. The United States immigration system has been abused for far too long and it is easy to see why Trump is looking to put a stop to the madness before any more harm is done.

Foreign nationals who suddenly appear at the border have come to expect immediate admission and this is something that has to stop entirely. Fortunately, this administration is on top of things. They are willing to step up to the plate and do what others would not. Here’s hoping that the raw numbers start to deter the crazies out there who love to talk about subjects that they are not well versed in.

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